Episode 64Edit

Season 1 Episode 64: The Night it Rained Fire (1)

1-64 bhavati brahma on the Staff of Agni

impulsive magic

Brilith recalls the many revered magicians in the history of Willarv: The one who discovered the principles of Creation magic, thus improving living standards; the one who developed the most efficient way to use Death magic, which greatly assisted in the battle against the suras; the magician who used his remaining lifespan to summon the God of Wind to move the survivors of planet Carte to Willarv after the Cataclysm, when all planetary contact had been lost; and the magician who operated all the city turrets in Eloth during the Cataclysm, saving the city. She believes, however, that the greatest of all magicians was her mother. She recalls her mother telling her to wait for the temple magicians, before leaving to face suras attacking Atera while wielding the Staff of Agni. Her mother never returned.

Lorraine brings along Ari on her visit with Brilith, while Airi decided to stay behind to watch the store. Ari is worried about being a useless student, but Lorraine compliments him on how he takes care of details in her store. Brilith hands Lorraine the Staff of Agni and asks her to alter it. She describes it as being the strongest item for magicians using fire magic. Prior to the Cataclysm, the fire priest of Konchez offered her mother 100,000 gold for it. Brilith saw her mother use it, raining meteors of fire onto the battlefield. Another magician later took it, and only agreed to return it after Brilith obtained her A-rank magician license. Due to her poor Flame Mastery (a type of silent magic), the Staff of Agni just explodes in her face.

Lorraine notes that god-class items can only be altered once per month, and the probability of success depends on the personality of the god. The spell might always work if the god is lenient, but it risks killing the magician if the god is ill-tempered. Lorraine is shown successfully altering a bow, but failing to alter the Golden Knight. Brilith recalls how Agni used to joke around with her, and assures Lorraine that the god is kind. Lorraine agrees to try, but asks her why she didn't use it before. Thinking of the last time she saw Agni,[1] Brilith explains that she lost a trusted friend due to her own fault. While that person was there, she didn't need the staff. She sadly thinks that she must have made Agni angry for him to leave without a word. She thinks he'll never return.

As they return to the store, Ari asks Lorraine who Brilith's friend could be. Lorraine doesn't forward a guess, noting that she believed Asha to be her only close friend, but Brilith was obviously not talking about her. They enter the store only to see Airi sleeping, having likely ignored all the customers. The angry Lorraine uses bhavati brahma to transform the Staff of Agni into a monstrous shape and attack Airi, who fights back with hoti kubera. Airi claims to be more skilled than Lorraine, but she is unsuccessful in breaking the staff. Lorraine gloats that god-class items are indestructible. Meanwhile, Ari is shocked that they used up the only modification attempt for the month.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (young Brilith): (something about checking an older drawing of Brilith - translation is confusing - this will be updated later)
    • (Jibril): Jibril was one of four AA-ranked magicians, but she has since died. (Brilith has said as much, as well.) Someone else later took the position of the fourth AA.
    • (Brilith retrieving the Staff): The woman who kept the Staff did keep her promise, didn't she? It's worth 100,000 gold, so it's the kind of item a greedy person could hang on to... but she returned the Staff to an A-ranked magician.
    • (Agni): After drawing this, I realized that it kind of looks like someone is cooking Agni, so I had to cut a little off the bottom.
  • On the magicians that Brilith lists at the beginning of the episode:
    • The first is the one who discovered the principles of Creation magic.
    • The second is the one who developed the most efficient way to use death magic: On Willarv, the temple of Death is in Rindhallow. Sagara later refers to this city as one drenched in the blood of her people.[2]
    • The third is the magician who summmoned Vayu to help transport the survivors of Carte to Willarv. We learn near the end of Season 2 that this was Trisilla Ajes, the Priest of Wind from Carte.[3][4] Leez's father Rao Leez and Asha were on this same transport.[5][6] (Asha's presence on this transport, only hinted at so far in the series, is explicitly stated in her blog profile on Currygom's blog.) Many fans incorrectly suspected that Rao himself was the summoner.
    • The fourth is the magician who saved Eloth during the Cataclysm: at this moment, we see the silhouette of Saha On, the magician currently ranked #1 on Willarv.[7]
  • On Jibril's death:
    • Brilith's memories of her mother occurred in N5 (date of Jibril's death according to Currygom's blog).
    • Brilith was subsequently shown to be rescued by the temple magicians.[8]
    • This episode thus confirms that Atera was attacked in the year N5 when Jibril Ajes was still alive. This is suspect, since she summoned a god,[9] and a city protected by a god is difficult to breach.[10]
    • This implies that either the scale of the attack was exceptional (unlikely, or the city would be destroyed by now), or that Agni was absent and not protecting the city for whatever reason.
  • Airi told Ari to go with Lorraine. In fact, she did this for Ari to get some rest.[11]
  • The person who took the Staff of Agni, Natasha Ross, is also shown in a previous episode.[12]
  • Agni later explains that Brilith is bad at silent magic because she is too human. Those who are good at it have given up part of their humanity.[13]
  • The bow altered by Lorraine is the Neutral Bow. She was commissioned to do so by Riche Seiran.[14] Unknown to most, the bow was made by Vayu for Rao Leez.[14][15]
  • Lorraine bought the Golden Knight from an antiques shop after it was stolen from the Temple of Earth.[16] It's currently stuck on Leez, who can't get it off.
  • In this episode, we can see Lorraine's eye color again. It's yellow.
  • We later learn that Lorraine and others had already suspected Brilith of summoning Agni before.[17]

1-64 Jibril uses the Staff of Agni.png
Jibril and the Staff
1-64 getting back the Staff II.png
getting the Staff back
1-64 Staff blows up on Brilith.png
Brilith and the Staff
1-64 Airi asleep on the job.png
about to be attacked by the Staff

Episode 65Edit

Season 1 Episode 65: The Night it Rained Fire (2)

1-65 Brilith summons Agni

...right when I was just about to win...

Brilith wonders how Agni thought of the decade he spent as her summoned god, and if the time held any meaning for him.

Tara, one of the temple magicians, thanks Brilith for her help with her library duties, since the rest of the staff had the day off. Brilith asks her if she was able to recruit any former priest candidates, who serve as back-ups for the priest, and Tara responds that a few agreed to return after they finished up their current duties. After Agni's summoning, the priest candidates became obsolete so they moved on to other jobs and other cities. Now that the Fire god is gone, Brilith is in need of them again. They hear a commotion in the library, and Tara catches two unauthorized children trying to run off with some books. The boy tried to sneak out The Ravishing of Mrs. Witch, and the girl has Idha Etu, a book that Brilith is very familiar with. The boy teases the girl for wanting to summon a god to kiss, and they fight until Tara knocks both on their heads.

Brilith explains that the Idha Etu spell is dangerous, and not as fun as they might think because it uses up part of the summoner's lifespan. Unlike hoti and bhavati magic, which only borrow a god's power, Idha Etu calls the god him/herself, and it's not always successful. It first requires the summoner to tear a hole in the wall of realms. Part of the summoner's lifespan, a desperate longing, and an unknown factor are needed for this. The second part requires the God to accept the summoning. Often, the summoner dies before their longing even reaches the god.

Ari asks Lorraine and Airi what they are going to do about the Staff of Agni, now that Lorraine turned it into a hungry beast. Airi begins to mock Lorraine's ability, and just as they are about to fight, Ari steps in and yells at them to stop. As they begin to discuss the staff again, the sky suddenly turns red.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (past Brilith): I slept through my alarm going off every 5 minutes for 5 hours straight...
    • (past Brilith's back): The shadows in this image on the webtoon came out too dark. Her hairstyle is braided like this. Not really important, so I didn't bother to re-upload this episode just for this. But for the curious, I put a clearer image here (on the blog).
    • (books): The Ravishing of Mrs. Witch is Willarv's best-selling 16+ (adult) novel. Since the age of adulthood is 16, Leez can read it if she ever gets the opportunity.
    • (bad twins): They are twins. Their dad is a minor character who will appear soon... By the way, they look more like their mom.
    • Tara is one of the three temple magicians. She has appeared more often than the other two.
    • (Ari in a pickle): The poor little guy is stuck between the #4-ranked and #6-ranked magicians. Just a punch from either of them could kill him.
  • In one scene, the person sitting next to Agni appears to be Vayu. The identities of the two women next to them are still unknown.
  • The book written by Asha, Topology is Really Easy (Topology the Easy Way), is among the list of books checked out.
  • The fact that Atera has no priest candidates has already been mentioned twice.[8][18]
  • When Brilith thinks of the priest candidates leaving, one of them is Agwen, the other her mother's original successor,[12][19] Natasha Ross, who took the Staff of Agni away for some time.
  • The father of the two children is Praul Ajes, the principal of the Atera Magic Academy.[10]
  • Agni is shown reading The Ravishing of Mrs. Witch in a later episode.[20] He later picks up the sequel, The Ravishing of the Priestess.[21] Webtoons' translation of the title is The Cris... with the rest of the title cut off.
  • When Brilith explains the summoning process, the person shown is Brahma, wearing pajamas and blowing bubble gum.

1-65 Fire barrier orb.png
1-65 Fire priest candidates.png
1-65 twins.png
1-65 Brahma.png

Episode 66Edit

Season 1 Episode 66: The Night it Rained Fire (3)

1-66 Lorraine's flying car

check out my ride

Upon seeing the sky turn red, the guards on the Atera city walls decide to check for suras. They don't find any, but find that the mountains on one side of the city have been destroyed by an attack.

Lorraine, Airi, and Ari get into a flying car to reach Brilith in case she collapses from maintaining the barrier. The barrier was down for a second then restored immediately. Elsewhere, people are taking shelter at the temple, guild, or academy to be safe from transcendental attacks. As Lorraine's car takes off, some people point out that there are many flying cars in Eloth, but few in Atera.

