Episode 2-135Edit

Season 2 Episode 135: Your Justice and Mine (1)

Leez recalls Asha casting a barely-audible spell on her in the emergency escape capsule—nearly slicing her completely in half with hoti marut but leaving her barely alive.[1] Leez wanted to believe that her eyes deceived her, because she is unable to reconcile Asha using that spell on her in her situation.

Rana repairs the balcony Leez destroyed with hoti asvins, and Ran gushes that she is better at recovery magic than him. Rana replies that she can also cast other spells better than him. She asks Ran how Leez is doing, and how this happened. Ran explains that Leez told him she swung the Sword of Return and a red light shot out and caused all the damage. Ran surmises that Leez accidentally used a transcendental. She had told him she was in a hurry so he promised he would fix it. Rana points out that she fixed it, not him. Ran then offers to take her out to eat and brags about his gold magician license.

Leez is turned away when she tries to speak with Asha. The guards offer to pass along any message she wanted to leave for Asha after a review, but Leez tells them that it is not something she can tell just anyone, and leaves. Once she is back outside, Mirha appears via teleportation. Leez asks if she knew that her friend Kaz was alive, and realizes that she actually did see him the day she left Atera.[2] She says that most of Mirha's notes correctly described her feelings, except for one part: not noticing Asha's attempt to kill her. In fact, she remembers it very well. She tells Mirha that she was wrong to decide to hide everything from her. Mirha tries to explain that she greatly respected her father, a hero of Carte, but Leez yells back that she is not Rao. She is upset that people only see her resemblance to her father or her special name, and are unable to see her for who she is. She begins to wonder where Yuta is, and says out loud that she wants him to come back. She then cries that she would rather have her body ripped apart than her feelings. Mirha wonders who she is talking about.

Yuta, who just finished eating in partial sura form, senses that something happened to Leez but that she is not in danger. He decides to teleport in order to check on her.

In North Eloth, a few mail workers complain about their extra workload because Lutz had ordered the mail transport between Kalibloom and Aeroplateau to be rerouted. As they chit chat about their jobs, one laments that he would be making twice his current salary if only he had studied bhavati vayu in school, because those who can maintain the spell while talking get hired as part of the ship's crew. One of them discovers a package addressed for Atera, noting that postage fee is the same as his one-month's salary. When another worker lifts the package to try to figure out what is inside, Yuta teleports in, hugging him from behind. As Lutz and Tilda walk away from the loading dock, he explains that he had to preserve evidence and secretly alter the transport ship's course to Eloth after it left Kalibloom, not before, in order to avoid someone's suspicion. They then hear a crashing sound, and find an angry Yuta wearing his scarf and beating up the workers.

Episode 2-136Edit

Season 2 Episode 136: Your Justice and Mine (2)

Somewhere near Rindhallow, Sagara asks Kubera where their remaining target is located. Kubera replies that searching for the name uses up quite a bit of vigor, and his condition still is not very good. Sagara continues to press him, so he asks her if she will stop bothering him until after the battle, and she agrees. He then verifies that there is one target near the city's center. Sagara tells him to sit tight until they finish destroying the city, and once the human is dead he can begin with his business. Kubera calls Sagara's name, hesitates, then tells her to not die; she scoffs before replying that she will not.

In Eloth, Yuta holds an Artram tablet and writes an apology for the scuffle over his scarf. (Yuta's notes are converted into a female voice since the device is still a prototype.) Lutz assures him that it is not a problem. Tilda interrupts, asking why they need to speak so respectfully, particularly since Ran only uses casual language. Yuta says it does not matter to him, but Lutz states that he will maintain formal speech, and so Tilda follows suit. As the three of them walk through some hallways, Lutz talks about destruction and recovery magic, then about death and resurrection magic. hoti visnu was a spell with the highest difficulty and which required extensive knowledge of the fundamentals behind it, and magicians capable of this spell could charge large sums of money. However, rumors began to spread about the controversial mechanics behind the spell, causing many people to write their names on the Do Not Resurrect list. Lutz continues to explain that since the Cataclysm, the most important virtue of a magician is to give human life the highest priority. Asha, on the other hand, traded in human lives. As they are about to walk through a doorway into a room, Yuta comments that humans and suras are very different in this respect because of the suras' hunter/prey mentality, so their own lives are not valued as highly. Tilda asks him if he does not understand human concepts. He replies that he not only understands, but envies humans because they have no need to eat each other. Lutz assures them that since Asha's victims were very specific, she is not a threat to them at the moment. Her abilities are way too valuable for them to throw them all away with a death sentence, and an execution would have never been carried through, which is how things ended up. Lutz recalls holding a message assuring him that the purpose of the magicians' conference is not Asha's execution, which would be suspended if things got that far, and that he must stay in Eloth to watch over the city and Tilda. Lutz says that Asha must have known she would get either death or life imprisonment if she went to Aeroplateau. He recalls his conversation with Asha in Kalibloom,[3] and concludes that Asha has a hidden agenda.

