The Asura clan is the clan of insects, and is one of the eight existing sura clans.


The Asura clan is well know for its reproduction rate, as well as huge population, thereby presenting the largest military force within the sura clans. In fact, at the beginning of the universe there were 100 rakshasas for every nastika in the clan. However, they are also known for having relatively weaker powers compared to other clans.

Not much of the history of the Asura clan has been revealed, but a group of Asura nastikas became victims of Taksaka's rampage, due to Ravana's provocation. One died on the spot, but the remaining seven survived. The king interfered just in time and managed to stop the fight.

At one point, King Asura turned down Manasvin's porposal to participate in his plan. Despite sounding fun, he claimed it wasn't his style.[1]

Currently one of the rakshasas from the Asura clan, Hura, is aiding Sagara in the human realm.


1-60 gods vs superior suras

A superior sura from the Asura clan fights a god during the Cataclysm[2]. Four arms and two legs are visible, as well as a compound eye.

Members of Asura clan have forms of different insects, but they do not metamorph like conventional insects do. A member who is born with a form of larvae will not go through metamorphosis and will stay in this form throughout the whole growth ranks. There are also members with swarm-like forms.

Though the Asura clan has a significantly greater reproduction rate than other sura clans, a new-born Asura sura has a 50% chance of being sterile, similar to a worker bee or ant. Due to their huge population and weaker power, most of them move in groups along with other Asura clan members or with suras from the Ananta clan, their allies.

Like the Taraka clan, the Asura clan suras prefer to devour their prey alive, unlike most suras, who first kill and than eat their prey.


It is well known that the Asura clan is allied with Ananta clan, as they have a common enemy front. However, in the story so far, the Asura clan hasn´t shown much support for the Ananta clan, as their only reinforcement for Sagara's action in the human realm was just one rakshasa, and they also turned down Manasvin's proposal.

This clan takes in nastikas from other clans who have abandoned their own clan in seek of refuge. Hura mentioned that lately a lot of Gandharva suras have been defecting into the Asura clan.[3]

Notable MembersEdit


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