At the entrance to the Temple of Fire, a long line of people has formed. They are worried because the temple can only block transcendental attacks, but they trust in Brilith to maintain the barrier and keep them safe.

At the temple, the temple magicians are relieved that Brilith was near the barrier stone when the attack occurred, so she could restore the barrier as soon as it broke. They are still worried because nobody else has the right attributes for the barriers. Brilith coughs up blood, and quickly wipes it before anyone can see. She then promises to hold out as long as she can, so she tells them to leave to reassure the people.

Outside the Atera Public Academy of Magic, the instructors tell the students to form a line to enter the Magic Practice Chamber, where they'll be safe from transcendental attacks. They are worried because unlike last time, they need to fit in people in addition to the students. Haas and Kaz observe the red sky, noting that it turned red the day of Leez's birthday, when they went to Atera to buy her another present,[9][22] but the sura attacked. Looking at the sky, Kaz sadly wonders if Leez can see them. He has a teal, two-tailed cat on his head. After his first gift was rejected,[23] he decided to buy it for her birthday, because it reminds him of her, but it became his pet instead. Haas tries to cheer him up. Kaz accidentally bumps into a blue-haired girl. He apologizes to her, and tells Haas that she was prettier than the priestess, whom he previously thought to be the prettiest woman on the planet. Flattered, Sagara decides not to sweep aside the humans blocking her way.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Kaz): It's been a long time since Kaz appeared. He was on the verge of being completely forgotten...
    • (missing mountains): Find Maruna. (lol, he's a tiny speck near the center of the crater)
    • (what a drag, Ari): Ari falls, but the boxes (in the back of the car) somehow don't move. Maybe they are fastened together by magic?
    • (temple magicians): The barrier stone is normally this color (red with an orange glow). The yellow glow of the stone in Eps.19-20 was from overheating.[22][24]
    • (Kaz and Haas waiting): Atera Magic Academy's school uniform is this hoodie. Students are free to choose the hoodie color, but the belt color differs depending on their year. Green is for new students, but that doesn't mean they are young. (Class level is decided by test scores without much regard to age.)
  • The temple magicians mention the fact that there are no universities in Atera. That is why Brilith had to take her magic exams in Rindhallow. Unlike magic academies, magic universities apparently use triple-attribute magicians as professors, so they could power the barrier instead if the Priest is unable to.
  • The temple magicians mention a request for aid. This is the request Agwen received in Mistyshore.[25]
  • We saw the simulation system in the chapter AAA Magician. It could detect and prepare a defense against magic. Here, it seems it can also detect and defend against transcendentals.[26]
  • Kaz and Haas are shown among academy students. Early in the series, there is an advertisement on the wall from the Atera Magic Academy, offering scholarships and providing dormitories.[27] The book version confirms that Haas enrolled after the village was destroyed, and could bring Kaz along.
  • By complimenting Sagara, Kaz narrowly avoids death for a second time. The first time was when he and his brother left the village to find another present for Leez.[23] He will have another 'lucky' break later this chapter.[28]

1-66 Brilith coughs up blood.png
1-66 Praul and his twins.png
1-66 Kaz.png
1-66 Sagara.png

Episode 67Edit

Season 1 Episode 67: The Night it Rained Fire (4)

1-67 Hura's sura form

biggest cockroach ever

Sagara is annoyed by the large crowds blocking her way to the Fire temple. She sees Lorraine's flying car passing overhead and finds herself impressed, since she can't fly in human form. She then recognizes the Staff of Agni and decides to prevent them from taking it to the priest.

Hura, a 4th-stage rakshasa from the Asura clan, comments on Maruna's unique transcendental, Crimson Sunshine of Dawn. It has no delay, but can only be used in human form, which makes it useless in an actual battle. Pingara, a 4th-stage rakshasa from the Ananta clan, points out that it enables them to break the barrier. Cloche, another 4th-stage rakshasa from the Ananta clan, is angry that Maruna gets to have a bigger role. Her brother Clophe, a 3rd-stage rakshasa, doesn't comment. Riagara, the last 4th-stage rakshasa from the Ananta clan, tells them not to complain in the presence of upanis.

Hura wonders where Shess went. They comment on the fact that he isn't there to help them, and that his clan is usually neutral. The discussion then turns to Maruna, who was eating Ananta clan suras earlier to recover vigor. Since he agreed to help against Gandharva's will, he left behind his army, and will only watch once the barrier is broken. They decide to wait for Sagara's signal, but Hura taunts them for being afraid, takes sura form, and starts flying towards the city, only to be bombarded by attacks from the city's turrets.

Riagara explains that the turrets attack anything in sura form. It ignores targets in human form. However, it lasts only as long as the barrier is maintained. Afterwards, each turret has to be operated manually, making them too slow to be a serious threat. Cloche realizes that both attack and defense are reliant on a single person, and wonders why a design by the God of Creation isn't better. Riagara explains that the God of Creation abides by absolute neutrality. The barrier gives a fair chance to both humans and suras. Finally, overwhelmed by the attacks, Hura decides to escape.

Watching from afar, Maruna thinks that the Asura clan doesn't appear to be supportive of its allied Ananta clan, since it only sent Hura. He wonders why he helps them, then recalls a younger Yuta calling to him as 'hyung-nim' (older brother). Yuta says that he'll be going with Shuri, while Maruna will leave with Gandharva. Yuta hopes they'll both meet up again one day. In the present time, Maruna decides that his judgment is clouded when it comes to family, so he has no right to criticize Gandharva. He mentally apologizes for breaking the nastika's promise to Agni.

Elsewhere, Gandharva opens his eyes.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Maruna watching the city): This pose of putting his hands in his pocket is becoming Maruna's trademark...
    • As I've said earlier in the series, I won't mention the transcendental names when they are being used. It kind looks a bit weird adding them in... But when used in a conversation between characters, 심홍의 새벽빛 ("Crimson Sunshine of Dawn") felt too forced, so I changed the Hangul (Korean lettering) a bit to 새벽의 붉은빛. It still means the same thing anyways...
    • (rakshasas): Riagara and Pingara have appeared before (starting with Ep.39),[29] but the rest of them are new faces, huh? They were meant to appear in an earlier chapter, The Wavering King, but since the story progression was slow, they were skipped.
    • Pingara and Clophe (far shadow) don't have much to say and are just part of the background...
    • (Maruna feasting): Suras eat their meals in sura form. If they eat like this in human form, there would be far to much too censor.
    • (Hura's sura face): This kinda looks like Venom...!
  • Maruna is shown standing at the bottom of the crater the guards noticed last episode.
  • The four Ananta clan rakshasas this episode could be Sagara's children, judging by their hereditary attributes (all of them have a Darkness attribute like Sagara), features (pale skin and red eyes with vertical pupils, as not all Ananta suras have those color eyes or type of pupils), and loyalty to Sagara.
    • Riagara's father could be Vasuki, who used to be Sagara's lover. He shares a Fire attribute with her, and lived with her for a time in Taksaka's nest.[30]
    • Pingara's father could be Manasvin (shared sky attribute).
    • Cloche and Clophe's father could be a rakshasa with water/light hereditary attributes. When a nastika has a child with a rakshasa, each child only inherits one of the rakshasa parent's hereditary attributes.
  • Cloche, Cloche, Hura, Shess, and Leny were all shown as silhouettes coming through Kubera's gate.[29]
  • On the barrier orbs: See the Spoilers and Trivia section of Ep.6.[9]
  • Maruna is reluctant to help more because of Gandharva's promise, but Riagara later realizes that it is also because he dislikes killing Halfs. However, he can't find his target in a crowd, so if he were to attack, he'd have no choice but to attack the entire city.[31]
  • Maruna and his siblings:
    • The separation of the Garuda siblings was first mentioned in an earlier episode.[32] The third sibling is revealed later this chapter.[33]
    • The sword Maruna is holding in the flashback actually belonged to Garuda.[32] He decided to give it to Yuta when they were about to separate.[34] When Sagara first sees it, she thinks it's a god-class weapon.[35]

1-67 Sagara's grin.png
1-67 Hura.png
1-67 Pingara.png
1-67 turrets hitting Hura.png

Episode 68Edit

Season 1 Episode 68: The Night it Rained Fire (5)

1-68 Leny and Shess

no flowers in the sura realm

Gandharva always knew that his promise with Agni could be easily broken, but faced with Agni's sense of fairness, Gandharva wanted to be just as fair.

Shess brings Leny to a field of pink flowers in the vicinity of Kalibloom. Leny finds it beautiful, and admits she loves the human realm. Shess had taken her to the sura realm after the N0 Cataclysm in order to protect her, as she was an orphaned Half with nobody to protect her. However, the sura realm was red and creepy, and filled with scary people, and she wanted nothing but to return to the human realm.

Gandharva approaches them and expresses disappointment that one of Airavata's closest associates has joined Sagara. He deduces that the rest of the Kinnara clan are also in on her plan, despite their sense of justice. When Leny tries to correct him, he gets angry at her. The scared Leny then hides behind Shess, who informs Gandharva that he'll regard anyone who means harm to him or to Leny to be an enemy. Gandharva is dismayed that the rakshasa is now stronger than him, but notes that he's still the king of the Gandharva clan. Shess asks him to calm down, and Gandharva admits that he's feeling awful because he may never find his daughter, yet he's being manipulated by a swindler. Shess cannot guess his feelings, since he has never had a child, but asks Gandharva to recover his composure for the sake of his clan, and to avoid aiding his enemies indirectly.