Inside a room with 64 video screens on one wall, Lutz inserts a teal crystal into a slot on a panel. He explains that he took some precautions since he did not know what Asha planned to do. During her ride on the transport, there was an explosion of unknown cause. Lutz tells Yuta that he had 64 cameras installed which recorded during the entire flight, so it would take a considerable amount to time to go through them all, so he and Tilda could use Yuta's assistance. Yuta then asks if there is a way to play the videos faster, and Lutz explains the controls. Yuta speeds through the videos, which alarms Tilda. Yuta then presses the pause button and asks if that is Claude behind one of the transport workers, and that he is also visible on screens 3 and 19. Lutz is surprised and dismayed that his fellow priest was the cause of the explosion. Yuta has tears streaming down his face from watching videos of Leez getting into the escape capsule, Asha following her, himself returning Leez to the ship, and Asha taking away the scarf. Lutz is about to ask if there is anything else when suddenly, the crystal explodes, and Tilda is aghast since it was their only evidence from the transport. Lutz notices Yuta's mood and tries to caution Tilda. With his hand shaking, Yuta begins to write... and (a female voice) says that he notices that Lutz is still wearing the Hide of Bondage and seems unable to remove it. He knows a way to remove the hide immediately. Lutz states that he recently had it modified so it cannot be modified again anytime soon. Yuta explains that he is not asking him to modify the hide; instead, he is asking him to use the Hide of Bondage as material to modify his scarf.

Episode 2-137Edit

Season 2 Episode 137: Your Justice and Mine (3)

In her room at the Aeroplateau Magicians Guild, Leez waits at a window-side table when Mirha arrives and sits across from her. Leez apologizes for lashing out at her earlier, and Mirha responds that it was not a huge deal. Mirha begins to tell Leez that she resembles not only Rao but her younger self as well. When times were difficult, she would always force herself to smile and pretend she was unhurt in order to keep people close to her. She now carries a shadow, caused by a huge betrayal, that prevents her from smiling like she used to; this is the reason why she wanted Leez to keep her smile as long as possible. Leez seems okay with her explanation. Next, Mirha asks her if she wants to see her friend Kaz again, but she declines the offer, saying that it is too late now, and besides, she will die soon anyway. This last part surprises Mirha.

Out in the hallway, Mirha blocks the entrance to a room, frantically telling Leez to think things over. She understands her desire for revenge, because she once felt the same way after most of her loved-ones died during the destruction of Carte. Her father was on Willarv at the time, and since interplanetary travel was no longer possible because of the Cataclysm, she thought she would never see him again. She was at her lowest point and full of hatred, and would kill those responsible again and again if she could. She tells Leez that her desire for revenge against a superior sura is futile, and that she should live what remains of her life to the fullest instead. Leez sees her point, but then replies that she has no choice because she is to blame for the destruction of her village. Mirha tells her that there is no way it could be her fault, and besides, she never asked for her name. Leez then asks if she should blame her father for giving her this name. But after recalling Asha's words from her prison cell,[4] she says she must shoulder the blame herself or else she cannot bear to live.

Both of them are now in Saha's room, with Leez requesting to go to Rindhallow and Mirha asking him to stop her from going. Leez tells him that she wants to join the forces at Rindhallow, plus she has two god-level items and can use both hoti kubera and bhavati kubera. Saha notes that since Leez took first place at the Test of the Sword, there is little doubt that she is a skilled fighter. He then says that as a Kubera, she would normally be given protection, but due to current circumstances her ownership of the Sword of Return, which would nullify the suras' amazing regeneration skills, would make her a valuable asset to the support forces, even if she simply throws the sword around. Saha makes it a point to thank Leez for volunteering to fight when many top-ranked magicians would prefer to avoid it. He then tells her that she has no need to travel all the way to Rindhallow; all she needs to do to get there is to stay where she is.

Lightning begins to crackle all around the floating city. Inside a chamber full of blue-white light, someone says that the city is now prepared to move. Urha gives the go-ahead to begin moving to their destination of Rindhallow. He states that upon their arrival, they will overlap Rinhallow's barrier and destroy the surrounding suras.

As the floating city begins to move, Yuta appears nearby via teleportation wearing the new Hide of Bondage.

Episode 2-138Edit

Season 2 Episode 138: Your Justice and Mine (4)

Yuta teleports to Aeroplateau and notices all the lightning activity. He realizes that if the humans of the city are too busy, then he will have a hard time getting a sponsor at the checkpoint. He recalls that gods can pass through barriers without restriction. He wonders if the Hide of Bondage will allow him to be recognized as a god, then flies directly to the city.

In Eloth, as Lutz works on his paperwork in his office, Tilda remarks that modifying the body part of a living being has never been done before. Lutz responds that on the contrary, god-level items such as the Staff of Agni, which are part of a god's body, have been successfully modified many times. Tilda states that the scarf is nothing like a god-level item, and Lutz suggests that it may not be the case. He points out that the divinity of a primeval god is the highest of all, and an alteration using Goddess Kali's item as material could not possibly happen without her consent. Tilda notes that Lutz did not expect the alteration to succeed for that reason. He then posits that there can only be one possible reason—that Yuta is Kali's blood relative. He explains that Kali had disappeared with many of Vishnu's discarded nastika names, and that she could have given herself one of the names to become a nastika herself, and if she had a son, he would be a rakshasa with possible god traits. Tilda expresses concern that if Yuta is the son of a notorious god, he might misuse the modified item, but Lutz does not feel that he is a danger. He gives three reasons: Ran is comfortable around him,[5] Agni tolerates him and allowed him to enter a city,[6] and he values Leez's life above his own instincts and desires.[7] As Tilda leaves, she reminds Lutz to focus on defending the city since they have a Kubera here as well. He pauses for a moment before asking her if she has something else she would like to talk about. She asks why, but he tells her that it is nothing. He then looks down at the message Saha had sent him.[8]

