2-117 Asha confronts the staff member

Asha confronts a suspicious person during a turbulent flight. Both are using bhavati vayu.[1]

Bhavati magic are spells that require the same affinity as the god whose power is being borrowed.

The gods themselves chose their two forms (hoti and bhavati) of divine magic for humans to use, based on their own uncommon (but not unique) transcendental skills.[2]

See also: hoti magic, Fusion magic

From Primeval Gods

bhavati brahma

bhavati brahma
1-64 Lorraine alters the Neutral Bow.png
this spell is the speciality of Lorraine Rartia[3]
1-64 bhavati brahma on the Staff of Agni.png
Lorraine's spur-of-the-moment alteration of the Staff of Agni[3]
2-73 creation spell.jpg
Lutz Sairofe using hoti indra bhavati brahma to alter a plain staff[4]
2-80 Lutz rescues Ran.png
Lutz using hoti brahma bhavati brahma to create a weapon[5]

Attribute: Creation
Target: designated target
Effect: physical
Requirement: at least one Brahma birth attribute

bhavati brahma, unlike hoti brahma, allows the caster change the structure of a target. The alteration is permanent.

The first use of this spell is to remodel already existing items.

The second use of this spell is the shaping of new creations out of existing materials. The resulting item can be much better than the original materials and will not vanish. (This is one reason why it is easy to make money with it.)

Since this spell, unlike hoti brahma, can alter the very being of the target, long-time research was required to enable the first creations. Ever since the discovery of mechanisms behind creation magic through research, the creation of items has become easy to do.

See also: Creation brand

This spell can be used to permanently alter a god-level item at most once a month, although not every god item is suitable for this spell, depending on the temperament of the associated god.

Lorraine Rartia has been known to create expensive (and often overpriced) clothing with this spell, including Asha Rahiro's custom-made mage suit and Brilith Ruin's temporary blue priestess dress. Two known god-level items that she altered were the Staff of Agni (which she botched) and the Neutral Bow. She once tried to alter the Golden Knight but failed due to Kubera's bad personality.[3]

Lutz Sairofe, the Priest of Creation, used this magic to alter the Hide of Bondage, but on his first attempt the hide attached itself to his suit.[5] On his arrival in Kalibloom, he used hoti indra bhavati brahma on a plain staff to make it fancy and glow blue when he tested for magical interference from the Chaos barrier.[4] He used hoti brahma bhavati brahma to create a gun-like weapon when rescuing his brother from an attacking upani.[5] See also: Fusion magic

bhavati visnu

Unknown effect (no longer available)

bhavati shiva

Unknown effect (no longer available)

bhavati kali

Unknown effect (no longer available)

From Natural Gods

bhavati agni

bhavati agni
1-24 bhavati agni.png
Brilith Ruin "saves" Asha Rahiro[6]
1-77 bhavati agni.png
Sagara experiences spontaneous combustion[7]

Attribute: Fire
Target: designated target
Effect: physical (heat damage)
Requirement: at least one Agni birth attribute

bhavati agni heats up and sublimes a single object to an extreme temperature. The attack is limited to a single object, but is very destructive.

Brilith Ruin is seen using this spell on several occasions.

  • The first was during the team portion of her magic test, in order to vaporize a simulated sura about to ambush Asha Rahiro. She had a little help from Agni to correct her bad calculations.[8]
  • The second time, she used it (on her own) against Sagara as a desperate final act during the second attack on Atera.[7]
  • In Season 3, Brilith attempts to attack Chandra with the spell, but misses.

bhavati chandra

bhavati chandra
1-72 bhavati chandra.png
a Darkness magician sets up an attack for Praul Ajes[9]
1-72 Praul's amplified light attack.png
Praul uses the spheres to amplify his bhavati surya attack[9]
1-75 Cloche surrounded by bhavati chandra spheres.png
Cloche surrounded by dark spheres[10]

Attribute: Darkness
Target: designated area
Effect: magical
Requirement: at least one Chandra birth attribute

bhavati chandra is an amplifying spell.[9] It creates one or more dark spheres which magnify the strength of the magic that hits it by 1.5 times. The spheres can be placed anywhere in viewing range and it is possible to create multiple spheres at a time. The amplifying effect will be multiplied (e.g. 1.5*1.5*1.5).