Gandharva realizes that Shess is not on Sagara's side, and learns from him that Maruna has joined Sagara to attack Atera. Gandharva is furious that Maruna has broken the promise with Agni. Even though the promise was valid as long as Agni's priestess is safe, Gandharva knows that Agni would also treasure anything that his priestess holds dear. Gandharva is the same way with Shakuntala. Thinking back to his daughter, who asked her father not to fight Agni,[36] he mentally apologizes for what will happen, since Agni will assume that Gandharva lied to him, regret trusting a nastika, and become just like the other gods, who'll use any means necessary to achieve their ends. However, Shess offers to take Gandharva to Atera.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Gandharva): I am so sorry for being late... I fell asleep and woke up in middle of night. Being late to work puts me into a horrible cycle of lateness... This is really sad...
    • (Shess): This webtoon has progressed further than the Best Challenge version, which ended when Leez and Asha had just left Atera. But the order of some events have changed this time. Shess appeared later and Gandharva appeared earlier than they did in the Best Challenge version.
    • (Leny): The simplicity of Leny's clothes shows how busy the author has been. My designs are poor. I wanted to be a designer when I was little... Of course, I soon gave up after learning the sad truth.
    • Where is Leez? I have repeatedly shown the date, 12/2 and 12/3. The events of this episode happen the same time as Ep.61, before she enters the water channel.
  • Shess and Leny are first seen as silhouettes coming through the gate opened by God Kubera.[29]
  • Gandharva mentions Airavata. In an earlier flashback, we see Sagara suggest that Manasvin find Airavata.[37]
  • Shess is also Airavata's son.[38]
  • Shess mentions that he has never had a child. In The Finite, he does mention that he's had many lovers, however.
  • When Shess asks Gandharva to regain composure for the sake of his clan, he is referring to how his clan is being affected by Gandharva's emotional resonance.
  • According to Currygom's blog, Shess took Leny along because her father died trying to protect her during the Cataclysm. Her mother had already died by then. Since Halfs were persecuted afterwards, Leny wouldn't be safe on her own in the human realm.

1-68 Gandharva.png
1-68 scared Leny.png
1-68 Shakuntala.png
please, no fighting
1-68 Leny and Shess 2.png

Episode 69Edit

Season 1 Episode 69: The Night it Rained Fire (6)

1-69 Ari and Sagara

not a good day for Ari

Lorraine, Airi, and Ari prepare to land the flying car at the Temple of Fire, but they are interrupted by Sagara, who brags about making the jump despite being weakened. She begins to charge up a transcendental skill, but Lorraine responds by trapping Sagara in a clear box using hoti brahma, and Airi seals the transcendental with bhavati asvins. Sagara expresses some annoyance, but easily destroys the hoti brahma wall, damaging the flying vehicle at the same time. Airi, powered by hoti kubera, jumps onto the temple balcony carrying Lorraine (holding the Staff of Agni) over her shoulder. They escape, leaving Ari dangling from the flying car, so Airi attempts to lure Sagara away from Ari. Lorraine realizes that even though Airi usually treats him poorly, earlier that day she volunteered to look after the shop[39] to give Ari some time to rest.

Sagara is unable to find the two women with the staff inside the temple, so she decides to find the priest instead. From a hiding place, Lorraine is surprised that Sagara is no longer chasing after the staff. Since Sagara was able to break through a wall made by an AA magician, they wonder if she is really a half. However, non-nastika superior suras cannot speak, and it makes no sense for a nastika to be in the human realm. They settle on the attacker being a half, and make fun of one another for failing to defeat the opponent. Airi worries about Ari, but Lorraine points out that he does not appear to be a target.

Within the barrier orb room, Brilith is suspicious that the next attack has yet to be launched. However, she suddenly hears a knocking sound, and sees Sagara right outside the room's protection, addressing her as "phony-Queen."

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Sagara): Ep.69 shows that Sagara is actually smart.
    • (Airi and Lorraine): Airi's hair style is weird? It is a bagel, you silly! She tried donuts, but they broke too easily.
    • High rankers tend to practice magic for which they don't have an attribute, just in case they need it. But Lorraine???? She's only ever practiced Creation magic. Without it, she really is nothing.
    • (Sagara jumping to the temple): Sagara has been portrayed as relatively weak because of rakshasas like Maruna. However, she was able to jump high up from a floating car to the temple. She has the jump and stomp power of Super Mario! I guess this is why she wears pants while other female characters like Leez and Brilith wear dresses.
    • (Brilith): Brilith was supposed to have been shown more, but I had no time and cut most of her scenes.
    • p.s. If you're expecting Gandharva and Shess... Kalibloom and Atera are approximately 20,000 km apart. Without giving a more detailed explanation, it takes supersonic speeds to cover that distance in 16 hours.
      (20000km/16h = 1250km/h, and Mach 1, the speed of sound, is 1225km/h. ~Horseshoe Crab)
  • Regarding Sagara's bragging: in Season 2, she explains that in the human realm, nastikas also have all the physical capabilities of their human form weakened. Apart from that, both she and Gandharva have a number of their transcendentals sealed by Taraka.[40] This weakening can be seen in her Character Stats.

1-69 Airi and Lorraine.png
1-69 Sagara breaks free.png
1-69 Airi carries Lorraine.png
1-69 Brilith and the Fire barrier orb.png
barrier room

Episode 70Edit

Season 1 Episode 70: The Night it Rained Fire (7)

1-70 Sagara watches Maruna's attack


Kasak, in sura form, is halfway to Atera. On his back, Agwen asks him if he was able to find his earrings. He asks if it matters, and she nervously lists a few inconveniences. He accuses her of making excuses for her own convenience, since she feels free to treat him however she likes when he has the earrings on. Agwen apologizes, but Kasak tells her he wasn't asking her to. He then realizes that she's trembling.

He recalls the aftermath of the emotional resonance in the year N0.[25] Though Agwen realizes that it wasn't her father's fault, she doesn't understand why he doesn't cry. She asks him if he never loved her mother. To her shock, he answers in the negative, and asks her to help him find his earrings. He explains that without them, he can't transform into the kind-hearted Mr. Kasak and cry like she wants. He adds that without them, he might even forget that she is his daughter, so he calls her Princess to remind himself and to not abandon her. Agwen is devastated by this revelation.

Recalling this, Kasak tells her that he merely lent the earrings to someone else, and will soon have them back. Agwen expresses relief, then asks him if they can travel faster because of the urgency of the situation in Atera. He wants to conserve vigor, but his daughter informs him that many suras have surrounded Atera, so he decides to use the Crescent Gate. Agwen has never seen that skill before, but she quickly crouches down when her father warns her of the danger beyond.[41] The two disappear through the gate.

Maruna launches another attack. The suras waiting outside the city finally see Sagara give the signal, at which point Maruna launches an even stronger attack, causing Brilith to gasp in shock. While Sagara taunts her, Brilith wonders who she is, believing her to be a Half who knows the suras that are attacking. Deciding to focus on the barrier, she ignores the blue-haired woman, who promises to let her live if she gives up. The next attack leaves cracks in the barrier. The woman suggests once again that she give up. However, she notices that Brilith is bleeding from the mouth, and realizes she isn't just low on vigor. Since Agni will only ignore a summons if Brilith is unharmed,[24] Sagara panics and orders her to stop powering the barrier immediately. Brilith ignores her, and mentally apologizes to her mother.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (angry Sagara): This episode length is longer than usual, but it feels short because the transcendental scenes take up most of it without much comment.
    • Comics need lots of talking in order to look as though they have plenty of substance, because words take longer to read!!! But now it's time for action.....
    • (flying Kasak): There were some opinions that Kasak is much smaller then Maruna. I hope you can better gauge his actual size with this scene. It would be hard to see who's bigger until they actually meet.
    • (Crescent Gate): Transcendental posts for each character come out after the 5th skill is shown. The demand for Sagara's is high, but not even Gandharva's is out yet. lol. Please wait.
    • There will be a separate post for transcendentals used by minor characters like Kasak.
    • (Sagara watches Maruna's attack): I like this scene. It also happens to be the one I finished the fastest today.
  • Agwen's mother, Meiwen Hael, appears briefly in Currygom's side novel, The Finite.
  • The Finite also reveals that Taksaka never felt any particular affection for his son, and that after the death of Kasak's mother, Ian Rajof, Taksaka left Kasak behind and returned to the sura realm (though he apparently visited from time to time). This has led to some speculations: when Kasak told Agwen that he might abandon her, it may not be out of malice, but due to having experienced something similar himself.
  • Agwen mentioned the suras surrounding Atera because her father can eat them for vigor.
  • The Crescent Gate becomes available to 5th stage rakshasas and to Dragon Halfs over 100 years of age. It is considered dangerous to use, as it passes through a void filled with Chaos suras.[41]

1-70 Kasak and Agwen.png
the fastest car on this star
1-70 Agwen sees the Crescent Gate.png
straight into the Crescent Gate
1-70 Maruna begins his attack on Atera.png
stronger hits to proceed with the blitz
1-70 Brilith struggles to keep up the barrier.png
this threat hasn't defeated her yet

Episode 71Edit

Season 1 Episode 71: The Night it Rained Fire (8)

1-71 Violet Rain

Purple Violet Rain, Violet Rain...

In the past, a young Brilith asks Agni what happens to summoners when their lifespan is spent. Agni explains that they grow old and die; externally, they look normal, but they deteriorate internally in terms of strength and health. Brilith is glad to learn that she'll look normal on the outside, so she can die without making anyone worry.

Maruna launches a third attack against the barrier. Riagara, Pingara, Cloche, Clophe, and Hura observe the scene. They realize that the priest is restoring the barrier as soon as it is destroyed. Hura wonders why Sagara hasn't managed to get the priest away from the barrier stone yet. Riagara points out that the barrier stone is probably heavily protected. Though Sagara can break through by using partial sura transformation, she dislikes doing so. They decide to wait for the priest to run out of vigor.

Brilith successfully blocks Maruna's attacks, but she is at her limit. Sagara realizes that Brilith is near death, and doesn't understand why Agni made a promise to protect her then. She wonders what Gandharva is thinking. She decides to take partial sura form, something she wanted to avoid because she dislikes looking ugly, and breaks through the protection around the barrier room. She tells Brilith to consider herself honored. The barrier breaks.

Outside the city, Riagara orders the other rakshasas to take sura form.