Back in Aeroplateau, Saha leads a meeting attended by Claude, Lorraine, Mirha, and Claude's sister Airi. He tells them that according to the most recent data from the Human Search System, there are three Kuberas remaining—in Rindhallow, Eloth, and Aeroplateau—and that he will keep their identities secret for now. Powerful suras have targeted the weakest of the three cities, Rindhallow, which will not be able to withstand a full onslaught. Of the six major cities, Aeroplateau is the only one that can move, and the plan is to have this city's barrier to overlap that of the target city in order to make both cities more secure. Airi expresses concern for the citizens of Aeroplateau, and Lorraine questions if it was wise for Saha to have implemented his plan on his own. Saha replies that there was no time for discussion or debate because of the urgency to drive away the suras now, before they target other cities. Airi asks if citizens not involved with the battle will be able to evacuate, and Mirha explains that it is not possible because of the time constraint. Saha then tells the group that it is their duty to keep casualties low when they are in charge of their respective zones. Claude points out that Asha's trial was just a pretext in order to gather all the top magicians together to battle the suras.

As he crouches on a balcony rail at Sky Tower, Yuta notes that he was able to pass through the barrier like a god. He then decides that such a function is useless to him since he intends to give the Hide to Leez. He scans the city and finally spots her sitting on a bench.

Episode 2-139Edit

Season 2 Episode 139: Your Justice and Mine (5)

A group of people stand around, discussing Aeroplateau's move to Rindhallow. One says that they have not seen anything like this since the Cataclysm, and wonder how exactly the situation must be since the city was not moved for the attacks on Atera or Kalibloom. Another points out that either way, it is still better to be within a city than outside of one, even during a battle. A third laments their lack of talent as a fighter or a magician, but the second counters that they would be dragged off to fight if they did have talent, so it is better to watch safely from the sidelines and let others do the protecting.

Leez walks past the group, deep in thought. She thinks back to Asha telling her that everyone in her village is dead, and that she would teach her how to get revenge.[9] She then thinks of the packet of information that was withheld from her,[10] and Saha On telling her how her possession of the Sword of Return would be extremely useful in a battle against Superior suras.[11] She wonders if Asha knew all of this would happen, and if she is still moving according to Asha's plans. If that was the case, it would be so funny that she could cry.

Hearing Ran's voice, she looks up to see him walking with Rana ahead of her. She calls out to him, but they are too absorbed in their conversation to notice her. Ran complains about being kept out of the loop in regards to Aeroplateau's move to Rindhallow, and tells Rana that she would have been better off staying in Mistyshore. She objects, saying that recovery magicians are needed in fights like this. He asks her why she had not signed up for the Rindhallow support force, and she responds that she thought he would worry about her. Ran is shocked, and asks Rana what she means, but she refuses to elaborate.

Later, Yuta sits atop a roof wondering when he should give Leez the newly modified Hide of Bondage. He decides that it would be best to leave it next to her while she was sleeping, then go away. After Leez goes to bed, he breaks into her room and lays the Hide on top of her, then turns to leave, thinking to himself that he is sorry that he is unable to be with her, and to stay strong. Leez wakes up before he can go, however. She reveals that she had been waiting for him for a while, and that she was worried when he suddenly disappeared. Yuta thinks that there is no way she would be glad to see him if she remembered the events of Kalibloom. As Leez asks him not to leave, he internally apologizes and teleports away. As she stands alone in her room, the Hide starts to move by itself.

Yuta arrives at his teleportation destination, only to find himself far closer to the city than he should be. Suddenly, a wave of red energy flies past him. He looks for its source and sees Leez wearing the Hide of Bondage and wielding the Sword of Return. She swings a few more times before leaping at him, creating a red and black explosion. When the dust settles, Leez is sitting on top of Yuta, the Sword of Return only a few inches from his head. She asks why he left, when he had promised he would stay with her.[12] She starts to cry, and begs him not to leave her.

Episode 2-140Edit

Season 2 Episode 140: Your Justice and Mine (6)

Yuta thinks back to Leez telling him that having someone to be a shoulder to cry on can be very comforting.[13] He wonders if he can be someone like that to Leez. As he wipes the tears from her face, he finds himself staring at her neck again, and thinks that he needs to leave in order to prevent the same thing from happening. Leez begs him not to go, and thinks that even if it did happen again, she would be okay with it. She touches his face and kisses him.

Yuta's insight reveals that Leez was lying about not being able to remember what happened in Kalibloom,[14][15][16] and he wonders why she is doing this. He pushes her away, thinking that he almost lost control again, only to find himself too late as blood pours from Leez's mouth. She thinks that it does not matter how painful it is, and that she just needs to learn recovery magic. As her consciousness fades away, she tries not to close her eyes out of fear that he will be gone when she opens them again. Leez finally collapses.

