Frozen Tears is a chapter focusing on Gandharva.

Episode 2-58Edit

Frozen Tears (1)

The distraught Gandharva holds Teo in his arms, trying in vain to heal her as Sagara taunts him. Sagara reminds him that Menaka also died because of his indecisiveness, then points out that Gandharva and Maruna had already killed many humans before she arrived.

Cloche criticizes Clophe for never speaking to anyone except her, but he responds that once you start talking to someone you start being friends, and he only wants to be friends with her. She points out that if they were friends, then why did he abandon her to chase a human? Clophe meekly claims that he wanted to be friends with it for a while before killing it, only to have Cloche point out that he ran away in the end without killing her. She then realizes the Chaos barrier is gone, and they continue to wait for the Earth barrier to be broken so they can carry out Sagara's mission.

Cloche relates an earlier conversation in which Sagara, fed up with Gandharva's indecisiveness, decided to cut him loose after his task of killing the Priest of Chaos was finished. She also changed her plan to have him attack Kalibloom instead of them. Cloche was worried because of how terrifying Gandharva was the day he made an ocean. Sagara commented that even so, he was still a nastika subject to the limits of realms, so he is unable to take sura form, plus all his physical capabilities have been weakened. In addition, he also had a number of his transcendental skills sealed by Taraka. Sagara knew that the seals have not been undone yet because her own were still intact.

Clophe infers that she meant to use his emotional resonance to make the Gandharva halfs go berserk. Cloche confirms that Gandharva started having mood swings after meeting Menaka, and was unstable at the time they came through the gate.[1] However, the Gandharva halfs within Kalibloom aren't enough to destroy it. Cloche adds that Sagara expected something more, and Gandharva would cause the ruin of the city.

Zard Blain notices that the Chaos barrier is gone when another fighter shouts a warning that the Gandharva halfs are becoming violent. Suddenly, an enraged Clari begins to attack him.

Sagara continues to provoke Ghandarva, using information on his daughter Shakuntala in order to push him to his breaking point.

Episode 2-59Edit

Frozen Tears (2)

Gandharva recalls Sagara telling him at the gate between realms that his weak daughter was long dead.[1] Gandharva already knew, but he remained in denial, leading to the current situation.

Back in the year N5, Urvasi laments that in these five years, trapped in the sura realm, many from the Gandharva clan have died, but still no god has come to make an ocean. Makara finds this outcome evident, remarking that it would even be more credible for Taksaka to be a female than for a god to make them an ocean. Urvasi wishes for Gandharva to make an ocean instead, rather than let the clan succumb as easy prey, but Makara counters that Gandharva could die. To demonstrate his point, he launches an attack at a distant mountain, causing a hole within it. He points out that the attack would have destroyed a planet in the human realm, but it barely has any effect on the environment in the sura realm. Thus, creating an ocean would be much more difficult for Gandharva in the sura realm compared to the human realm, more so since he's not a god. Urvasi apologizes for his thoughts, but is nonetheless in despair over the state of the clan, especially after they let Ananta die.[2] Shakuntala listens darkly to their conversation.

Shakuntala goes to find her father, who asks her if she just returned from greeting Maruna. Shakuntala apologizes to him, and tells him that a rakshasa wandered outside their territory and succumbed to the harsh environment. For a while, she thought that it would have been better if her father had created an ocean, even though it would be dangerous for him. However, the thought made her feel guilty, so she was unable to stop crying. Gandharva tells her that on the contrary, she is a good person. He reassures her by telling her of the promise that Vishnu had made.

In a flashback, Vishnu acknowledges how the Gandharva clan is weak to the toxicity of the sura realm. However, he asks Gandharva to purify the environment until an ocean is made, promising that it will not be long. He says that he will tell the other gods.

Gandharva then tells Shakuntala that Vishnu can see the future, so he must have seen a god come to make them an ocean. He asks her to patiently wait until everything is resolved.

Elsewhere, a pair of Gandharva suras notices a larger sura approaching. Since their transcendental skills are not working, they conclude that it is a Taraka sura, but they are surprised because they have never seen one that looked like that. They expect it to be weak, but before they can warn the others, the sura attacks and kills both of them. An army of Taraka suras appear in the distance.