Sagara admits to being impressed by her determination. Brilith asks her for her motives. Even if the blue-haired woman was a superior sura or a nastika, Brilith doesn't see a reason for her to attack the city, as eating one sura is more efficient than eating hundreds of humans. Sagara admits that in her case, she doesn't need to eat anything. However, she needs to kill a human, and destroying the city is easier than searching each human. To save the city, Brilith agrees to help them identify their target. Sagara explains that the target entered the city right before the attack of the tenth month. She believes the target to still be within the city, since they kept watch but didn't see anyone leave, adding that humans can't teleport far. She then reveals that the target is named "Kubera," but is probably using a pseudonym. From Brilith's expression, Sagara deduces that she might not know anything, but either way, she decides to launch an attack on the area outside.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (past Brilith): Scary... There are some people saying to kill off Brilith and summon Agni. That's so mean to her!!
    • (angry Cloche): Cloche's sura form is larger than Hura's. Asura clan suras aren't generally smaller in comparison, as you may have already seen.[25] Hura's small size is a special case. You'll see why next week!
    • (Sagara beating on a door): If she really can't break it, it'll be sooooo embarrassing for her! lol
    • (Sagara breaking a window): Sagara is a nastika, so she can't completely transform into her sura form in the human realm. As with Gandharva, only a partial transformation is allowed. Can you imagine her sura form? It may not be the "snake" form you're thinking!
    • (surprised Sagara): I wanted to draw a cutesy scene after so many serious ones, so I put in a chibi Sagara....
  • Sagara's outer clothing disappears when she makes her partial transformation, and stays that way for a while.
  • On Sagara's comment to Brilith: Sagara, like all nastikas, doesn't need to eat, and recovers vigor on her own.
  • Sagara mentions that they had kept Atera under surveillance. Brilith had commented on the increased number of suras after the attack. We then saw some of these suras stalking Atera.[42]
  • Sagara believes that the human could not have escaped through teleportation, because of their low range. However, Asha had received a Hunter's Eyes x50 from Lorraine.[43][44] Thus, Asha's teleportation range may have been greatly extended. Sagara doesn't seem familiar with some of the magical items made by humans, since she didn't know about flying cars.[45]

1-71 partial transformation.png
1-71 Sagara confronts Brilith.png
1-71 Riagara begins to transform.png
1-71 seeking a human named Kubera.png

Episode 72Edit

Season 1 Episode 72: The Night it Rained Fire (9)

1-72 Kasak feasting on snakes

they're magically delicious

Sagara notes that her skills are limited in the human realm, preventing her from blowing the whole place in one go. She starts raining down attacks. Brilith pleads with her to stop and to give her some time to find the target. Sagara refuses, then warns Brilith that she doesn't have the strength to attack her; besides, her teammates have just arrived. Horrified, Brilith sees the sura forms of Cloche, Riagara, and Pingara, as well as an army of upanis.

At the Atera magic guild, Ruche instructs Ernst Seiran to fit more people into the guild. Ernst asks her if she shouldn't be at the temple, since she is an A-ranked triple magician. At the lack of response, he asks her if she's unable to form a barrier. Ruche shuts him up, then claims that she has a responsibility to protect the building she's in. A magician comments that she heard that Ruche got her position thanks to connections.

At the Atera Public Academy of Magic, Haas Lehn comments on the fact that the line isn't moving. He suggests trying a different location. However, his brother Kaz insists on waiting. Haas hears a sudden explosion, and sees Cloche about to attack. The instructors warn the students to stand back, allowing one of them to seal Cloche's transcendental with bhavati asvins. They then set up an amplification with bhavati chandra, and attack with bhavati surya, paralyzing Cloche. More room becomes available in the laboratory, and Haas asks his brother how he knew this would happen, but Kaz feigns ignorance. Meanwhile, the instructors note that they have only managed to paralyze their target without causing damage. They decide to pool their attacks.

From the magic guild, refugees observe Pingara attacking, noting that it's even bigger than the Garuda sura that attacked before. Ernst asks Ruche if she doesn't need to go outside to protect the building. Ruche orders him to go instead.

Hura, Riagara, and Pingara gather outside the Magic Guild. Hura thinks all three of them aren't needed to attack it, and suggests sending backup to Cloche. The suras have already ordered half of their number to surround and guard the outside of the city, to prevent the target from escaping. Hura deduces that even the upanis could handle the Magic Guild, but when he calls them, he sees sura body parts splattering onto the ground. They then notice Kasak feasting on a large snake and glaring at them.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Brilith): I hate scenes where nobody speaks. They make the episode look so short. I also hate sura forms that take so much time to draw, but they are here to stay...
    • (Sagara): Sagara comes out looking good even without me trying?? Well, it's not as if the author's personal favorite and the best drawn are always the same. (Look at Leez.)
    • (Ruche): Someone asked me how Ruche got an A rank. How, indeed, did a girl who can't use magic beyond teleportation and depends on other magician for everything else get a high score on her 3rd test? There's a backstory for this, but I don't think there would be time for such a minor character to tell her story. Maybe I'll write it on a blog post later.
    • (Pingara): Pingara is large. He/She's bigger than Maruna. The funny thing is that he/she's the one good at hiding, even with his/her size.
    • (food scraps): Drew this scene dark because it would be 19+ (rated R) otherwise.
  • The old magician who used bhavati surya is Praul Ajes, the principal of the Atera Magic Academy.[46]
  • According to Currygom, the rumors about Ruche are correct. She got her position thanks to her sister Riche, the richest person on Willarv.
  • Pingara's sura form is huge. No wonder Maruna wanted to munch on him/her.[29]
  • Cloche likely didn't receive damage from bhavati surya because the spell is of the same Light attribute as one of her hereditary attributes.
  • This is the third instance where Kaz narrowly avoids a potentially fatal situation.
    • First instance: Kaz buys Leez a gift she obviously wouldn't like, resulting in him and Haas leaving for Atera in search of another present, thus avoiding Maruna's attack on the village.[23]
    • Second instance: Kaz compliments Sagara as being prettier than the priestess. The flattered Sagara decided to spare the humans blocking her way.[47]

1-72 Sagara.png
Sagara's confidence
1-72 snake invasion.png
snakes' confluence
1-72 Ruche stays put.png
Ruche's incompetence
1-72 Haas and Kaz.png
Kaz's prescience
1-72 Cloche.png
Clophe's emergence
1-72 unnamed magician.png
magicians' resistance
1-72 Praul's amplified light attack.png
Praul's luminescence
1-72 Electric field.png
Pingara's transcendence

Episode 73Edit

Season 1 Episode 73: The Night it Rained Fire (10)

1-73 Vasuki, Riagara, and Taksaka

never say never

Agwen regains her senses after passing out from the journey through the Crescent Gate. She asks her father Kasak if he's seen her hat, only to see fire attacks being launched at them. Kasak shields her, and she realizes that they're facing three suras.

Hura is surprised that Kasak didn't dodge, but Riagara points out that he let himself be hit on purpose to gauge the strength of her attacks. Riagara used one of her weaker transcendentals, but it did damage even against Maruna. From the fact that Kasak is unscathed, she deduces that he's a Dragon Half of at least one hundred years of age, equivalent in abilities to a 5th-stage rakshasa. Pingara notes, however, that as a Half, Kasak is still disadvantaged in terms of vigor, so they have the advantage in a longer battle.

Kasak informs a surprised Agwen that the ones they are facing are rakshasas around 4th stage. He decides to eradicate them to prevent them from destroying the city. Agwen worries about damaging the city, but Kasak ignores her concerns and breathes invisible fire at his opponents, damaging a large section of the city. When Agwen panics, he informs her that people nearby have already taken refuge in the Magic Guild nearby. Agwen is incredulous that the magicians aren't doing anything, then recalls with bemusement that Ruche is the branch president there.

Hura uses his revival ability, and he's surprised that the attack was invisible. Pingara (who had avoided the attack with one of his hiding transcendentals) instructs him to induce Kasak's transcendentals, to determine his abilities and drain him of vigor. Riagara informs them that this is unnecessary, and quizzes them on how many dragons they know who are capable of breathing invisible fire.

Riagara recalls a moment during her childhood. Vasuki and Taksaka had a bet on who is stronger, and after Taksaka blows holes through several mountains, Vasuki acknowledges that the dragon is stronger, then chides him for being obsessive. Taksaka, referring to her by the nickname Huia, warns her that he doesn't know happiness nor sorrow, but does know anger. Vasuki expresses relief that he is the only one capable of breathing invisible fire, and shudders at the thought of little dragons using the same skill. She explains to Riagara that dragon fire is a unique transcendental in all aspects, but Half dragons can use the same type of fire as their father. Taksaka reassures her that he has no plans to have a child. Vasuki starts taunting him, and he calls her a freak in response, causing her to whine that Sagara already calls her a lunatic.[30]

