Episode 2-51Edit

Season 2 Episode 51: Grudge (1)

2-51 Ananta's sura form

big with a capital B

Sagara recalls that from the very beginning, Ananta had a name destined to be the strongest, and a sura form greater than one could imagine. The glowing outline of his form is shown dwarfing galaxies. She adds, however, that he lacked the ambition to use his power, let himself be deceived and exploited by many, and in the end, even trusted the god after his life. She calls him a fool. She recalls Ananta agreeing to go in exchange for the life of everyone else. Sagara begs him not to go, stating that they won't keep their promise. Ananta tells her not to worry, since he's sure his friend will keep his promise. Sagara objects that the person isn't his friend, and pleads with him over and over to come back, in vain.

After arriving in Rindhallow, Sagara confronts God Kubera, telling him that he owes her an apology. She asks him where he left the Sword of Return, but he claims he doesn't own it. As a test, Sagara cuts off his arm using a transcendental skill, but he regenerates. Since the Sword nullifies one's regenerative abilities, Sagara realizes that he is telling the truth. She tells the others to gather all forces and surround Kalibloom, and making sure that nobody escapes. She tells them to gather additional aid from the Garuda and Yaksha clans. Riagara is in charge of persuading Maruna. However, they will leave out the Gandharva clan.

In Kalibloom, Gandharva is worried that he took too long. He must find a way to get Teo outside the barrier. Teo looks over reports, and is upset that someone drew the Sword when she was away. She is surprised that she doesn't recognize the name, and that the person obtained such high scores despite being a pureblood. She hopes she'll be able to introduce the person to the Fighters Guild, and even get that person to join the guild. She also tells Gandharva that there was an incident during the event. Gandharva asks if there were other incidents, since he saw someone suspicious. Teo ponders if he hugged her because of that, or if he just said that as an excuse. She wonders if he's being too shy to confess, but she then reads in a report that her adopted daughter Elwin Rakan has been kidnapped.

Leez brings Yuta food. She wanted to make him soup, but Asha told her to bring raw meat, claiming it's good for fevers. She wants to check his temperature, but Yuta panics and forcefully pushes her away. Leez asks him what's wrong, but his gaze is fixed on her neck.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • At the start of the episode, Ananta appears to be regenerating his hair, possibly after an attack (or is changing back from a short-haired female form). For some reason, he doesn't appear to be fighting in sura form. Season 1 hints that the Taraka clan may also have been involved in the war.[1] They are capable of preventing nastikas from taking sura form, which might explain Ananta's current situation.In this scene, Gandharva is in human form, because Taraka clan suras can prevent nastikas from taking sura form.[2]
  • Though Ananta has the name destined to be the strongest, Currygom's side novel the finite reveals that long ago, Vritra in female form was also a contender for strongest in the universe. However, neither Vritra nor Ananta were ever interested in competing to find out who was stronger, and Vritra subsequently lost the ability to take female form along with the rest of his clan.
  • In Season 1, Sagara bitterly told Agni that gods would do anything to kill their enemy, even tell lies or betray someone who trusts them. She may have been referring to how God Kubera betrayed Ananta here.[3]
  • God Kubera was also shown regretting his actions.[4][5]
  • It is unclear how God Kubera could give up ownership of the Sword of Return, though some suspect that it may have to do with the fact that he doesn't have a name.[6] Ownership could be based on a name.

2-51 Ananta 3.png
He is not your friend.
2-51 Bloody Line.png
I don't believe you.
2-51 Teo and paperwork.png
Someone drew the Sword.
2-51 what's wrong.png
Why did you push me?

Episode 2-52Edit

Season 2 Episode 52: Grudge (2)

2-52 Sagara's imagination

conflicted Gandharva

After being pushed away, Leez asks Yuta what's wrong. Yuta closes his eyes to avoid looking at her. Leez looks for his notebook, and sees a notepad. She climbs in front of him to fetch it. Yuta opens an eye to peak, and finds Leez right in front of him, asking him if he isn't hungry. He completely panics, and sends her crashing into the wall, leaving scratch marks on her face. Before Leez can say more, he leaves through the window.

