Brahma is one of the four primeval gods whose jurisdiction is Creation. She is the only primeval god who is present in the current storyline .


Even though Brahma is able to change her appearance, gender, and age at will, she usually appears as a young woman with long purple hair and pink eyes. In Hell she appears as a teen boy dressed for a sauna, wearing a t-shirt, shorts, a towel around her neck, and a jjimjilbang sheep-head towel around her hair.[1] She is also often depicted in her pajamas, chewing gum and occasionally blowing bubbles.


Not much is known about her personality aside from the fact that she is completely neutral when it comes to the conflicts between the suras and humans. However, there have been times when she has helped them out, for example by granting the Vritra clan a way to have children (at the price of their own emotions), and by creating the barrier orb system. However, she usually does things only when asked to, and not on her own volition.

Her indifferent personality results in her ignoring summons from Creation magicians.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Her powers are available to humans as hoti brahma (create a temporary object) and bhavati brahma (create a permanent object or alter an existing object) spells.

Brahma is above Fifth Zen-level. She can access all the dimensions in the god realm and is unaffected by transcendentals acting on her mental state.

Transcendental SkillsEdit


Season 1Edit

Chapter 10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

(17) In Hell, Brahma looks for a place near the Sword of Hellfire to lie down, when she encounters Yama sitting nearby. She suggests that he go back to work since his subordinates are overworked, but he refuses, complaining how Agni gets to laze about and fool around with women. Brahma offers to help out with the paperwork for the time being, while pondering the behavior of these supposed "enlightened beings." She also notices that the Sword of Hellfire is now gone, which implies trouble in Agni's relationship with Brilith.


  • She is the only one of the four primeval gods who has not disappeared or is in hiding.
  • Brahma enjoys a variety of chewing gum flavors, from ordinary fruit flavors to genuine bizarre ones.[4]


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