In present time, Riagara deduces that Kasak is Taksaka's son. If they attack him, they risk retaliation from his father. Kasak attacks again, and Hura is forced to induce more attacks. Riagara states that she realizes why the Asura clan only sent Hura. Riagara informs them that she'll convince Maruna to attack Kasak. Though Maruna used up vigor to destroy the barrier, Kasak also wasted vigor by attacking Hura, so Maruna should eventually have the advantage. She concludes that if Taksaka finds out, he'll turn against the Garuda clan, not the Ananta clan. She has bait to convince Maruna.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Kasak preparing to fire): The blood that was around Kasak's mouth in Ep.72 is gone, right?[28] There was originally a scene planned where he licks it off with his tongue, but it felt too unlike Kasak. In addition, the scene looked too messy to leave it in... He must have wiped the blood off sometime off-screen. lol
    • (Agwen's view of three suras): Focus on Kawaii_Hura.jpg
      But even this is far bigger than his human form. He looks small because Riagara is next to him, but his head is similar in size to Pingara's. Of course, the body sizes are quite different...
    • (Hura regenerating): Hura not only has super regeneration (even by sura standards) but can also revive 12 times a day. As a bonus, he can direct attacks towards him... It may not sound cool, but you can't ask for better party member!! He would be a balance breaker if he appeared like that in a game. The petition to nerf Hura would never end. lol
    • (Taksaka flashback): Vasuki and Taksaka together again. Go back to Ep.51 if you can't remember.[30] They were in in the sura realm then, but this flashback is set in the human realm. The division caused by the Cataclysm was only 15 years ago, after all. Riagara could easily come over to the human realm when she was that young.
    • (Hura drawing Kasak's attack): This is normally an attack that spreads out in multiple directions, but it isn't doing so because Hura is taking it all. The attack could potentially destroy the city, but Hura is protecting it(?). lololol
  • Dragon Halfs would gain most of the powers of a 5th-stage rakshasa after 100 years. Currygom's side novel explains that at the beginning of the universe, nastikas of the Vritra clan couldn't expand their forces, as falling in love within the same species would cause the dragon to die before an offspring could be born (this was the price for their powerful Breath technique). After dragons lost their emotions, dragon Halfs received the afore-mentioned power-up as a concession. However, human mothers forfeit part of their life by giving birth to a dragon Half, making dragons more reluctant to have offspring. Taksaka failed to convince his quarter wife, Ian Rajof, to get an abortion.
  • Unlike 5th-stage rakshasas, however, Dragon Halfs don't regenerate vigor on their own, which is one of the major abilities of 5th-stage rakshasas.[48] This is also an ability of gods and nastikas.
  • For more about the Vritra clan, including Taksaka's sole feelings of anger, see the spoiler section for Ep.51.[30]
  • Hura's transcendental, Twelve Comeback, allows him to resurrect 12 times within a day.

1-73 Agwen's POV.png
1-73 Riagara's Black Volcano.png
1-73 Kasak's invisible fire.png
1-73 Hura draws Kasak's attack.png

Episode 74Edit

Season 1 Episode 74: The Night it Rained Fire (11)

1-74 Taksaka's family

happier times

In an undefined timeline, the younger Maruna, Yuta, and Kalavinka are preparing for their upcoming separation. Yuta will go with Shuri, and Kalavinka will go to Willarv with Visnu. Maruna tells his brother to listen to Shuri and be careful of what he eats. He then worries about his sister's safety, as Willarv is full of magicians, but she tells him not to worry. Though sad, Maruna is resigned to the fact that they need to separate for some time, in order to hide the Power of the Name. Smiling, the siblings bid each other goodbye, hoping to be reunited soon.

Riagara approaches Maruna, who's watching the battle without joining in. She comments on how varied and powerful Kasak's attacks are, despite being only a hundred-year-old Half. Riagara then asks for Maruna's help, much to his surprise. He refuses to attack the city, then refuses to fight the Half dragon. Irritated, he points out that their army is capable of defeating Kasak on its own. Suppressing her own fear, Riagara argues that her side would sustain heavy casualties, whereas Maruna can face Kasak alone without being killed. Smiling, she then promises to give him a clue about his siblings in exchange for his cooperation.

She explains that when Maruna and his siblings split up, Maruna went with Gandharva to planet Carte, his half-brother left with Shuri to Isholy, and his sister came to Willarv with Visnu. Visnu lived among humans at first, but he missed his sura friends, so he called his friend Taksaka, the second-in-command of the Vritra clan, over from the sura realm. A scene is shown of Taksaka, wearing Visnu's earrings and holding his wife, while a baby Kasak breathes fire at Visnu. Riagara concludes that Taksaka returned to the sura realm just before the Cataclysm, but according to rumors, he had a Half son with a human. She gained this information as a result of living in Taksaka's nest at the time; she saw his departure and subsequent return, and heard him talking about his son with Vasuki. She reveals that Kasak is Taksaka's son, so he likely knows about Kalavinka's whereabouts.

At the Temple of Fire, Airi is outraged that the priest candidates left Brilith alone. Since the barrier is down, Lorraine offers to take over until Brilith recovers. Airi also complains that the Magic Guild branch president hasn't arrived yet. Lorraine promises to either get Ruche removed from that position, or get married the next year. When they arrive at the barrier room, they realize that Brilith was taken away. Airi notes that the suras have already infiltrated the city, making the barrier useless, but that Mr. Kasak is fighting near the magic guild. She realizes that a sura attacking the now partially-destroyed Maryhorn academy is about to join up with the suras at the Atera Magic Academy. To stop them from overwhelming the academy teachers, she casts hoti asvins hoti kubera, causing a green glow to surround her, then casts bhavati kubera to fly towards the academy. Lorraine thinks she'll recommend Airi for as next guild branch president. Tara finds Lorraine's calm attitude to be strange, but Lorraine denies knowing anything. Both of them start searching for Brilith.

Hura complains that he only has five lives left. Meanwhile, Agwen asks her father why he keeps attacking the same target, and Kasak explains that all his attacks are being redirected at that target. Agwen worries about him running out of vigor, but Kasak points out that he can't fight them up close because she's in the way. While Agwen is feeling guilty, Maruna suddenly grabs her. Maruna mocks Kasak for being slow, and reasons that the human must mean something to him, or he wouldn't be carrying her around. He concludes that getting Kasak out of the city should be easier than expected.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Airi): This week I tested how one can go without sleeping. Hail energy drinks! Burnnnnn.
    • Airi and Lorraine's appearance was added at the last minute. Parts that were cut away will appear next week. I particularly like Airi among the supporting characters, so I wanted to draw her beautifully... It didn't turn out well. Airi's design does look different from the other simple designs, especially the double bagel on her head. lol
    • (Garuda's children): Yuta hides his mis-matched wings in front of the other Garudas, so he is kind of an outcast among other Garuda clan suras who often leave their wings out for flying.
    • (Riagara): Riagara almost never smiles, but she did when she was younger. She does resemble Sagara, especially when she is grinning. Her mouth opens and closes, but she isn't speaking with her mouth. However, it felt kind of weird not doing that.
    • (Shuri and Yuta): A certain reader asked about Shuri's three measurments being left out... Sharp eyes! I added it by popular request. Don't get angry about her being so "gifted"—I just like drawing glamorous females and beefy males. Wow, that makes me sound like a hentai author.
    • (Taksaka's family): Taksaka's romance story will be revealed much later. It will be mostly explanation and even more explanation. It won't appear in the webtoon because it would be straying too far off from the main story.
  • The three planets, Willarv, Carte, and Isholy, are shown on a chart in an earlier episode.[49]
  • Past episodes already provided scenes and hints about the fate of the siblings:
    • Garuda entrusted his three children to his close friends: the third to Visnu, the second to Shuri, and Maruna to Gandharva.[32]
    • Yuta is shown thinking of Shuri several times,[50][51][52] and of his brother as well.[53] He also asked Kasak about his siblings.[54]
    • Kasak mentioned that he knew Visnu during his childhood.[54][55] In terms of timing, it was quite possible for him to know about Kalavinka as well. The Finite confirms that Kasak has met Kalavinka.
    • Young Riagara was shown staying at Taksaka's nest with Vasuki.[30] We saw them together again in the last episode, which explains how she was able to obtain this information.
  • When Riagara talks about Visnu, we see a scene of Visnu with young Kasak, as well as Taksaka (wearing Visnu's earrings) and his wife Ian Rajof. This story is detailed in the finite.
  • Lorraine's fiance is Saha On.[56] According to her blog profile, Lorraine likes buff fighters, so dislikes her fiance because he's not buff enough.
  • Turrets don't attack the inside of the city, so it is pointless to reactivate both the barrier and the turrets when suras are already inside.[57]
  • The brand Maryhorn mentioned here is first seen in a flashback in the AAA magician arc.[58]

1-74 Garuda's children.png
sibling revelry
1-74 Riagara approaches Maruna.png
Ria's trickery
1-74 hoti asvins hoti kubera.png
fusion necessity
1-74 Maruna kidnaps Agwen.png
making an enemy

Episode 75Edit

Season 1 Episode 75: The Night it Rained Fire (12)

1-75 badass Airi

You can't keep a good woman down.

In the year N0, Kasak tells Agwen that he calls her Princess to remind himself that she's his daughter, because otherwise, he might just abandon her.[59]

Caught by Maruna, the injured Agwen searches for an opportunity to escape using her one remaining teleport. As Maruna starts flying away, she thinks that it's useless for him to use her as a hostage, but to her surprise, her father chases after them. Agwen's expression of joy turns to horror when her father launches an attack at them. Maruna keeps flying to lure him away.

At the Atera Magic Academy, the magicians set up a defense made of multiple hoti brahma barriers. A middle-aged magician then instructs them to set up amplifications for a decapitation attack, followed by a freezing attack to prevent regeneration. The magicians set up multiple instances of bhavati chandra around Cloche. They prepare to follow up with bhavati marut, but Clophe intervenes and pushes Cloche out of the way, getting his own arm cut off in the process. He blames a human woman for stalling him. Surprised, the magicians quickly cast bhavati varuna to prevent Clophe from regenerating, but it ends up doing the opposite. He chides them for failing to figure out their opponent's attributes, and launches an ice attack, breaking part of the hoti brahma defenses.

Cloche readies another attack, but before she can launch it, Airi arrives and seals the attack with bhavati asvins, then punches her. Clophe recognizes her as the woman who stalled him earlier, and whose head he smashed to pieces. Airi's head is bloody, but she still challenges Clophe.