Asha and Ran suddenly come in. Leez doesn't want Yuta to be blamed because Asha recently had to spend a lot to pay for the damages he's caused. So, she claims she made a mistake and spilled meat on the floor, so Yuta got upset and left. She hides her injury with her hand. Ran asks her if Yuta bit her mouth, but Leez lets out that Yuta pushed her. Ran chastises Asha for sending Leez in alone. Asha notes that Yuta was considerate to keep his distance, so they will likely have no serious cause for concern in the future. Ran realizes that this was an experiment by Asha and blames her for not taking Leez's feelings into consideration. Asha retorts that it would be better to know and be prepared. She thinks Yuta went to see Claude. Leez observes the argument, and sadly looks away.

At the Fighters Guild, Parr reports to Teo on the search party for Elwin. She notes that Teo really considers Elwin as a daughter, not just a half she's sponsored. Teo looks pensive. Gandharva asks her what she'll do if her daughter is beyond the range of the Chaos barrier. She says she's taking other people because of that. Gandharva asks to accompany her.

Sagara holds a meeting with Pingara, Hura, Cloche, and Clophe. Riagara left earlier to convince Maruna to help. Sagara assumes that they can't rely on Gandharva for now, stating that he is probably conflicted about killing the priest. However, she is also convinced that he hasn't given up on Shakuntala, and is merely looking for another way. Sagara says that from what she saw at the Temple of Chaos, they have no time to waste. Hura wonders if Sagara was seeing things, since it'd be dangerous to cooperate with God Kubera if he keeps changing his mind. Sagara says that even so, he is on their side. She mentally notes that it both surprised and bemused her, too, and it also made her feel pity for "her."

On the hotel balcony, Leez sadly wonders why it always feels like she doesn't fit in, despite how hard she tries to get along with everyone else. She feels like she's alone despite traveling in a group. She then tells herself to stop being depressed, or the others may not want her around anymore. She rips off the bandage, expecting her injury to be healed, but realizes that the bleeding still hasn't stopped.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Leez is upset that Ran and Asha are talking behind her back because she has already realized that they're hiding the truth from her. She doesn't say anything here, but recalls this moment in a key flashback.[7]
  • Teo and Elwin live apart. That's why she told Gandharva that she lives alone in her mansion.[8]
  • Placeholder: We still don't know who Sagara is referring to at the end, but it may be Leez.

2-52 too close.PNG
Tell me what's wrong.
2-52 wants to come with.PNG
Bring me with you.
2-52 sitting sura squad.PNG
He's still with us.
2-52 not healing.PNG
It's not healing.

Episode 2-53Edit

Season 2 Episode 53: Grudge (3)

2-53 hungry Yuta


In the Forest of Chaos, Maruna guards Elwin, who realizes that this group of suras are the same ones that attacked Atera. Riagara had asked her about a one-eyed man, and she realizes that Teo is in danger. Since Maruna is only staring at the sky, she wonders if she can escape. However, the rakshasa informs her that even though he respects halfs of allied clans, he's prepared to use violence for the greater good. Elwin slumps, and asks him if he's planning to hurt the priest and attack Kalibloom. She asks him what he has to gain. Riagara shows up, claiming that Elwin talks too much, and that they should kill her since they have all the information they need. Maruna says it's up to him to keep an eye on Elwin. Riagara wants Maruna's help to attack Kalibloom.

Asha nags at Leez for not coming forward about her injury sooner. Leez explains that wounds like this usually heal right away. Ran states that this shouldn't be possible for normal purebloods. Leez wonders if she's contracted some sort of rare disease, but Asha claims she was just stupid enough to peel off the bandage. Asha explains that the Sword of Return nullifies all regenerative powers, including for the holder of the sword. The restorative powers of a pureblood human are not affected, so the holders of the sword normally don't notice. Leez decides to learn healing magic, but Asha claims that it's too difficult for someone who can't even understand bhavati kubera, an easier spell. Leez realizes that she has to rely on Asha for now.