Episode 2-60Edit

Frozen Tears (3)

Hanuman, 3rd King of the Yaksha clan, assists the Gandharvas in the battle against the Tarakas, but is unwilling to stay indefinitely. An armed Urvasi wonders why Shakuntala is being so stubborn in such a critical situation...

The Gandharva clan has a plan to have their strongest suras go into hiding, but Gandharva refuses to leave without Shakuntala. She in turn refuses to go in place of other stronger rakshasas who would die as a result, and Makara is frustrated with this time-wasting impasse. Gandharva seems to finally give up on Vishnu's promise and decides to make an ocean himself. Makara criticizes him for his death wish just to keep his daughter safe, while Shakuntala becomes distraught.

The present Gandharva laments that he has lost everything. Sagara leaves him behind, and informs Riagara and Pingara that things are proceeding as planned. Pingara asks if they are safe enough, and she assures them that they are fine since Gandharva is limited in his attacks and his inability to take sura form. Suddenly, with the wind blustering around them, the trio is shocked to see that he has, in fact, just transformed.

Leez and Asha notice from their balcony that large mountains of ice have formed around the city, and a giant monster is beyond the ice.

Episode 2-61Edit

Frozen Tears (4)

A grumpy Priest of Earth is in the process of turning off the security system for God Kubera's god-level items for Claude. He explains that unlike other god items, these need to be ready to be presented to God Kubera whenever he asks for them. They suddenly hear a loud explosion outside, alarming Siera, who ends up dragging a protesting Claude back outside. When they see the mountains of ice around the city, Claude urges Siera to hurry to the barrier stone. Claude tells him that he will stay behind because he has pressing matters with Yuta, but Yuta already left the spot where Claude had him wait. Elsewhere, Yuta is terrified, thinking that he is about to die.

Meanwhile, as magic spells and transcendental skills explode nearby, Leez wonders why the sky looks different, why there is ice, and why there are fights breaking out around them. Asha points out that only the Gandharva halfs have lost control, and recalls something similar happening near Mistyshore.[3] When Asha tries to get more information from Ran, she finds him panicking behind Leez and calling out to his mother for help, as Leez explains that he is afraid of halfs. Asha has a hunch about what is going on, and decides to go to the Magicians Guild for more information.

Elwin notices that the Chaos barrier is gone, but tries to convince herself that Teo is okay. Maruna had flown them a small distance away from Kalibloom after seeing Gandharva in sura form, but wonders if it is far enough. He is surprised at the turn of events, though he notices that Gandharva's sura form is the smallest that he has ever seen it. The turrets start firing at Gandharva but fail to do any damage. In retaliation, Gandharva breaks the barrier with a single headbutt. Maruna finally decides that Gandharva is not sane and the situation is becoming very dangerous, so he grabs Elwin, takes to the air, and quickly flees the area as Gandharva unleashes a transcendental skill, flooding all the lands around Kalibloom.

Episode 2-62Edit

Frozen Tears (5)

Thanks to Mr. Kasak, Brilith confirms several pieces of information regarding the attack on Atera—that several superior suras have come to Willarv from the sura realm, that the person called Sagara was really a nastika, and that one of the suras caused all the red sky incidents as well as the two attacks on Atera. She is upset with Agni's apparent indifference to her investigation.

Agni suddenly gives her a distracting hug from behind. He then asks Mr. Kasak how long it would take him to arrive at Kalibloom. The half-dragon replies that it would be about 30 minutes via his transcendental Crescent Gate. Agni tells him to leave for Kalibloom, and suggests calling Agwen to maintain the Fire barrier. Suspecting that Agni plans to fight someone there, Brilith asks him what is going on in Kalibloom. However, he asks her whether she wants him to return to the god realm. He then tells her to stop worrying and to go to sleep. He departs, leaving Brilith depressed about how little use she is to him.