Sagara points out that the dragon is gone. Brilith tries to stab her with a dagger, but Sagara easily stops it and mocks her. Brilith responds, however, that she must have a reason for keeping her alive. She decides to risk her remaining lifespan.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Maruna under attack): This takes 10 times longer to draw than a normal scene. I hate my past self for designing Maruna and Kasak like that.
    • I was only able to survive thanks to drawing some parts in advance last week. What should I do next week...?
    • (Agwen): Agwen is a 62-year-old quarter, which is equivalent to a pureblood aged 31, but she looks like a teenager...!! Age is just a number after all...isn't it?
    • (Cloche out cold): chubby_Cloche.jpg
      Just kidding. I wanted to express more than just her neck hitting the wall. I should practice fighting scenes so I can draw them better...
    • (unstoppable Airi): If you ask why there's no blood on her's because it would ruin her hairstyle! You may think regeneration is incredible!!!! But it does nothing about the pain, so very few can fight like this. Most people would go into shock.
  • bhavati varuna was ineffective against Clophe because he has a Water hereditary attribute.
  • Clophe had smashed Airi's head to pieces, but she was restored with hoti asvins hoti kubera.
  • Sagara refers to Brilith's dagger as a god-class item, but it's still unknown which god created it, even though it's likely to have been Agni.

1-75 distraught Agwen.png
1-75 magicians defending Atera.png
shielded spot
1-75 Clophe saves Cloche.png
almost caught
1-75 Brilith won't give up.png
long shot

Episode 76Edit

Season 1 Episode 76: The Night it Rained Fire (13)

1-76 Sagara and Brilith

I double dog dare you.

As a younger Brilith chats with Agni (appearing at a similar age), she comments on his riddle-like way of speaking. Agni tells her that there's a way around the problem of the summoner's lifespan, though it's difficult to implement. So, he suggests that she become less glum and act cuter by calling him oppa. Brilith responds by calling him "Agni-nim" again and leaves.

Sagara thinks that Brilith is bluffing, since she doesn't have enough lifespan left for a summoning. However, Brilith casts Idha Etu Agni. Shocked, Sagara worries about the repercussions, should Agni decide to take revenge on the sura realm. However, after a tense moment, Agni doesn't show up. Sagara mocks Brilith for bluffing, but realizes from her expression that she's serious.

Airi attempts another attack against Clophe, but the slight damage quickly regenerates. Clophe then sends her crashing into a building, and challenges her to launch another attack. He finds it a shame that he has to kill her, since he's never seen a human go one-on-one with a rakshasa before. Cloche tells him to stop mumbling, since humans can't hear him anyway, and help her with her attacks, as her two strongest transcendentals were sealed.[28][60] Clophe tells her off, noting that the task is her responsibility, not his. Airi is running low on vigor and only has one healing spell left, but she wants to buy more time to prevent the academy from being destroyed. She realizes that Clophe is just toying with her, so she casts hoti vayu and reappears further away, but within his range of vision. In response, Clophe ignores Cloche and chases after the human.

Maruna sets the injured Agwen down in the forest. From her mismatched hair and eye colors, he deduces that she is a quarter related to the half dragon, but is surprised that Kasak still attacked without hesitation. Kasak catches up, and Maruna asks him about Kalavinka's whereabouts. Kasak refuses to tell him, stating that Visnu told him to decide for himself, and Kasak has decided that Maruna is a villain. Maruna doesn't deny it, and gives himself a physical boost. He pins down Kasak before he can react, and chides him for being too slow and for talking big.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Maruna): Today was family travel day... But I was left alone because I had to draw...T_T
    • This episode looks so short because there isn't much talking going on.
    • (Brilith and Sagara): Sagara - height 153cm, heels 12cm, so 165cm overall.
      Brilith - height 168cm, heels 7cm, 175cm overall.
      Asha is 175cm without shoes.
    • (Cloche): Kawaiiiiii
      Cloche looks so weak here, but if she had worked with Clophe as originally planned... Well, it's too late now.
    • (Kasak and Maruna's standoff): The grass below is actually a forest. Kasak is difficult to draw, even compared to Maruna.
    • (muzzle grab): How to block invisible Dragon Breath—
      Condition 1: hands big enough to hold Kasak's muzzle
      Condition 2: enough strength to keep his mouth shut
      Condition 3: hunting skills quick enough to attack before Kasak reacts.
      If you lack any of these... see ya in the afterlife.
  • On Maruna's comments about Agwen: Purebloods usually have matching hair and eye colors, while quarters usually have different colors for hair and eyes (there are exceptions).
  • Maruna used Latent Force for a temporary physical boost. This ability allows a sura to temporarily access the damage and abilities of the next stage, and unlocks after a sura has remained in one stage for over 500 years. Maruna obtained this in 2nd stage.

1-76 Agni tells Brilith to smile.png
figures out a way
1-76 Clophe toys with Airi I.png
toys with his prey
1-76 Airi lures Clophe away.png
leads him away
1-76 Maruna tussles with Kasak 2.png
caught in a fray

Episode 77Edit

Season 1 Episode 77: The Night it Rained Fire (14)

1-77 Sagara loses her cool

screw Gandharva and the Ananta clan

At the Temple of Fire, Sagara taunts Brilith again, to no effect, which makes her uneasy. Riagara appears and reports that they have destroyed the Magic Guild, leaving Hura to search for survivors, while Clophe destroyed his target and Cloche is still attacking. In order to see Brilith in despair, Sagara orders Riagara to destroy the temple.

Riagara and Pingara start destroying the Temple of Fire. Since transcendentals do not work on the temple's central buildings, they have to destroy them by physical force. Pingara finds it to be a waste of time, since the priest would have confessed already if their target was hiding in the temple. He reasons that if he were the target, he'd try to escape the city instead of hiding at the temple or guild, since the upanis beyond the city are easier opponents. Riagara interrupts him, claiming that Sagara is always right.

Sagara cheers on Riagara and Pingara as the two destroy the buildings. She tells them to kill the humans running out. Shocked, Brilith recalls the well-wishes and gratitude of the people of Atera. Despite being short on options, she decides to cast bhavati agni against Sagara. The attack is effective, much to Sagara's surprise, but she easily regenerates. Irritated, Sagara decides to kill Brilith after all, realizing that she doesn't care if the gods attack the sura realm in retaliation.

She blames her clan for being fools who don't understand her greater purpose: they forgot their devoted ruler, and cling to rules and principles, instead of seeking revenge. She recalls Ananta, facing dark shadows approaching in the distance. She then thinks of Vasuki, noting that he was the only one who listened to her, even though he abandoned Ananta to save himself. She concludes that Vasuki is the only reason she feels any guilt, but that she should remain safe since she is with Taksaka. Sagara then attacks Brilith with a deadly transcendental, promising a hideous death.

Clophe realizes that the green light around Airi was healing magic, and is impressed by its effectiveness. Since the effect is now gone, he deduces that it has run out. He finds it strange that Airi didn't hide better while escaping. However, Airi just smirks, and thanks him for letting her lure him there, since she'd have died in vain otherwise. She is glad that "he" has finally arrived. Clophe is surprised by a sudden flash behind him.

Brilith is in pain, and as her body starts rotting, she starts to feel numb. However, she's surprised that she doesn't feel sorrow. Instead, she feels warm and comfortable. She then realizes that she is surrounded by fire, and being held by Agni.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Brilith): This episode was drawn as I ate some Neoguri instant noodles while my family was on vacation.
    • Sagara seemed to appear a lot in this episode, so I counted. She's in over 30 scenes. Her facial expressions changed many times, too. I like drawing characters like her, who shows her emotions on her face.
    • (Sagara and Riagara): It seems like she's laughing because Sagara's transcedental is ticklish. It is spectacular, but that's about it. lol
    • (Sagara burning): bhavati agni was used by Brilith in her magic exam.[26] It was powerful enough to vaporize a sura before Asha turned around, but it's not enough against a nastika like Sagara. It wouldn't make much sense if it was.
    • (injured Airi): Blood shows the parts which were regenerated after being destroyed. The reason her clothes aren't in shreds is because this is a kid-friendly webtoon. Just kidding. hoti asvins returns things to their optimal state, but this changes in many circumstances. Sometimes clothes return, sometimes they don't. (In Season 2, the spell didn't repair Asha's shredded sleeve,[61] didn't immediately fix a stabilizer system,[62], and didn't return a collapsed building to its former state.[63] There was no explanation in any of those cases.)
    • (Brilith's hair): Yuta's blood being black wasn't censored. This scene is like that. The hair isn't being cut off but is closer to being rotted away.
  • Sagara thinks of Ananta as he faces dark shadows approaching in the distance. We later learn that these are suras from the Taraka clan,[64] implying that they may have played a role in Ananta's death.
  • However, we also learn that the gods were responsible for Ananta's death,[65] so perhaps an alliance was formed between the Taraka clan and the gods.
  • Sagara already called Vasuki a coward who ran away in an earlier episode.[30]

1-77 Sagara and Riagara.png
1-77 Octuple shine.PNG
1-77 bhavati agni.png
1-77 Agni returns.png

Episode 78Edit

Season 1 Episode 78: The Night it Rained Fire (15)

1-78 Brilith's second chance

Am I dead?

Surprised by the sudden fire, Sagara is incredulous at the thought that Brilith might have successfully summoned Agni.

At the sight of Agni, Brilith smiles and deduces that she's dead, and that she'll go to Hell for offending a god. Agni jokes that if that were the case, he could have simply waited. He proceeds to heal her injuries, then asks her if she still wants to live.

Brilith thinks the answer is obvious, but realizes that she doesn't remember anything, and that nothing seems to matter. Agni looks at her sadly, and explains that humans leave everything behind when they die. Some become even more obsessed after death, but it appears that it isn't the case with Brilith, and that she lived her life on responsibility alone. He concludes that he shouldn't give her life back if she doesn't want to live.

Brilith tells him to wait, and tries hard to remember something. However, all she recalls are vague silhouettes of people she can't remember. Suddenly, she remembers Asha, smiling at her and telling her to hurry and not fall behind. She immediately tells Agni that there was someone important to her. Brilith wanted to tell her the truth the last time they parted. Someone needs to hold that person here, or she'll disappear. She recalls the silhouette of Asha facing a barren site. Agni is silent at first, then smiles and accepts that, noting that the reason doesn't matter.