Leez then recalls her bet with Ran. She asks to change the conditions back, since she has figured out how to use a transcendental skill from the Golden Knight. However, Asha states that she changed the conditions at her request, so she won't randomly change it back. Leez meekly objects that to learn bhavati kubera, she has to study university-level physics, but Asha claims it isn't that difficult, much to Ran's incredulity. He wonders if Asha wants him to win, but Asha makes it clear to him that she's just helping Leez learn bhavati kubera. Leez then asks when Yuta will return, believing that she made him angry. Ran is about to explain, but shuts up at Asha's warning glare.

At the Temple of Earth, Siera warns Claude that if he doesn't return soon to the Temple of Death, Laila said she'll snap his neck. Claude just jokes that she normally only snaps his arms and legs, and that he can just get them healed. Siera reads Laila's message, telling him to show Claude the god-class items he wants to see so he can leave. Siera finally agrees to show Claude God Kubera's items, and leaves to turn off the security systems. Left alone, Claude sees Yuta, and guesses that Yuta must be there because his third-stage impulses appeared early, like Claude told him about earlier. Staying with a female could cause problems. However, Yuta tells him he was wrong. In fact, he could see nothing but her neck, and wanted to bite it.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • This episode, we learned that Leez used to regenerate like the gods and suras, but that this ability has now been impaired by the Sword of Return. This may be the reason why in an insight in Season 1, Leez's back is full of scars.[9]
  • In this episode, Maruna tells Elwin that he respects halfs of allied clans. This may be why he saved two halfs from hunters early in the series,[10] and why out of consideration, Gandharva wanted to leave him out of the attack on Kalibloom, a city with many halfs.[11] Riagara also realized that he was probably reluctant to attack the entire city of Atera for the same reason.[12]

2-53 Elwin.png
no escape
2-53 frosty Asha (detail).png
no change
2-53 Claude still slacks off.png
no return
2-53 offering advice.png
No, you were wrong.

Episode 2-54Edit

Season 2 Episode 54: Grudge (4)

2-54 still suspicious

Should I even trust this guy?

Leez tells Asha and Ran that she wants to see Teo Rakan, as someone said Leez was a lot like her. Ran laughs and points out that Teo was the woman at the opening speech of the Test of the Sword, whom Leez only remembered as the Priest of Chaos and President of the Fighters Guild.[13] Still laughing, Ran points out that Leez remembers all the unnecessary details but not what's really important. At that moment, Zard Blain arrives at the door, wanting to speak with them.

Zard presents himself as a teacher at the Martial Arts Department at Kalibloom University. He asks if it's possible to hold an event at the city square to present the new owner of the Sword of Return, since incidents prevented the ceremony from being held at the Temple of Chaos before. Asha isn't enthusiastic about it, and Ran asks if it's because people will disapprove of the fact that the one who drew the sword is a little girl. Asha explains that she wants Leez to keep out of the spotlight. Leez remains silent. Asha then says it can't be helped, and asks for the schedule. Zard says they need to take care of other problems first, since Teo's adopted daughter was kidnapped,[14] and they have formed a search party. Zard can't go because he needs to supervise practical exams being held over the break. Leez inquires if there is any news about a girl with blue hair.[15] She had attacked Leez to get her bracelet. Zard hadn't heard of such a person, and Ran didn't see any girl, much to Leez's surprise.

At the Forest of Chaos, Sagara receives the report that Gandharva is in the forest with a group of humans. Sagara describes Yuta and asks if he's in the crowd. Cloche doesn't think so, and wonders if they should approach.