Gandharva's attack shatters the Earth barrier. The other people at the temple realize that it is restored again, but Siera has collapsed. They urgently call all magicians capable of maintaining the barrier. One of these magicians is in the process of putting out a fire. However, Agni suddenly emerges from the flames, and after some friendly advice about being careful with fires, he asks to be taken to the barrier seat before the city gets wiped out. A tsunami approaches Kalibloom. Maruna grabs Elwin and flees the area, as the whole region around Kalibloom floods.

After the last attack, Leez has difficulty getting Ran to come to his senses, only to realize that he has fainted. Asha notices that the floodwaters have suddenly stopped rising, and that the barrier is now stronger than before. It has also changed attributes, because Agni has arrived.

Episode 2-63Edit

Frozen Tears (6)

Agni faces the sura-form Gandharva, noting that he was much smaller than he has ever seen. He tries to assess Gandharva's state of mind, and concludes that he is not rational enough to talk things out and has to be stopped by force.

At the Kalibloom Magicians Guild, it dawns on Leez that they are in a more dangerous situation than they were in Atera, but Asha reassures her that they have no need to worry as long as Agni keeps the barrier up. Leez is disappointed to learn that she was the only one who did not already know about something important (Agni being on Willarv), again. As the guild magicians try to formulate a plan for after the god's eventual departure, Riche insists that the obvious course of action would be to kill the sura, and she would even loan out her god-level items for the cause.

Agni wants to increase his attacks, but has to hold back to allow Brilith to recover her vigor. He attempts to lure Gandharva away from the city, but he refuses to budge for some reason.

Underneath the water is Teo's body, suspended in ice.

Episode 2-64Edit

Frozen Tears (7)

Riche brings many of her god-level items to the Magicians Guild. Asha picks out a vajra made by Indra that specializes in hoti indra spells. It is heavy and requires the use of silent magic, but Asha has no problems picking it up. When Asha says that she would have asked for this instead of the Neutral Bow if she knew about it, Riche offers to sell it for 200,000 gold, but Asha declines. Riche tells the other magicians that she is keeping track of who takes what, to charge them for any that gets lost. Asha suggests that if she were to die, then there would be nobody to collect any money. Riche retorts that it is none of her business.

Asha then notices that Ran's bag with the Neutral Bow is missing, and asks Leez what happened to it. Leez said it probably fell off on their way to the guild and was probably underwater... why? She didn't realize that the Neutral Bow was inside the bag, since the bag was too small to fit the bow inside. Asha coldly explains that the bow can be reduced in size. Leez thinks Asha should have told her earlier, but still apologizes for losing it. Asha tells her to give up on it, but Leez quickly runs off to find it before Asha can stop her. Meanwhile, Riche finds the situation amusing, and points out that it is Asha's fault for not telling the girl in the first place. Riche advises Asha to go after her.

Leez ends up standing at the edge of the water, the battle between the god and the nastika raging before her.

Claude continues to search for Yuta, calling for him, saying that hiding is not helping with anything, and that Leez could die because of his inaction. This brings Yuta to his senses. Claude quickly explains that his situation is hypothetical: hoti yama shows the moment of inevitable death, when the God of Death personally scratches off a person's name in Hell. However, a person can still die before then. Claude asks Yuta to fire the Neutral Bow, at least to protect Leez. On the way, Yuta thinks to himself that Leez cannot die... at the hands of another.

Episode 2-65Edit

Frozen Tears (8)

Leez dives into the water and quickly finds Ran's bag, trapped under a large rock. However, as soon as she frees the bag, it is swept away in the current. Though she is running out of breath, she is determined to get the bag, because it holds her father's weapon, and because she does not want to disappoint Asha once again. When she is close to drowning, Asha suddenly drags her to the surface.

When Leez tries to argue that she almost had the bag, Asha slaps her hard enough to draw blood. Asha coldly tells Leez to hit back if she thinks that she did not deserve it. However, Leez says she does deserve it, and starts to come up with increasingly trivial reasons of why Asha would be so angry with her. Asha becomes more irritated because she never guesses the true reason, and complains about her way of thinking. Leez says she is nothing but a burden, and silently begs Asha not to leave her. Seeing this, Asha finally relents and heals her with hoti asvins.