The fire disappears and Agni stands there, along with a fully-healed Brilith. Sagara is incredulous, as Brilith shouldn't have enough lifespan left to summon Agni, and the God of Death is the one with jurisdiction over lives. Agni admits that Death was hard to beat, and that he nearly ended up stuck in Hell for 10,000 years. Appalled, Sagara calls Riagara and Pingara. Both have their eyes closed, preventing Agni from using insight on them. Sagara states that his summoner should have run out of vigor and should have no life force left, so Agni shouldn't be able to use transcendentals. Thus, they should be able to kill him. She doesn't believe that the God of Death listened to Agni's pleas, since he even ignored those of a primeval god. So, Agni must have killed him instead. She finds this both unbelievable and pointless.

Agni stays relaxed however, and even starts fooling around. Brilith, her memories restored, is shocked that death could make her forget her position as Priest. As she starts listing the things she did wrong, Agni reassures her, and reminds her that vigor replenishes faster when she's happy. Before Brilith can spend more time worrying, she hears a sudden crashing sound. Lorraine bursts through the door, holding onto a runaway Staff of Agni. Sagara immediately orders Riagara and Pingara to grab her to prevent Agni from getting the staff.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (smiling Sagara): I think Sagara was the best-drawn character in this episode, though it's rather hard to see under the walls of text.
    • I was late, and as the author I'm the one who is affected the worst. (And grumble grumble.)
    • (Brilith): This looked a bit too gross, so I cut some of it out. It really is a dangerous venom, indeed. Spreads so fast...!! Brilith's hair becoming short was planned long ago, but I think I would've done it sooner if I knew it would fit her so well. Well, some people won't like it. Too bad. In the next scene, you can see Agni's habit (of leaning towards females with his left arm around them) from the end of Ep.8.[27]
    • (Agni and Brilith): This looks kinda like an adult scene without context. lol. Sorry to disappoint some people who wanted Agni sweeping everything in an instant. That would be too much of a balance breaker. It would be "Willarv melted down by Agni. The End."
    • (shocked/angry Sagara): Caption: F#$% the power of luv
      I wanted to do something like this after drawing Agni and Brilith holding hands. lol
  • When Brilith is trying to remember her past life, the sequence of scenes appear to correspond to her journey during and after her magic exams:
    • 1-78 memory 1
      1-78 memory 2
      1-78 memory 3
      Rindhallow, where her exams were held. Shown characters: Laila Hemawati and Claude Yui (priests of Rindhallow), Ruche Seiran (there as an exam administrator).[12] However, Claude's presence is unexpected, as Laila claims he was in Eloth.[12] Airi Yui faces her brother, but it's unknown if she was also in Rindhallow at the time.
    • Eloth, where she headed next with Asha. Shown characters: Saha On (priest of Eloth), Lorraine Rartia, (there to attend the Sorceress's Fashion Bonanza)[12]>[58] Jibril Ajes's original successor,[12] Praul Ajes and Riche Seiran. In Season 2, Riche is surprised by Asha's changed appearance, and noted that Asha hated skirts,[66] so perhaps she was in Eloth and saw Asha objecting when Brilith dragged her around the Sorceress's Fashion Bonanza.
    • Finally, back to Atera, with the temple magicians present.[8]
    • In her last thought about Asha, Asha is facing what appears to be a burnt-down ruin. This might be related to Asha's murder incidents. We also see that Asha has since changed from the clothes she wore during the exams to her current outfit.
  • Sagara mentions that the God of Death, Yama, didn't even give in to the plea of a primeval god. This most likely refers to events in the finite, during which Visnu went to see Yama to request prolonging the life of Ian Rajof, who was about to have her lifespan shortened from giving birth to Taksaka's son.[67]
  • We will see Yama two episodes later,[68] as well as part of the confrontation between Agni and Yama in Season 2.[69]

1-78 Brilith's memory of Asha.png
hold her here
1-78 Agni warms up Brilith.png
life is dear
1-78 Sagara and her rakshasas.png
playing by ear
1-78 Lorraine finally shows up.png
staff is near

Episode 79Edit

Season 1 Episode 79: The Night it Rained Fire (16)

1-79 Agni summons his weapon

summoned from Hell

Lorraine appears, dragged over by the Staff of Agni, and warns Brilith to get out of the way. She finally crash-lands, only to face Riagara and Pingara, whom she quickly blocks with hoti brahma. Sagara calls back her minions, telling them that they can't win.

Before Lorraine can hand the staff to Brilith, Agni asks to have it instead. Recognizing his identity, she quickly hands it over. Agni changes the staff into chains and summons his weapon. Meanwhile, Lorraine admits to Brilith that she, Ruche, and others already suspected that Brilith had summoned a god, but they kept quiet because they assumed that Brilith had her own reasons. She starts commenting on Agni's good looks, and gets interrupted by Brilith. Agni decides to chase after the fleeing snakes. Brilith is worried about her low vigor, but Agni assures her that her vigor is replenishing fast, and gives her a kiss to make it replenish faster, much to Lorraine's shock. It works, but Agni gets slapped by Brilith. Agni then summons two fire snakes to chase the Ananta suras.

Maruna is momentarily distracted by the appearance of the fire snakes. Kasak, his mouth still clamped shut, uses the opportunity to shoot invisible fire from his hand at his opponent, but only manages to graze his wing. Maruna informs him that he'll ask about Kalavinka another time, and warns Kasak against attacking again, as he risks hitting the female in the forest behind him. Despite these warnings, Kasak launches another attack. A giant pink horse with glowing wings suddenly appears and blocks the attack. He warns them to settle down.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Agni): Finally, morning comes to Atera. From the next episode on, the scenes will brighten up.
    • (Staff dragging Lorraine): Lorraine's pants should have some patterns on it... Where did they go...? She may look like comedy relief, but the strength of her hoti brahma shows that she is an AA-ranked magician for a reason.
    • (Agni converting the Staff): Some have been asking whether the staff is Agni's design... If you remember seeing his bouquet[70] and his art,[1] you can tell that the design was not his work. It was literally a stick without any decoration. But since he allows any kind of upgrade to his items, Creation magicians always succeed in modifying it and it turns out like this...
    • (Lorraine's shocked expression): Can't comment on this... lol
    • (Kasak extending his hand): Why does he prefer using his mouth for Dragon Breath instead of his hands? Hand Breath (lol) is slower and weaker.
  • Agni thought about summoning a weapon early in the series, but he was unable to because of the strain it'd pose on Brilith.[36] Apparently, he could reduce the strain on Brilith here by using the Staff of Agni as a medium.
  • Ruche first asked about the barrier some time after Agni left, and seemed suspicious of Brilith's answer.[71] Praul Ajes later notes that Ruche was the first to notice the summoning.[46]
  • Lorraine must have deduced something similar, based on Brilith's reaction to Ruche's question, and the friend that Brilith mentioned when she asked Lorraine to modify the Staff of Agni.[19]
  • Shess used Latent Force to block Kasak's attack. This is the same transcendental skill Maruna used three episodes ago.[72]

1-79 Lorraine and the Staff.png
1-79 lucky girl.png
1-79 Maruna is nicked by dragonfire.png
1-79 Latent force shess.PNG

Episode 80Edit

In Hell, Brahma, wearing sauna garbs, decides to relax in the area near Agni's weapon. However, she spots Yama sulking near a pool of lava. She informs him that without him around, his subordinates are struggling with the workload. However, Yama refuses to return to work, complaining about the senseless division of labor. Brahma decides to take over for now, noting that it is hard to believe that Yama and Agni are enlightened beings. In any case, Agni's weapon is missing. She wonders why Agni is going through so much trouble when there are many goddesses who throw themselves at him.

In Atera, Agni notes that he killed off the suras near the city's boundaries, but the ones which were in the city escaped. He smiles at Brilith and disappears to give chase. Brilith wonders why he previously left, and feels sad because she seems to be the only one who was worried. Lorraine tells her to cheer up, as reinforcements from other cities should arrive after the Time of Wind, and will heal those who have not died. Brilith is happy that Lorraine is worried about her, until Lorraine starts complaining that she is jealous of Brilith.

Maruna is surprised by Shess's sudden interference. Shess informs him that he is just there to deliver someone, then reminds Maruna of the precarious state of the alliance between the Garuda, Yaksha, and Gandharva clans. Angry, Maruna leaves in hurry. Kasak wants to give chase, but Shess pins him down, noting that the half-dragon does not have enough vigor left to beat him. He asks Kasak if he still wants to receive beatings like when he was little. Kasak starts to question why Shess joined Maruna's gang, but Shess denies it. At that moment, Leny, sitting atop Shess's head, warns him to be careful not to step on the human just behind them. Agwen appears, painfully clutching her injured ribs.

The fire snakes summoned by Agni become weak enough for Riagara to defeat them. Pingara notes that the ability is one of Vasuki's unique transcendentals, except Vasuki uses nine snakes. They know that Agni can copy any fire attacks, but they are outraged that he used Vasuki's. Riagara angrily states that it is no wonder that even the primeval gods do not side with the gods. Riagara wants to stay behind while the others escape, even though she is not strong enough to hold Agni back for long. Sagara decides to be the one to stay behind instead. Riagara and Pingara object, noting that Sagara is stronger than Agni in the sura realm, but not in the human realm. Sagara confirms that she is not even able to defeat Riagara and Pingara right then, much less Agni. However, she has an idea, since Agni pretends to be fair. As they are short on time, she tells them to leave once again. She then turns into male form.

Episode 81Edit

Agni finds Sagara, but seems shocked to see him in male form. Sagara pretends to seek a fair, one-on-one fight, even though he is much weaker in the human realm than in the sura realm.

Elsewhere, Clophe collapses onto the ground, unable to walk further after his tail was burnt off. He prevents Cloche from taking sura form, noting that the turrets are active again. Maruna passes overhead and heads in Sagara's direction. Cloche hopes that he'll get Sagara to safety, but Clophe tells her to leave him behind and find Sagara. Cloche is reluctant to do so since her brother doesn't stand a chance alone if magicians find him. Clophe replies that his situation is his own fault.