Teo asks Parr if there's anything in that direction. When she decides to change direction, some halfs block her way, noting that it leads to the bounds of the Chaos barrier. Some of them think that Teo should return to the city while they continue the search. Teo just notes that unlike with other barriers, she doesn't need to travel to the barrier stone to activate the barrier. She just needs to be within the boundaries, so she can easily step back in if she steps out. However, Gandharva tells her to come along because her daughter is waiting for her. Teo recalls the conversation she overheard between Gandharva and the green-haired woman about his own daughter.[16] She orders the group to move ahead, much to the objections of several of the group members. They find Gandharva suspicious, but Parr quiets them down. As she moves forward, Teo looks back suspiciously at Gandharva.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Ran pointed out that Leez recalls things word for word. Kubera had noted something similar in an earlier episode,[17] and in Season 1, Leez repeated Asha's insults word for word when they just met.[18]
  • Zard can't go with the search party because he has to supervise tests. It is possible that tests are held in Kalibloom in the first month because it is the month of Chaos. In earlier episodes, Elwin also mentioned preparing for a test.[19] On Willarv, test dates appear to be held in months corresponding to the temples in that city: the magic exams in Rindhallow were held in the 12th month (Death),[20] and Currygom's blog mentioned the tests in Mistyshore being held in the 8th month (Water). See also: Calendar
  • Leez never saw Sagara take male form. Ran only saw God Kubera, while other witnesses only saw Sagara in male form. This would explain why Zard, Ran, and Leez have differing accounts.

2-54 discussion about the sword ceremony.png
introductions all around
2-54 nobody saw the blue-haired girl.png
no one saw the blue-haired girl
2-54 Hura and Cloche.png
humans and Gandharva, too
2-54 Cloche and Clophe.png
not enough to hinder us

Episode 2-55Edit

Season 2 Episode 55: Grudge (5)

2-55 the Anantas vs the gods

snakes v. gods

Hura notes that Teo's group has started moving towards the barrier limits again. Pingara has figured out that Elwin is the Priest's daughter. They realize that Gandharva wants to force the Priest out of the barrier without killing her. However, Sagara laughs at Gandharva for being a hypocrite, noting that the other humans in the city will be killed anyway. Thinking about Brilith,[21] Sagara points out that no priest would ever chose their own life over the safety of their city. She blames Gandharva's inability to choose between the Priest and his daughter, and claims that despite the good pretenses Gandharva puts up, he is no different from them.

Sagara recalls events in D500, at the stronghold of the Ananta clan. A messenger informs her and Manasvin that they can't expect reinforcements from the other clans. The Asura clan is occupied with fighting the Yaksha and Garuda clans, and the Kinnara clan is dealing with internal trouble over the Power of the Name. The Vritra clan sent their 2nd-in-command, Taksaka, who isn't doing anything. So, they'd have to either give up Ananta or try to rescue him knowing that many will die trying. Vasuki has already left to do so. Manasvin is in charge of the rest of the clan. Sagara realizes that one clan hadn't been mentioned, and inquires about the Gandharva clan.

The messenger describes his visit to the Gandharva clan stronghold on Planet Carte. Gandharva was prepared to send help for the battle against the gods, and Makara agreed to bring the others along. However, Menaka told Gandharva to forbid their clan from joining, to avoid unnecessary attention and battles. Urvasi began to object that they need to maintain the balance between the clans, but Gandharva agreed with Menaka, turning down the messenger by claiming that he is a king who loves peace. He proclaims that the Gandharva clan will fight only to protect Menaka.

Sagara is completely outraged and asks if Gandharva doesn't realize the implications of Ananta's death. The messenger says that all his attempts to tell Gandharva were in vain. Sagara claims that Gandharva has been ruined by Menaka, and that she should have killed her in the past. Manasvin states that they should be addressing more practical matters. Sagara asks him if he isn't angry at all, but Manasvin replies that he in fact quite angry. He states that he dislikes hypocrites who pride themselves on goodness but only care about their immediate surroundings. Though being selfish is natural, he can't stand those who then pretend to be virtuous. He likes Sagara because she is honest, unlike them. He then says it is time to protect Ananta, or to at least kill those responsible if they fail. A huge battle is being waged in the distance.