Asha reveals that they are now outside the barrier, with no quick means of getting back inside. She begins to think of a way to fend off the sura. She deduces that the underwater current was caused by the monster consuming the seawater, and comes up with a plan to get Agni to block the flow somehow. Leez thinks that a god would have already noticed, but Asha explains that the current only manifests below the surface, and Agni himself dislikes being underwater, so he may not have noticed. While Leez volunteers to help out, Asha comes up with a way to convey the information...

Agni is relieved that Brilith is replenishing her vigor faster, and prepares for another attack. Then he sees what appears to be a screaming, airborne person in the distance. Thinking that a magician had come to help, he picks her up but kindly warns her of the danger, only to realize that the person is Leez, who had been sent up there by Asha. Leez starts to apologize, but in the next instance recognizes him as Babo Kim.[4]

Episode 2-66Edit

Frozen Tears (9)

Agni sees same insight he originally had on Leez in Atera.[5] Again, Leez tells him that she only fights to protect the Name. This time, she then asks a person if he is disappointed that she does not choose to save the life of others. When the person answers no, she tells him, smiling, that he must know the answer she would give.

Leez refers to Agni as Idioty Smith, then apologizes again for mistaking the god for someone else. As soon as she mentions the water below, Agni immediately understands that she want he should stop the water. Leez is surprised that Agni knew already, but Agni thanks her for telling him. He then wonders whether evaporating the water would buy him some time. Leez awkwardly tells him to throw her into the mountains nearby, as her body is durable so she will probably survive. However, Agni speaks of her true grief, and of the crying girl he met once.[5] He tells her to allow herself to cry, or she will end up forgetting how. Leez finally realizes that he really is Idioty Smith, and starts crying, while being consoled by Agni.

Agni finally sets her down, and decides to tell her one fact to ease her loneliness: even in her difficult life, there will be someone who stays with her until the end, probably someone who loves her very much. He disappears, leaving Leez to wonder who he could be talking about.

Agni boils away the water below, exposing much of the submerged landscape. When Gandharva's sura form disappears, he ponders the connection between Gandharva's transformation and the water, but is nonetheless puzzled because water should not be a requirement, but transformation should not be possible in the human realm. He decides to attack before Gandharva transforms again, but hesitates in surprise when he sees Gandharva crying, before being engulfed in Gandharva's transcendental attack.

Episode 2-67Edit

Frozen Tears (10)

Sagara notes that Gandharva should have been able to prevent Agni from evaporating the water. When Gandharva suddenly attacks Agni with a powerful transcendental, a surprised Sagara explains to her underlings that it is his unique transcendental called "Frozen Tear" that could only be used if he cried, but it had been sealed by Taraka. Since the transcendental would not affect a god, Sagara concludes that Gandharva has either finally lost his mind or wants Agni to kill him.

Hura questions Sagara's decision to let Parr go,[6] noting that the action isn't typical of her, and decides there must be a hidden reason for it.

When Agni realizes that Gandharva is crying, he tries to talk with him, asking Gandharva to stop harming humans, then reminding him about his clan and daughter. Gandharva simply responds with one attack after another. A frustrated Agni then uses Sword of Hellfire to summon his sword and changes their surroundings. He reveals that he has known a way to kill Gandharva for a long time now, but hasn't killed him because of Menaka's pacifistic influence on him. He even hoped that the could become allies one day, though that idea is turning out to be a delusion. Gandharva looks surprised at this last comment, since he himself had a similar wish, but then a great swirling column of brown smoke surrounds them.

Episode 2-68Edit

Frozen Tears (11)

In a past conversation with Visnu, Gandharva laments his heavy responsibilities as King, as all he wants to do is prioritize his wife Menaka. He wonders if he would have been happier if he had not received the name Gandharva. Visnu responds that in that case, Menaka would be the wife of whoever else was "Gandharva", and adds that perfect names do not exist. Although his name will bring him suffering, it will also bring him happiness, love, and friendship transcending the races. Gandharva thinks that obviously, love refers to Menaka, happiness refers to his soon-to-be-born child, and friendship refers to Visnu. Visnu smiles then agrees. Gandharva thinks that as long as his family and friends can remain with him for all eternity, he can bear with the inconveniences of being King. However, Visnu tells him that nothing is eternal, and that everything is just a possibility that will depend on the choices he makes. Gandharva complains about the fact that Visnu is speaking in riddles again, but Visnu just laughs it off.