Hura shows up, happily interrupting their scene of "sibling love." The other two are surprised that he's alive, and Hura brags about his healing and revival skills, as well as his small form that's perfect for hiding and running. Annoyed, Cloche demands that he heal Clophe. Hura doesn't care for her tone, but agrees since they're allies. However, he tells them not to follow Maruna since Agni is also there. The siblings are shocked at the news and Clophe struggles to get up, but Hura kicks his leg out from under him with his pink clogs. He tells them that they'll only get in Sagara's way, and threatens to eat them if they don't stay put.

Sagara acts as though he wants to sacrifice himself to let the others get away, and accuses Agni of using an attack by his ex-lover Vasuki. Agni apologizes, claiming that he was only trying to impress his priest. Sagara finds the god's reaction unexpected, and believes his acting is working. He tries to make Agni guilty about the dirty methods gods usually use. When Agni asks him why he attacked, Sagara begins to craft more lies. Suddenly, Maruna zips in out of nowhere, grabs the nastika, and quickly flies away. Sagara angrily reminds Maruna to close his eyes. Maruna remembers too late his mother's warnings to close his eyes when he needs to hide something from a god. Otherwise, gods can use insight to read his thoughts. Maruna doesn't react in time, and Agni uses Fire Assimilation. Maruna suddenly hears Gandharva loudly calling him a fool, and spikes of ice form between him and Agni. Gandharva appears and tells him to get away as fast as he can.

Episode 82Edit

Season 1 Episode 82: The Night it Rained Fire (19)

1-82 Kalavinka leaves

3rd-stage Kalavinka

Agwen weakly stumbles in the forest, then collapses.

In the year D925, Visnu stands in a grassy field somewhere and calls out to Kalavinka, telling her it's time to go home. When she says goodbye to Kasak, he asks her why she stays with a senile god who keeps talking nonsense. He asks he if she doesn't have parents, and tells her she can have his own father. Kalavinka smiles and tells him that her parents are still alive and that she has older brothers, but they have to stay apart for a while or they'll be in danger. Thinking of the abuse he suffers at the hands of his own father, Kasak claims he understands, but Kalavinka laughs and explains that her circumstances are different. She doesn't know if it's her fault, or it's the Power of the Name fault .Kasak asks her what that is, but she tells him that she can't tell him the details. She asks him never to tell anyone about her whereabouts, not even to those who appear benevolent, as the fate of her clan depends on this.

Seeing the collapsed woman, Leny asks Shess what to do. Shess remembers a time long ago when Kasak, wearing Visnu's earrings, held his small daughter close, laughing together. After confirming Agwen's identity with Kasak, he turns into human form to heal her. Leny panics at first, only to see that Kasak has also reverted to human form. She is surprised to hear him speak out loud and tries to introduce herself as a Kinnara half, but Kasak ignores her and orders Shess not to touch his daughter. Shess heals her anyway, noting her severe injuries, and blames Kasak for putting her in danger. Kasak retorts that one shouldn't give in to hostage situations. He also claims that he directed his attacks so they would only graze her, and that he could have killed his opponent if Shess hadn't interfered. Shess finds the Half dragon difficult to converse with and asks about his earrings; Kasak claims he threw them away. Shess chides him for not thinking about his daughter's safety, but Kasak reveals that his opponent wanted something he couldn't give. Shess asks him what Maruna wanted.

While Gandharva distracts Agni, Maruna escapes with Sagara. Gandharva claims to be the one responsible for all the incidents until now, including the red sky incidents, and the plans that Sagara carried out. So, he asks Agni not to go after the others. Agni isn't convinced. He tells Gandharva that he wasn't fooled by Sagara's acting, and also managed to gain information by using insight on Maruna. He tells Gandharva to either get out of the way, or tell him why they are searching for the "Power of the Name."

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Gandharva): An aftershock from overworking is coming... I really should prepare in advance, but it's so hard...
    • (Kalavinka): Kalavinka is in her 3rd stage of development in this scene. Does she look rather tall? Well, she's certainly taller than usual. When she and her brothers separated, she was younger than Yuta yet almost as tall as he was.
    • (Kasak transforming): The mid-transition from sura to human form will not be shown. You might see some body parts transitioning, but never the face.
    • (Gandharva and Agni): Gandharva's feet look cold here, but he's someone who can sleep submerged in freezing water without any problems.
    • Some controversy about the suras in the last episode:[73]
      • Why did Cloche not carry Clophe in her human form? It'll be explained later.
      • How did Maruna avoid getting hit by the city's turrets? He was able to fly so fast that none of the shots landed. But he had to focus on flying and couldn't return fire.
  • According to the finite, Taksaka hated his son, who looked like him instead of his mother, since his mother lost 80 years of her lifespan to give birth to him. As a result, Taksaka regularly beat him up.
  • Kalavinka mentions the "Power of the Name." Much later on, it turns out that she was referring to her clan's Name, not Kubera's Name.[74]
  • Shess recalls Kasak holding a very young Agwen. He already mentioned two episodes ago that he used to beat up Kasak (thus visited him when he was younger).[68]

1-82 princess.png
child's play
1-82 Shess heals Agwen.png
playing it safe
1-82 chibi G.png
foul play
1-82 Agni.png
don't play him for a fool

Episode 83Edit

Season 1 Episode 83: The Night it Rained Fire (20)

1-83 hug

no apology necessary

Gandharva doesn't respond, so Agni decides to chase Maruna. When Gandharva tries to prevent him from leaving, Agni asks him to reveal his circumstances. However, Gandharva just silently words a warning not to get involved with 'him'. Agni realizes that Gandharva is trying not to be overheard, and looks to the ground. He recalls Kubera telling him not to look for him, and saying that it would be best for them not to meet again. Gandharva then thanks Agni out loud for agreeing to let him go, but silently words another warning: that Agni risks losing both his city and the life of his priestess if he opposes 'him'. He then silently asks Agni not to speak of what he has realized.

Shess agrees not to inquire further about Kasak's secret. He then presents Leny as a half that he had been looking after since the Cataclysm. Kasak is surprised that it was possible to take a half into the sura realm, and wonders why he didn't take him. Shess explains that Leny is an ordinary half who can't understand the language of suras, so it would be better for her to live among humans. Kasak objects, as he doesn't want to look after her. Shess corrects him, saying that Kasak has to look after Shess, not Leny. Kasak is still reluctant, but Shess threatens to join Maruna's side instead. He adds that Agwen will also feel better with him around.

In Atera, Tara reports to Brilith that magicians from Mistyshore arrived early and joined the battle. She estimates that magicians from Eloth will arrive after the Time of Wind. Rindhallow couldn't send help, because it is also under siege. Tara expresses relief that the people of Atera took shelter fast because of the previous red sky incident. Despite the minimal damage, Brilith still feels sad for those who have experienced loss.

The magicians help the survivors and with restoration efforts. Lorraine makes clothes for children, then suddenly realizes (when he throws up/cries on her) that she forgot about Ari, still dangling from her flying car. Praul Ajes finds his children, and others inform him that Airi helped, then disappeared. He explains that Airi tends to run away as soon as people try to thank her. Observing this scene from afar, Airi smiles in satisfaction. Ruche instructs others to tell the other magicians that she saved them all before the building collapsed.

Brilith then notes that people will praise her for saving them with the barrier, not realizing the truth. However, Brilith is depressed by the realization that she isn't as devoted to her city as she thought, as she forgot about it in the face of death. She thinks she has nothing but luck. Agni shows up, telling her that he chased away the suras, and telling her to be optimistic. Brilith wonders how sincere he is, and whether he returned for the sake of entertainment or out of pity. Meanwhile, Agni offers to help her choose new clothes. Brilith is worried because Lorraine found out about Agni. However, Agni hugs her from behind and apologizes. Brilith thinks he is apologizing for how he left without telling her. She smiles and tells him that he doesn't need to apologize, then asks him to let her go. Agni keeps hugging her while she complains of the heat.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

Show/Hide Spoilers and Trivia
  • From Currygom's blog entry for this episode:
    • (Brilith): It's hard to draw Brilith in a pretty way with her hair short. I think her clothes are the main problem.
    • (Agni): Agni looks so idiotic here... But to be serious, he's a god who shows a lot of emotions. If the gods ever find out that Agni helped Gandharva, they might not leave him as a bum but just straight up imprison him.
    • (Shess and co.): The original concept for Shess was a muscular guy whose sura form was a bull instead of a horse, but since I have plenty of buff characters already, I went softer with him. He's a lot smaller in human form. Currently his height is 193cm which is shorter than he was originally going to be.
    • (Praul and his clingy kids): I had a lot of the story in writing, but when I drew it, it didn't go over smoothly.
    • (Atera): The night has finally passed, and it's now the morning of the 3rd day of the 12th month. This is the same morning that Leez enters the water channel (see Ep.63).[75] I had planned to take a break, but due to popular demand for Leez's return, I'll draw a couple more chapters!
  • Lorraine is shown making clothes for children. We see Lutz Sairofe do something similar in Season 2.[76]
  • Poor Ari had been left hanging for over ten chapters.[11]
  • We saw one of works of 'Artistic Kim' early in the series.[1] Abstract art?
  • This is the last episode of the arc, "The Night it Rained Fire." The title could refer to:
    • The rain of fire in Brilith's memories, as Jibril Ajes used the staff of Agni.
    • The red sky from Maruna's Transcendental skill.
    • The turrets firing at Hura.
    • The violet rain from Sagara's transcendental.
    • The attacks launched by Pingara and Cloche.
    • The dragon fire then many transcendentals used by Kasak.
    • Finally, the fire snakes used by Agni.

1-83 G tries to talk on the down low.png
down low
1-83 a job well done.png
well done
1-83 Kaz and Haas.png
praise me
1-83 V for victory.png
cheer up


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