Back in the present, Sagara orders the others to kill the Priest as soon as she steps out of the barrier.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • On clan alliances and enmities:
    • The Garuda clan is enemies with both the Ananta clan and the Asura clan. Garuda showed his contempt for them in Season 1,[22] and God Kubera explicitly says that the Garuda and Ananta clans are natural enemies.[23]
    • The Yaksha clan appears to be enemies with the Asura clan. In a me2day post, Currygom once noted that Yaksha once defeated Asura, but ultimately did not kill him.
    • The Gandharva clan doesn't appear to be allied with the Garuda and Yaksha clans yet. Gandharva probably initiated the alliance later on, as he was shown in Season 1, making Garuda and Shuri shake hands, while he is the only one smiling.[24]
    • The Ananta and Asura clans being allies was first mentioned in Ep.38.[25]
    • The Kinnara clan is neutral.[24]
    • The Vritra clan is also neutral. the finite notes that near the beginning of the universe, after the Vritra clan lost most of its emotions, Vritra simply flew off. Taksaka, who had to deal with anger issues, was also not interested in leading the clan. As a result, the dragon nastikas all scattered.
  • On the war itself:
    • We see the silhouettes of Varuna, Indra, and God Kubera, so among the gods, they are probably the main instigators. The other gods probably let God Kubera take the credit because he had the biggest role. Sagara also mentioned that Varuna is the god who's killed the biggest number of suras, so she may partly be referring to this war.[25]
    • In a flashback in Season 1, Ananta was also shown facing Chaos suras.[1] Thus, it is possible that the gods joined up with Kali (who was probably still around and leading the Taraka clan, since she later had a son with Garuda) to kill Ananta. This would explain why Ananta was apparently not in sura form during this war.[26]
    • The Kinnara clan is said to be divided over the Power of the Name. After N0, Manasvin and Sagara decide to go see Airavata about their plan.[25] Gandharva concludes that the Kinnara clan had joined Sagara's side after seeing Airavata's son in the human realm.[27] Thus, it appears as though Airavata is leading the Kinnara clan, even though there are no indications that Kinnara has died. Some readers have speculated that the clan may have been divided into two factions because of the Power of the Name.
    • The messenger notes that Taksaka only came to watch. According to his profile on Currygom's blog, when Vasuki had fallen, he took him back to his nest, but didn't aid the other Ananta suras. Sagara later claimed that Vasuki ran away. To see more about the relationship between Taksaka and Vasuki, see the spoiler section of Ep.51.[28]
    • We now learn why Sagara hates Menaka:[29] because under her influence, the Gandharva clan did not come to rescue Ananta.
  • This is the first time we see Menaka properly within the series, but she was shown in monochrome twice in Season 1,[30][29] and has been mentioned a few times.[31][32]
  • We see a few scenes of what happens after Ananta's death:
    • Sagara in mourning.[28]
    • Kubera regreting that he tricked Ananta.[4][5]
    • Garuda was later shown facing Taraka and talking to Kali (even though she was no longer there). This has led to theories that perhaps, Garuda made a deal with Kali to kill Ananta and weaken the Ananta clan.[33] the finite also reveals that the Garuda clan is in a dire situation: except for Garuda himself, its upper ranks had been hollowed out. The Garuda clan would be finished if Garuda dies. Though the Garuda clan didn't attack the Ananta clan directly in D500, it attacked after Ananta died.[28]

2-55 destruction of her city.png
priests won't just watch
2-55 King Gandharva.png
wait, never mind
2-55 paying no mind to bloodshed elsewhere.png
Ananta who?
2-55 Sagara's honesty.png
true to herself

Episode 2-56Edit

Season 2 Episode 56: Grudge (6)

2-56 questioning loyalties

tell me where your heart lies

Parr looks up at the sky, noting that the Chaos barrier hides the stars from view. She tries to cheer up Teo by saying that Elwin is probably safe, since the kidnapper only needed her to escape. Teo hopes it's the case, but notes that if so, Elwin would have already run back. Gandharva suggests that Teo to look for Elwin herself. Parr objects, since Atera was attacked recently, so they can't take the risk. Teo tells Parr to stop, and asks Gandharva if he still has amnesia. Gandharva claims that it is the case.

