Asvins is a Lower Zen god whose origin attribute is Resurrection.


Asvins has long, yellow-green hair, and wears a revealing jacket-style top with an asymmetrical skirt that is open on her right side. Both the top and skirt are pale yellow and have long, flowing tendrils which spread out behind her.


Nothing is known about her personality at this time.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


Asha using hoti asvins[1]

Her powers are available to humans as hoti asvins (healing/returning something to its optimal state) and bhavati asvins (seal a specific transcendental skill) spells.


Season 2Edit

Chapter 14: Blood/HideEdit


Marut & Asvins statue

(3) While viewing various god-level items at Riche Seiran's mansion, Asha Rahiro takes a closer look at a statue of Marut and Asvins, made of ruby and bloodstone.

(4) Asha coerces Riche into allowing her to use the statue, made by a fusion of gods' blood, to use as food for Yuta in order to calm him down. Asha uses bhavati indra to separate out the blood.

(5) The statue reappears in its original form in Riche's mansion after Asha uses hoti vishnu.

Chapter 29: Isle of MythsEdit

2-122 p18 receiving an oracle

humans receiving an oracle from Asvins

(2) Asvins appears in a recollection of a time when people would go to the tower in Aeroplateau to listen to the oracles of the gods.


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