Leez wakes up the next day in her room at the Aeroplateau Magicians Guild. Rana asks if she is okay, then proceeds to lecture Leez on her recklessness. No matter how good her relationship with Yuta is, Rana says, she has to stay away from him if he is unable to control himself. Does she think that no one would worry about her? Ran saw the state she was in and threw a fit because he was worried about her. Ran, looking upset, says that she was like this because she has no direction now that Asha is in jail. Rana finishes by saying that even if Leez feels lost because of Asha's sudden absence, she should not throw herself away, both for her sake and for the sake of those beside her.

Leez thanks Rana for the advice, but says that Asha being locked away is not what made her feel lost. She asks where Yuta went, but all Rana knows is that he gave her to Ran and then disappeared. Leez suddenly asks if she can teach her hoti asvins. Rana says that the spell is calculated in a way that is fundamentally different from other spells. Even Ran, who has no need to calculate, has difficulty getting the spell to work. Leez gets up, saying that she needs it for when she's in danger, and that she even studied things like physics and astronomy when learning bhavati kubera.

Getting out of bed, Leez is suddenly grabbed by the Hide of Bondage. Rana tells her that she was wearing it when she arrived, and that when she took it off and tried to hang it up, it moved by itself to grab her again. In the end, she ended up folding it and placing it beside her. Rana was told that it was Yuta's scarf modified with the Hide of Bondage, and that he probably came to give it to her. As Leez squeezes part of the Hide, Yuta sits outside. He thinks that whether he leaves or stays, Leez still gets hurt, so he will do what she wants. He just hopes that his choice is the best one for her...

Episode 2-141Edit

Season 2 Episode 141: Your Justice and Mine (7)

Leez sits in her room, holding a sparking Sword of Return. She thinks that she is hungry, and wonders when she last ate. She does not want to go get something to eat, and thinks that if Kaz saw her now, he would laugh at her for finally starting a diet. There is a knock at the door, and Leez opens it, finding a mountain of food left by Yuta just outside.

In Rindhallow, Mr. Kasak goes to the temple kitchen to find some meat, only to see the kitchen completely empty. The others with him apologize, and he angrily tells them to leave. Kasak then finds Yuta eating a raw steak in the back. Kasak asks him how long he has been here. Yuta says that it does not matter, then poses these questions: What part will he play in this battle, and are they speaking as allies or enemies? Kasak replies that they are neither, so Yuta concludes that it means that either is possible.

In Atera, Agwen reads about Asha's sentence. She remembers that Asha never showed any interest in half rights, but this is just too much. Brilith comes in and asks about the papers. Agwen quickly tries to hide them, but drops one. Brilith picks it up and reads it; it is Agwen's personal account statement. Agwen recalls Agni asking her to keep Asha's crimes a secret from Brilith. If she was to learn about them, the resulting shock would cause her vigor to plummet. He also says that she has one thing she cannot lose, other than responsibility, that held her here in her life-or-death crisis.[17] Brilith asks Agwen why she is receiving such enormous amounts of money from Rindhallow. Agwen replies that her father is working as a mercenary there. Brilith remarks that if he is going into such a high risk area and sending Agwen the earnings, he must really care about her. Agni bursts in and announces that Aeroplateau is aiding Rindhallow. He had received documents asking him if this was the best option; since it was one of the best options, he kept quiet and let things unfold. Agwen asks him if it is impossible for him to aid them like he did in Kalibloom. Agni replies that this is the case, since he cannot leave Brilith's side.[18] Brilith insists that the god must go there, and he can bring her along.

Episode 2-142Edit

Season 2 Episode 142: Your Justice and Mine (8)

Maruna and Samphati discuss the upcoming attack on Rindhallow. God Kubera's bad condition is delaying them, and that it will be difficult to break the four layer barrier of the combined cities. Samphati assures Maruna that she can do it.

In Rindhallow, Yuta informs Kasak of the situation. The suras have a 5th-stage rakshasa from the Garuda clan who hopelessly outmatches Kasak. Even with him, the two cities' overlapped barriers, and the highest ranking magicians, the humans will be obliterated. Kasak asks Yuta if he is proposing to work together, with Yuta blocking transcendental skills while they both attack. He questions Yuta about his intentions as a half Garuda sura fighting his own kin, but Yuta spots Leez and leaps toward her without answering the question.

Ran and Leez are walking together. Ran says that if she was so hungry, she could have told him and gone to a restaurant with him and Rana. Leez laughs, saying that he does not know a woman's heart at all, and asks him to concentrate on Rana instead of her. Ran is puzzled, but tells her not to go that way or else she will get her shoes muddy. Leez points out that there are stepping stones. Meanwhile, Yuta blushes and hides behind the pile of rubble he used to create the stepping stones.

Claude finally returns to his duties as a priest. Laila angrily tells him not to try anything, and he changes the subject by asking if "Laila" is even her true name. She admits it, and says she forgot her true name when she was very young. She has a flashback of Chandra kneeling by her bed as a child, telling her to call for him if forgetting her name and hiding her face fails to change her destiny. Claude thinks that she is lying about forgetting, and that she hides her face so that people who know her true name are unable to recognize her.

Asha sits in darkness, working on paperwork. Someone calls her, saying that she has been granted conditional parole and asks her to come with them. She smiles.