In the present, Gandharva wonders if Visnu foresaw the loss of everyone he loves, leaving him without any reason to live. He gradually becomes aware that Agni is calling him without the intent of killing him. Agni explains that he is using his transcendental Fathomless Fire to allow them to talk without being spied on, as He only has power over earth. Agni had put on a show to pretend that he wanted to kill Gandharva. He warns Gandharva to start talking. The nastika just silently wonders why Agni is showing him mercy, as he is too weak to even have value as an ally now. He thinks he has enough, but gets punched by Agni, who tells him that his eyes resemble the countless people that Agni has seen who had lost the will to live. He deduces that something happened to Gandharva's daughter, but adds that his sins are too heavy to just run away: many humans have died because of Gandharva, including those on Gresvan, a planet Gandharva destroyed. Agni asks him if he has no feelings of guilt. Gandharva thinks of Teo, and looks down. Seeing that, Agni is glad that he still has some sort of conscience. He asks Gandharva if he knows why nastikas do not have an afterlife, but decides not to say more. He then advises Gandharva to find something he can do, even help the humans.

Suddenly, Agni feels Brilith being threatened. He undoes his transcendental and quickly disappears. Left alone, Gandharva wonders about Agni's generosity, and wonders if he would be allowed a reason to live if he were to side with humans.

A group of magicians and fighters, including Parr, are searching for the nastika that they presume is now in human form. They also ask Parr to tell them if she sees the ones who attacked Teo before. Parr hopes Teo is safe.

Episode 2-69Edit

Frozen Tears (12)

Agni instantly returns to Atera via a lit candle at an outdoor stand, wondering why all the temple fires are out.

The fighter search party locates Gandharva in an area that was previously underwater, and Parr recognizes him as the man with Teo.[7] They decide that it is better to question him about Teo instead of killing him. Only the fighters with god-level items proceed, so Parr stays behind. As the group confronts their suspect, one becomes too aggressive, resulting in the death of all the fighters via one of Maruna's transcendentals. Maruna steps forward and asks if Gandharva is okay—how dare they raise their weapons against him? Since the Chaos barrier is down, Sagara's army would take over from there and they could now leave. However, Gandharva stands there in despair.

Behind the protection of hoti chandraAsha tries to calm down Parr, who blames herself for the fighters' deaths. Asha suggests that the rest of the fighters retreat because of the presence of the powerful red sura, but they argue that a sura should be killed before it takes sura form, and who was she to tell them what to do? Leez stands behind them all with a dark expression.

Episode 2-70Edit

Frozen Tears (13)

Agni rushes to Brilith's room, finding her asleep and otherwise fine. The guard reports that her only visitor was Agwen. Since the Fire god cannot leave Atera because of the threat to Brilith, he decides to leave the situation to Kasak to handle... who should have arrived in Kalibloom much earlier.[8]

Gandharva continues to ponder over whose side he should be on, and reminds Maruna of his past assertion that becoming enemies with "Him" would make himself an enemy of Maruna as well.[9] After handing the gloves that Teo bought for him to Maruna,[10] there is a sudden flash and explosion where he was just standing.

In the distance, a group of magicians and fighters hiding under hoti chandra watch for the result of their attack on Gandharva and Maruna, and are disappointed that the latter is still unscathed. Asha again insists that they should retreat, and again her suggestion is rebuffed. She tries to convince Leez to leave with her, only to have the girl say that she does not want to lose this opportunity for revenge. Asha turns to look at her and notices the Sword of Return has mysteriously appeared in her hand.

Claude has difficulty seeing what exactly is going on with all the explosions, and asks Yuta if their side is winning. Yuta is not sure which side he is even on.