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Brilith Ruin is a pure-blood magician and the Priest of Fire in Atera. In the first two seasons, she spends much of her time with the Fire god Agni at her temple. She has been friends with Asha Rahiro since the time they were partners in their magic exam in the year N11.


Brilith is considered a beautiful young woman. Her hair is straight and of a brilliant red color with a slight purple undertone.[1] She has worn her hair both long and short throughout the story. Her eyes are the same shade of red as her hair and thin eyebrows.

Her Season 1 temple attire is a long, strapless red dress with dark pink lace across the front. The light pink sleeves form a sort of long mantle behind her back and are attached to her forearms by a dark pink band ringed with light pink feathers. Her temple attire goes through several changes later in the story. Sometimes she will wear something more casual, but her outfit always involves a dress or a skirt. She even chose to wear a dress for her magic exam, much to Asha's disapproval


When appearing in public and during meetings with the temple magicians, Brilith is always seen smiling. The people of Atera think of her as their beloved queen, and Brilith behaves as one, without being arrogant or prideful.[2]

In reality, she is a young woman who loves her people, but is tired from carrying the burdensome responsibilities that accompany her important role. The only one who ever really sees this private side of her is Agni, the god she summoned in an attempt to be worthy of her deceased mother. Brilith greatly feels the need to become a better mage for the sake of her mother's memory and memento, but for now she is satisfied with being able to defend Atera.

Brilith's true personality is playful and unconstrained, as seen when she was excited and teased Asha after completing the sura combat portion of her magic exam.[3] But as for her public image, she is graceful and benevolent and keeps her feelings private. She forces herself to speak formally to Agni, but she speaks to him casually (sometimes cursing) in her thoughts.[1] Because of this two-faced personality of hers, there are not many opportunities where her true personality comes out. Occasionally she reveals it to Agni, but she quickly hides it, apologizes for it, and keeps some distance between them. Why? Because Agni is a god.[4]

When she was sixteen years old, she was able to befriend Asha Rahiro despite their personality differences, and they maintained their friendship for several years since.[5]

Skills and Abilities

As a triple-Agni magician, Brilith has a higher than average daily usage of both hoti agni (fireballs) and bhavati agni (heat sublimation). Brilith is also shown to have an unusually high divine affinity (2058), making her spells (especially fire attribute spells) very powerful. However, she is bad at rapid calculations, as shown when she scored a 50 out of 100 on the first portion of her magic exam, much to her chagrin.[6]

Her #31 ranking early in the story is a generous one, considering the fact that she unknowingly received assistance from Agni, who corrected her miscalculations during the battle portion of her magic exam.[7][3]

Brilith seems to have a special talent in summoning magic. She summoned the Fire god Agni twice. The first time was in the year N5 (when she was 11),[8] not long after her mother Jibril Ajes died. The second time was during her fight with Sagara in the year N15.[9][10]

Unlike her mother, Brilith is not proficient in silent fire magic, which is necessary to properly use the Staff of Agni. However, both Agni and Laila Hemawati tell her that this is a good thing because skill in silent magic comes at the price of one's humanity.[11][12]


  • Brilith is one of the twelve characters depicted in the Prologue, and shares a panel with Sagara. She seems to represent 'justice and responsibility'.
  • Her name seems to be made up from the endings of her parents' names, Jibril and Talith.


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