Episode 2-143Edit

Season 2 Episode 143: Your Justice and Mine (9)

After Asha is released from her prison cell, she has a video chat with Saha. He has a theory on why she disappeared for three years in the past. After she has used hoti visnu about 1000 times, she stopped using it. She had only used it a few times recently: when she was in the water channel,[19] the day she passed through Kalibloom's checkpoint,[20] and when she revived Teo.[21] The last time she cast hoti visnu was in N12, right before her disappearance. Saha gives Asha a chance to explain herself. When she does not, he presents his theory: that in the three years she was missing, she simply did not exist.

He notes how strange it is that no one tried to look for someone as famous as her when she disappeared, not even him. He concludes that it was likely a side effect of hoti visnu. There was no way that she could use the spell after Visnu's disappearance without some penalty; for using it over 1000 times, her penalty was losing her very existence. Saha reveals that her executioner, after looking after her lifespan, told him that she was originally supposed to be dead by N13. By using hoti visnu to strengthen her magic, she also extended her lifespan. She disappeared for three years, thus extending her lifespan until N16.

Asha confirms that his theory is correct. She remarks on his high status, power and talent, sense of justice, and long life as a quarter. He really is, she says, a natural-born hero. If he was truthful about receiving an oracle, she would have even less of a chance of defeating him. Saha says he did not lie about the oracle, and that doing so would be blasphemy. Asha asks him what his point is in showing her the magic usage records. He surmises that she only has a limited number of hoti visnu uses left before she disappears again. She confirms, but says that she cannot tell him the exact number she has left.

Saha reveals why he has given her conditional parole. Originally he considered keeping her next to the barrier stone, but does not want to give such an important role to someone who could vanish unexpectedly. Instead, she will fight the suras—but in a way that she cannot harm humans. He tells her to go through the door opposite her when instructed to, which will transport her into the middle of the suras. The choice to either fight them to amend for her crimes or to run away is hers, but if she joins the suras, he will kill her using bhavati surya. Asha accepts the conditions and says she will wait until she is given further orders.

At the Temple of Wind, Leez has a new outfit and is getting a makeover from Mirha. After Mirha finishes applying makeup on Leez, she steps back to admire her handiwork. Now, she says, Leez truly looks like Rao's child. She tells Leez that if all ends well, she will become a hero like her father. Yuta, who is watching them standing on a tree branch outside, is shocked at Leez's new appearance. He crouches down, thinking that he is unable to go nearer and that he is about to go crazy, when the tree branch he is standing on snaps and causes him to fall. Mirha and Leez look outside, startled at the sudden noise.

Episode 2-144Edit

Season 2 Episode 144: Your Justice and Mine (10)

At the Temple of Wind, Mirha says that it is obvious someone fell from the branch and ran away, and complains about people stalking her at a serious time like this. She then tells Leez that it is time to go meet with the others to discuss her role in the upcoming battle. Leez pauses a moment to scribble something on a notepad. Once they leave, Yuta sneaks into the room for a closer look at the items that made Leez look pretty. He examines the makeup, then picks up a bottle of lip tint and licks the wand, only to be thoroughly disgusted by the taste (the label says it contains herbal extracts). At first he thinks that her looks are not important to him so she should avoid wearing things like that, but then he considers the fact that they may make her safer from him. He then notices the doodle of himself that Leez left for him, which makes him even more crazy in love.

Out in the chill air of Aeroplateau, Ran asks Rana if she has seen Leez. She replies that Mirha took her with her earlier for some preparations before the meeting. Ran complains that Saha and the rest are asking too much from a naive girl who would easily allow others to exploit her, even to the point of getting her killed. Rana tells him that this is the first time they have seen each other in months, so should there be other things they could talk about? Ran simply looks back at her, wide-eyed.

At Sky Tower, Urha asks Saha if he is really fine with taking control of the tower in spite of his frail condition. Saha replies that it is the city's most powerful turret, and operating them is what he does best. Urha then mentions the backlash they received for moving the city, and asks him to consider revealing Agni's approval of their operation to quiet the discontent. Saha tells him no, since it would be better for humans to take their own actions rather than act on a god's decree. This is the world that Surya had hoped for, plus Agni would prefer that humans not obsess on his every word. This prompts Urha to praise Saha for being such a great leader for Willarv and bringing order to the world after the Cataclysm. When he speaks of Saha's strong sense of justice, Saha questions it as he mentions his inability to interrogate Lorraine for aiding Asha because of his personal feelings. Urha says that it is a regrettable situation, but he does not blame her since she was Asha's mentor and was always supportive of her. But now that she knows that the data from the Human Search System was used for murder, there is no way she would help Asha now.

Outside the locked room where Asha is being detained, a mysterious figure in a white fur cloak appears, uses hoti brahma bhavati brahma to create a key card, and opens the door. Once inside, the figure reveals herself to be Lorraine, who tells Asha that she is here to rescue her. Asha points out that she could be killed by Saha's long-range magic if she steps outside, but Lorraine says she came prepared and removes her cloak, which she says is her life's masterpiece and cost her 100,000 gold in materials alone. She explains that it is made of fur from Yaksha, the nastika with the greatest light attribute, and will block any long-range light magic attacks. Wearing the cloak will also make her unable to be located by magical means, only by direct view. Asha thanks Lorraine for being on her side in spite of her engagement to Saha. Lorraine tells her that she feels she is making the right choice since Asha is not a bad person, and this is all for a greater purpose, right? Asha tells her mentor that yes, she made the correct choice.