Pingara reports that the other humans have gone outside the barrier. Gandharva is trying to persuade Teo to go as well, but Teo is reluctant. Hura suggests using Elwin as bait, but Cloche says that Riagara threw Elwin to a bunch of upanis, and they've probably eaten her by now. Hura pities the priest for searching for a daughter who's already been eaten, and Cloche blurts out, "just like Gandharva." Hura asks if this means Shakuntala was really eaten, and Cloche claims that it was just quite likely. Hura recalls Cloche's transcendental skill that allows her to see a person's last moments from their bloodstains. Sagara confirms that Cloche didn't bring along suras from the Gandharva clan, and that the area doesn't have Gandharva clan suras because the forest is toxic. Sagara then instructs Hura and Pingara to kill off the humans who have left the barrier, then to come with her to see the priest. She instructs Cloche and Clophe to head to another direction.

Within the Chaos barrier, Teo notes that the others have been gone for too long. They then see Sagara approach with Hura and Pingara. Parr wants to confront them, but Teo tells her to find the other fighters and return to the city straight away. Using the sura way of speaking so that Teo can't hear, Gandharva asks Sagara what she's doing. Sagara states that they came to kill the priest because he took so long. Gandharva objects that killing her isn't necessary, but can't come up with a reasonable excuse as to why she should be spared. Sagara then asks Teo out loud if she knows who Gandharva really is. Much to Sagara and Gandharva's surprise, Teo answers that he's Gandharva, the King of the Gandharva clan, currently in a weakened state and looking for his daughter. He must borrow the power of others, but is uncomfortable with the process. He has no conviction about the righteousness of this actions, nor any guarantees to find his daughter. She then casts hoti kubera. Teo tells Gandharva that she saw his sura form at the Lake of Reflection, but that everything she told him was the truth. She knew about him, but it didn't really matter to her. She tells him that he has to decide now, but that she refuses to be the sole survivor if her city is destroyed.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Hura points out that Cloche may have seen something regarding Shakuntala. Her transcendental skill allows her to see the final moments of someone who's been killed by touching their blood.[34] She actually commented on Shakuntala's low chances of survival earlier.[35]
  • Teo's triple-nil attributes only result in a high failure rate for casting spells. They don't prevent her from casting them outright.
  • For reference, the sources for Teo's reasoning and information:
    • Gandharva's reflection.[36]
    • The exhibition pamphlet, which gave information on his background.[32]
    • His conversation with Leez, which explained his state of mind and his motivations.[16]
    • Gandharva also showed no interest in the Test of the Sword.[37] Thus, Teo could deduce that, like she originally suspected, he had come to kill her, but hesitated because he lacked conviction.

2-56 suspicious parr.png
Don't listen to that guy.
2-56 waiting on the Chaos barrier.png
The barrier's still up.
2-56 no stereotyping.png
My guess was way off base.

Episode 2-57Edit

Season 2 Episode 57: Grudge (7)

2-57 too late

What hopeless dreams I dreamed

Elwin tries once more to dissuade Maruna from attacking Kalibloom, telling him that there are halfs in the city including those from the Garuda clan. However, she fails to convince him. Maruna recalls Riagara telling him to break the Earth barrier when the stars become visible, indicating that the Chaos barrier has been disabled. He blames Gandharva for not doing a better job.