The to be amplified magic is not automatically amplified, but has to hit the spheres. Spells like hoti kubera and hoti vayu are thus impossible to amplify. The spell must continue after hitting the spheres. Some beginners are able to hit the spheres, but fail to maintain the spell afterwards, rendering it useless and wasting vigor.

Praul Ajes amplified his Light attack thanks to one of his colleagues who set up the dark spheres first. The attack was used against Cloche during the Ananta clan invasion of Atera.[9]

bhavati indra

bhavati indra
1-58 bhavati indra.png
excessively used to punish Leez[11]
2-09 bhavati indra on the statue.png
converting the Marut & Asvins statue back to its original blood[12]
2-155 bhavati indra.png

Attribute: Sky
Target: designated area
Effect: physical (lightning)
Requirement: at least one Indra birth attribute

bhavati indra electrocutes every living creature with blood in the area around (and excluding) the caster. Physical contact with the target is not necessary for the spell to work. Unlike hoti indra, this spell cannot differentiate between enemies and allies, and thus hits both. bhavati indra is one of two spells that can bypass shields created by hoti brahma.[13]

Asha Rahiro has used this spell on Leez Haias more than once, but fortunately the girl is never seriously injured.[11][14] Asha has also used the spell to return the blood in the Marut & Asvins statue to its original form, in order to feed Yuta.[12] She also uses it to bypass Lorraine's hoti brahma shield and attack her.[13]

bhavati kubera

bhavati kubera
1-74 bhavati kubera.png
Airi Yui joins the fight to save Atera[15]
2-110 Leez hovering.png
Leez hovers before falling[16]

Attribute: Earth
Target: user
Effect: physical (flight)
Requirement: at least one Kubera birth attribute

bhavati kubera allows the caster to fly. The caster becomes surrounded by gold streaks of light.[15][16][17] Since the spell does not protect the user from high speed or height, it is often necessary to use other magic in conjunction with it, such as hoti kubera.

There is no time limit, but vigor is constantly drained.

The wind magic bhavati vayu allows either hovering or jumping with delaying the fall, but it is not true flight as with bhavati kubera. However, the user is less restrained in their movements when using bhavati vayu than during the use of bhavati kubera. This spell doesn't protect the caster from damage (e.g. through air resistance). It is possible to crash after running out of vigor during the flight.

New learners of this spell often have problems moving their body and have to practice hard before flying freely. According to Asha Rahiro, watching someone who has mastered the spell is required to learn how to use it.[18]

Despite the required hard training, all people dream of flying. So even if you only meet the minimum conditions for this spell (a single kubera attribute), you're envied.

Private Maryhorn Magic Academy, Kalibloom Branch offers a course in bhavati kubera for those who wish to avoid the arduous climb to the Temple of Earth.[19]

bhavati surya

bhavati surya
1-72 Praul casting bhavati surya.png
Praul Ajes charging up his attack[9]
2-93 hoti surya bhavati surya.jpg
Saha On using hoti surya bhavati surya[20]

Attribute: Light
Target: designated target
Effect: physical damage, paralysis
Requirement: at least one Surya birth attribute

bhavati surya strikes the enemy with a ray of blinding light. This spell does not cause heat, cold, poison, or electrical damage, but is nonetheless a powerful destructive force.

Unlike other types of magic, this spell does not ignore the defense of the target. It can destroy targets with weak defense, but targets with high defense (surpassing the power of the spell) will not be damaged.

As a side effect, it can also paralyze the target (even a target with high magic defense) until it is hit with another attack.[9] The paralyzed target will be immune from further paralysis for a short time after the effect wears off, making continuous paralysis impossible.

Praul Ajes used this spell on Clophe during the second attack on Atera.

Saha On used this spell in combination with hoti surya to eliminate a couple of upanis roughly 500km away from his office in Eloth.[20]

bhavati varuna

bhavati varuna
1-52 bhavati varuna.png
Ran Sairofe freezing the ocean around him[21]
1-75 Clophe breaks the ice.png
Clophe destroys the ice on his arm[10]

Attribute: Water
Target: designated area
Effect: physical (freezing)
Requirement: at least one Varuna birth attribute

bhavati varuna is a powerful spell that freezes everything inside the area targeted by the caster.[21] If calculations are not done properly the caster may end up freezing themselves. The effect wears off after a bit of time.