Episode 2-145Edit

Season 2 Episode 145: Your Justice and Mine (11)

Agni and Brilith arrive in Aeroplateau via transcendental skill. Agni remarks that Brilith must have absolute faith in him, otherwise the transcendental would have turned her to ashes. This embarrasses her and she sputters that it is because she is a priest. After Agni has a good laugh, he tells her he is taking her to a certain safe location.

A large number of magicians have gathered together. There is grumbling about being hijacked to Rindhallow, and talk of helping with the upcoming fight and about the cities' strong defenses. Nearby, Ran and Rana argue about his preoccupation with Leez and his lack of attention towards Rana. Ran finds her behavior strange and tries his best to explain himself. Watching all this, Natasha tells Erin that it must be a lovers' quarrel. Rana then asks Ran how he would feel if she paid more attention to other men, but Ran fails to get the hint. Rana then yells at him, calling him a clueless idiot, and walks away in tears. In her mind, she questions why she worked so hard to get Ran to graduate.

In a flashback at Mistyshore University, Ran's aunt Eline Haias shows Rana a case containing an item that stops the appearance of aging. Rana asks why she does not use it herself, and Eline explains that she did when she was younger, but was unable to bring herself to allow her husband grow old by himself, especially since they are both pure-bloods who age at the same rate. Eline tells her that if she gets Ran to graduate and they become engaged, then she can come see her about the item, because she will only give it to her under those conditions.

Convinced that Ran is in love with Leez, Rana regrets letting him go on the water channel quest with a younger woman and feels like all her efforts now have no meaning. Ran catches up to her, hugs her from behind, and hesitatingly asks her if she likes him. She says no, she loves him, and has for 18 years.

Episode 2-146Edit

Season 2 Episode 146: Your Justice and Mine (12)

Three years ago at Mistyshore University, Ping Haias asks Ran if he is going to graduate this time, but Ran replies that he failed Intermediate Level Topology again. After Ping teases him by saying it will take him another eight semesters to graduate, Rana passes by in the hall and reminds Ran of his tutoring session at the Time of Light. When Ping learns that the tutoring is free of charge, he says that it must be because Rana likes him. Ran scoffs at the idea of someone pretty like her being interested in him. Ping tells him to rise up to the challenge before some other man takes her off the market, because she is looked upon by many mothers as the perfect potential wife for their sons. Ran mentions that since she is a pure-blood, when she grows old he will still appear young. Ping notes that Ran's feelings must be serious since he is looking at the situation long-term, and suggests that he can still love her when she is old. Ran states that it is not something that matters to him, and reveals that his greatest worry is that she would feel isolated as time goes by because they will be unable to grow old together. Ran then tells Ping that no quarters should date her for this reason, even him. Ping replies that she is not his type, which makes Ran defensive...

In the present, Ran continues to hug Rana while she waits for his response. Fed up with his silence and then his reply that he is not someone she should like, Rana headbutts him and starts complaining that all he seems to do lately is take care of Leez. She asks him how he would feel if she began sending gifts to another man, and even take care of him. Ran tries to explain that Leez is like a little sister to him, which only makes Rana madder, saying she will look after other men and say they are just like her brothers...and she will even start sending birthday presents to Lutz again. Ran is not happy with that last comment, and so decides to tell her that Leez is Rao Leez's daughter. Rana is surprised by this revelation, and Ran explains that Leez keeps that information private, otherwise he would have told her sooner. He tells her that the point is, he does not care for Leez as a potential girlfriend and that everything is a misunderstanding. Ran then tells Rana that only she feels like a woman to him. When Ran's true feelings for her begins to sink in, she asks him why he told her that he is not someone she should like. He explains that he was hesitant to start a relationship due to their widening age gap and that if she aged faster than him, it might make her feel all alone. She covers her face in disbelief as Ran explains that he does not care if she gets old faster, which is the opposite of how she thought he felt. Out in the crowd, Ping finally notices the couple. Rana begins to explain to Ran that she will receive an item from his aunt Eline to slow down aging,[22] and asks him why he thinks she turned down everyone who ever asked her out. As Ran stares back in disbelief, Rana finally decides that her dignity is completely gone at this point, and asks Ran to marry her once the battle is over. Ran stands there in stunned silence while Rana once again waits for his answer.

Airi and Ruche privately comment on the awkward scene, and Ping yells at Ran from the crowd to just answer her, since everyone who studied with him knows he likes her. Nearby, Natasha Ross is clearly irritated with the love scene going on when a battle is about to start. Erin Florussi tells her to let it go, since they are young. With the turrets, the four-layer barrier, Kasak, and all of the top magicians gathered, they could not be any more prepared than this anyway. Natasha says that even so, something feels wrong.

Asha casts hoti marut to cut her own hair short, then pulls her new coat over her head.