Sagara is surprised that Teo knew everything. She tells Hura to go after Parr and kill her. Teo attacks Sagara but is blocked by Pingara. Her sword pierces through, but Pingara reforms. She confirms that they are not halfs, and wonders if she will return alive. Observing the battle between Teo and Pingara, Sagara notes that Teo is using a sword faster than possible for a human. Her weapon also appears to be a god-class item that she had not heard of previously. Sagara instructs Pingara to use a non-offensive transcendental since those are still usable. Pingara uses a defensive skill that surrounds him with electricity, but it doesn't affect Teo, who has 99% resistance to transcendentals thanks to Chaos-attribute silent magic. Sagara is surprised, because Chaos-attribute magic should have disappeared along with Kali. She then tells Pingara to attack while cloaked, but Teo manages to land an attack anyway, noting that she saw a lot of that during the Cataclysm. Sagara notes that transcendental-using items are possible within the barrier, and that Teo remembers the Cataclysm, so she cannot be underestimated in terms of experience.

Pingara can't defeat Teo like this, and asks to either call in reinforcements or change into sura form. Riagara finally shows up and kicks Teo back. She excuses herself for being late, since she was talking to Maruna. Teo sadly notes that there is still no reaction from Gandharva, and fears she made too risky a gamble, since a nastika siding with a human would be an impossible dream. She is pinned down by Riagara and Pingara, and recalls the kindness Gandharva showed her before. Gandharva suddenly yells at them to stop and runs towards them. Teo is glad that her dreams weren't so hopeless, but Sagara pierces Teo's neck with her own sword. Gandharva yells, while the visible stars in the sky indicate that the Chaos barrier has been disabled.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • When Elwin tries to convince Maruna, we see what appears to be silhouettes of halfs from the following species: Yaksha, Ananta, Kinnara, and Garuda. This is the first time we see what appears to be a half from the Ananta clan.
  • Teo attacked Pingara at high speeds using transcendental skills. She first demonstrated this transcendental against Gandharva early in the season.[8] God Kubera also told Leez that Teo is exceptionally skilled with transcendentals.[17] It probably isn't blocked by the Chaos barrier because it is a support skill, not an outright offensive transcendental skill.
  • Teo has been a priest for 15 years, so her predecessor probably also perished in the Cataclysm.
  • Sagara is surprised by Teo's sword. There may be something unusual about it. She was also always shown holding onto it carefully.[38]
  • All Chaos-attribute magic, including silent magic, should have disappeared with Kali. It still isn't clear why Teo is able to use it anyway. Some speculate that Kaz, who is triple-nil according to his profile on Currygom's blog and his Character Stats card, may have had some resistance against Leez's Power of the Name-enhanced punches thanks to being a triple-nil as well.[39]
  • Offensive transcendental skills from god-class items are apparently not nullified within the barrier. The Neutral Bow worked within the Chaos barrier as well.[40]
  • Sagara is surprised that Teo remembers the Cataclysm. Before the Cataclysm ended, hoti visnu could still be used to revive people whose bodies had not started to decompose, by turning back their time. However, those revived will lose the memories of the time in-between.[41] Sagara may be implying that Teo never died during the Cataclysm, though it could also mean something else.
  • Teo's gamble seems reckless, but she did prepare a back-up plan: before leaving, she requested assistance from Eloth.[42]
  • This is the last episode of Chapter 20: Grudge. Currygom mentioned in an afterword that this chapter is about Sagara. The title could refer to:
    • what occurred between God Kubera and Ananta, and why Sagara seems to hold a grudge against the former
    • Maruna about to attack Kalibloom, despite Elwin's pleas
    • Sagara eliminating the group that was sent to find Elwin
    • Sagara recalling her confrontation with Brilith
    • back in D500, the enmity between the gods and the Ananta clan, the attacks of the Garuda and Yaksha clans against the Asura clan, and the personal hatred that Sagara and Manasvin feel towards hypocrites such as the Gods, and now Menaka and Gandharva
    • Sagara's decision to kill Teo
    • Teo confronting the Ananta suras
    • and Gandharva failing to act in time, thus becoming a culprit by association.

2-57 ganging up.png
2-57 ouch.png
2-57 rushing to help.png
2-57 teo's death.png


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