Ran Sairofe used this spell against a few Gandharva suras without calculating, and ended up freezing his own arm and a leg in the process.[21]

During the second sura attack on Atera, the defending magicians attempted to freeze Clophe's arm to stop it from regenerating, but since one of his attributes is Water, it likely sped up his regeneration instead.[10]

bhavati vayu

bhavati vayu
1-15 bhavati vayu.png
Asha "steps" down from five stories high while the building burns[22]
1-23 Asha keeps Brilith airborne.png
Asha keeps Brilith Ruin airborne[23]
2-01 bhavati vayu on Ran.png
Asha punishes Ran Sairofe[3]
2-65 Asha uses bhavati vayu on Leez.png
Leez about to be slashed by Gandharva's ice[24]

Attribute: Wind
Target: designated area
Effect: physical
Requirement: at least one Vayu birth attribute

bhavati vayu, if used correctly, allows the caster to concentrate wind under their feet, thus allowing them to walk on air. It is less popular than its hoti counterpart because of the difficulty of the spell—it requires a great level of calculation—and the fact that hoti vayu has a more flexible usage.

Asha Rahiro uses this spell to escape with Leez Haias from the 5th floor of the magic guild during the fire of Atera.[22]

When the stabilizer system fails on the flight to Aeroplateau, Asha and the crew members use this spell to move around without injury.[1]

Asha also uses this spell to send others aloft.

From Created Gods

bhavati asvins

bhavati asvins
1-69 Airi casts bhavati asvins on Sagara.png
Sagara gets skill-bound[26]
1-72 bhavati asvins cast on Cloche.png
Cloche's Dusky Field transcendental is sealed[9]

Attribute: Restoration
Target: designated target
Effect: magical
Requirement: at least one Asvins birth attribute

bhavati asvins seals a single transcendental skill of the target, until either the spell is lifted by some time-related magic (if the time limit hasn't passed yet) or the original caster of this spell dies.

It can only seal skills that are charging/are about to be cast, so it has no use if the target is faster than the user.

There's an additional rule: One user can only seal one skill of one sura. If the user tries to seal another skill, the seal on the previously targeted skill will be lifted. However, multiple magicians can seal multiple skills of a sura, making it vulnerable.

Airi Yui used this to seal the Gaze in the Grave skill that Sagara was about to unleash on her, Lorraine Rartia, and Ari.[26] Cloche also fell victim to this spell, ending with the loss of some of her best transcendentals.[9][10][27]

bhavati marut

bhavati marut
1-24 Asha's bhavati marut.png
Asha Rahiro during her magic test[8]
2-33 Asha threatens Claude with bhavati marut.png
Asha threatens Claude Yui[28]
2-32 bhavati marut.png
Asha takes out her anger on a sign behind Leez[29]

Attribute: Destruction
Target: designated target
Effect: physical
Requirement: at least one Marut birth attribute

bhavati marut cuts everything in the space determined by the user, alive or inanimate, ignoring all defenses. It is more destructive than hoti marut, but also considerably more difficult to calculate. There is a short delay before the spell takes effect, so it is possible to dodge or avoid it.

The difficulty increases with the size of the cut, but even the simplest cut requires a significant amount of precise calculations. Unexpected errors are a common occurrence, and a calculation mistake can easily lead to the death of an ally or the caster himself. Despite the issues with accuracy, the spell is used for the sake of its beyond-overwhelming destructive force.

Asha Rahiro has used this spell on or near Leez Haias on several occasions, at least once to 'kill' her in order to trigger the Golden Knight's Regeneration transcendental.[30]

Clophe pushed Cloche out of the range of this spell during the Ananta attack in Atera and was nicked himself, but he was able to easily regenerate.[10]

bhavati yama

Attribute: Death
Target: human or sura
Effect: body possession/switch
Requirement: at least one Yama birth attribute

The exact details of bhavati yama are still unknown, but it is apparently a spell that allows the caster to take over someone else's body, and which also allows the caster to use the target's skills. Laila indicates that it is to be used on suras,[31] and this spell is apparently the Death magic that is practiced on captured suras in Rindhallow.[32] bhavati yama is also hinted at in Ep.64 as an efficient use of Death magic that assisted in the battle against the suras.[3]

Claude Yui, the Priest of Death, uses this spell to possess a transport ship worker in order to trick Leez Haias into using an escape capsule.[33] He was able to use the woman's bhavati vayu to hover in the air as he speaks with Asha afterwards.[1]

Claude uses the spell again on a random woman in order to speak to a disguised Asha.[31]


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