Episode 2-147Edit

Season 2 Episode 147: Your Justice and Mine (13)

After Asha cuts her hair with hoti marut and pulls the cape's hood over her head, Lorraine asks her why she did that with a dangerous spell instead of asking her to do it. Asha explains that she did it to strengthen her resolve. If her will was not sincere and she subconsciously wanted to give up, she could have sliced her own throat. Lorraine asks her what she is trying to say, and Asha reveals that this is not about taking risks because of her death sentence, and that this is how she has been cutting her hair for quite a while. As Asha recalls her words from years before, when she was determined to have her revenge,[2] she surmises that this may be her way of confirming her dedication to her past self from the day she first cut her hair.

Ran, flustered at the crowd's teasing, picks up Rana and runs off with her. Within the crowd, Ruche complains to Airi that there are no handsome men around to help keep her vigor up. Natasha asks when the two of them began to act so civil to each other, but soon enough the duo are trading insults again. Mirha interrupts by calling Ruche and Airi over and introducing them to Leez, telling them that they will be fighting together since Leez has a large role in the fight and needs teleportation and recovery support. Ruche makes a subtle dig at Leez's old outfit, and Airi comments on Leez's triple attributes and considerable talent as a fighter. She adds that if she had known about Leez sooner, she would have taught her magic and fighting skills. Leez agrees that it is a shame, and says that if they had known each other in Atera, many things would be different. Airi also expresses her regret over the situation with Asha and tells Leez that as the person most recently closest to her, she must be devastated. Leez responds with a cold smile that yes, it was devastating. Mirha looks on with a concerned expression.

Inside Sky Tower, Agni brings Brilith to the room where she will stay, which is surrounded with fire. He explains that this is the place where he used to give out oracles, and that it is a very safe location so he can fight without any worries. He tells her that her he knows she prefers action, but he also knows that she selflessly devotes herself to the people of the world and asks her to smile and be positive. He kisses her on the forehead, and promises to give her news of their victory before leaving.

Looking out a panoramic window, Agni sounds unsure about leaving Brilith alone, but Saha tries to reassure him that he will do his part in safeguarding her. Agni admits that he should have met Saha sooner, but he did not expect that the humans would step up the way they did once they learned that the suras were after humans named Kubera. He regrets not talking to Surya when he was briefly in the god realm dealing with Brilith's lifespan. He then tells Saha that he will not encounter him again once he dies, saying that this is a compliment and a blessing. Saha thanks him. Agni then decides that he will take over the Death barrier, which is the weakest of the four barriers. He instructs Saha to tell the Priest of Death to go out and fight.

Episode 2-148Edit

Season 2 Episode 148: Your Justice and Mine (14)

At the Temple of Darkness, Claude expresses joy over not having to maintain his barrier, and brags that being the most inept priest has its advantages. As he prepares to leave, Laila quickly puts him in a headlock, tells him that he will be fighting in the front lines, and drags him away as he protests.

As they look out towards the snowy landscape beyond the edge of Aeroplateau, Kasak tells Agni that the suras surrounding Rindhallow are the same that attacked Atera. Agni wonders why they seem to be gone now, and Kasak presumes that it is because the earth attribute is neutralized around Aeroplateau. Since earth is the default attribute of the snakes, any upcoming attacks will likely be lead by someone else. Agni realizes that in that case, it will probably be the 5th-stage Garuda rakshasa they heard about. Agni then wonders out loud why the one who gave them all this intel is hiding. The fire god knows that Yuta came to ask him a question but wonders why he hesitates to approach him. Yuta is gripped with fear and cannot understand why. He can block both insight and transcendental skills, and so wonders if this god has an unblockable transcendental. After Agni startles Yuta from behind, he offers to give him relationship advice, which gets Yuta's attention. The god tells him to take advantage of the time he has with Leez since humans have such small lifespans. Agni in the past squandered his time with a loved one because he failed to realize his own feelings until after she died, and even now he continues to live in regret.

Someone who appears to be a teenage boy in a hooded cape walks alone, barefoot, along the Polar Sea (between Rindhallow and Eloth). Shess suddenly appears before him and notes that the boy finally has his transcendentals back, but he is becoming less able to use them. Shess then asks him if he is ready to join the fight now, on whichever side. The boy asks Shess which side he is on, and Shess replies that the Kinnara clan is always neutral. The boy points out that Shess arrived in the human realm with Sagara, but the rakshasa explains that it was in order to maintain a neutral balance. He then explains that he is always ready to help the side that has the disadvantage. He points out that he intervened in Atera, and reveals that he fed information about the suras to Taksaka's son Kasak. All of it was to prevent either side from suffering a one-sided defeat. The boy then assumes that Shess will ally himself with the humans, but Shess questions his assumption. The boy replies that since Sagara now has all of God Kubera's items, the only thing left to do is to kill one more human with the name Kubera. The suras, with the addition of Samphati, are now incredibly strong, and the humans are weak in comparison. Shess says that the human cities are strong at the least until Agni's barrier breaks. The rakshasa then suggests that if the boy has yet to take a side, then he should wait for now and watch how things play out; it will still not be too late to join a side even after the barriers break and the balance shifts. When Shess says that it would be better to make excuses for getting involved later than to commit to one side now, the boy scoffs, finding the idea distasteful, and accuses him of being an opportunist instead of neutral. Shess retorts that an opportunist would join the winning side, not the losing side, and points out that it would be a better description of the boy in front of him, who looked the other way when the Ananta clan asked for his help. Shess tells the boy that yes, his predicament is bad, but he should think about his own bad choices which led up to his current situation. Ananta was strong enough to quickly defeat the Taraka clan, alone and unarmed. If he were still alive, the Gandharva clan would never have been raided by them. Shess then claims that the primeval gods likely gave Ananta the most powerful name because the future with him alive would be the optimal future. Unfortunately, the god who would find the next-best future has also disappeared. For everyone else, they will seek to find what they believe to be the optimal future by following their own sense of justice. Shess then asks Gandharva, what would be justice for him?

Episode 2-149Edit

Season 2 Episode 149: Your Justice and Mine (15)

As Ran looks over a balcony, the people below are surprised to see flames flash across the sky; one person remarks that one of the barriers has changed which must mean that Agni has arrived. Ran begins to babble about the safety of the city, then about the Neutral Bow, when Rana interrupts him, still wanting an answer to her question. She then begins to second-guess herself for being too forward. Ran finally asks her what it was that attracted her to him all that time ago, since he was a bratty kid back then with a brother who was smarter, stronger, and better-looking. Rana asks him if he doubts her, but he denies it. She then asks him what it was that attracted him to her 18 years ago. Ran blurts out that everyone else looked like sea creatures except for her,[23] then tries to explain that it was not because he liked her because she was the one who liked him... Rana gets fed up, tells him to forget about marriage, and walks away.

As Rana continues to fume, Ran catches up and slams his hand against the wall in front of her (damaging it) while begging her to wait. He starts to admit his feelings, then fusses about the wall, then rambles on about feeling awkward and asks her not to cancel anything. Rana shuts him up by shoving his face, tells him he talks too much, and suggests that this is not a good time right now. Ran protests that he is not done talking yet but Rana walks away again, remembering that it was the sound of his voice (and his cursing) that caught her attention and her heart back then. Behind her, Ran complains about her being fickle.

Inside Aeroplateau's Turret #1, Mirha explains that the priest operates both the barrier and the turrets. However, the turrets have automatic targeting, which makes the priest's job easier, but effectively weakens their firing power. Mr. Kasak, for example, would only be tickled by them. If the barrier breaks, auto-targeting deactivates. For this reason, if they have time in advance to prepare for a fight, the turrets are readied to be operated manually. Suddenly, Leez is astonished as the walls dissolve, giving a clear view outside. Mirha points out the Aurora Forest and the Polar Sea, and says the enemy is likely in the forest area. She tells Leez that if she spots the enemy, she will use the Sword of Return's transcendental attacks. Leez protests that she can only use one of the sword's attacks, which does not have a long range. Mirha tells her that the range does not matter since the turret compensates for it. Ruche comments that Turret #1 is powerful enough on its own, and asks if they are only going to use it to extend the range of Leez's attacks. Mirha tells her that she can also attack using the turret as long as she watches her vigor, since she needs to reserve enough for an emergency teleport. Ruche is excited that this will be the first time she has operated a turret since practicing as a university student. Airi questions how long ago that was, and chirps that she should probably take over, causing Ruche to protest. Mirha asks Leez if she is up to the task. Leez responds that she has to be; since she cannot use Kubera magic or her bracelet, the sword is all she has to work with. Leez asks if she can practice, and Mirha gives her the ok. Leez swings the sword and fires her transcendental attack, but it seems to vanish into the wall. The attack then reappears outside the city and advances until it hits the side of a snowy mountain, slicing into it. As Mirha reiterates that this is the reason why Saha said Leez's position is important, Leez thinks to herself that maybe with this, she will be able to destroy that red bird when he shows up.

Samphati sits on a snowy mountainside as she observes the attack, and smirks.

Episode 2-150Edit

Season 2 Episode 150: Your Justice and Mine (16)

Inside the turret, Mirha asks Leez how she's feeling, since her earlier mention of Asha seemed to trouble her, but Leez tells her she is fine. Mirha tells her that there is food stored in a nearby compartment for her to eat to make her feel better, and mentions Asha again as Ruche and Airi quietly look on. Leez thanks her for her concern and smiles. Mirha prepares to leave for the temple and tells her to stay strong, because once the battle is over... She stops herself before saying that a better future lies ahead, since she knows that Leez has only a few years of life left. Leez asks Mirha why she did not finish what she was saying, then fills in the blank for her: After the battle, they should take the giant parfait challenge together.[24] Mirha smiles and tells her they will.

In the Aurora Forest, Cloche complains to the other rakshasas about their delay in attacking, giving the humans the opportunity to prepare themselves. Riagara tells her that it is because "He" was having some problems, causing the delay. Cloche is frustrated that they are being kept in the dark, and worries about the increasing possibility that Ananta clan suras could die even if they win. Samphati and Maruna fly in and hover nearby, and Samphati tells the group that they will not face any danger since they will not be in the front line. Ananta suras, whose primary attribute is Earth, are substantially weakened by the proximity of Aeroplateau so they will be protecting "Him" in the back and wait for the attack to be over. Cloche is surprised at this, and Riagara questions if this includes Sagara, since Samphati previously said she herself would not fight Agni. Samphati replies that Sagara will be in the front line to face Agni. Riagara is shocked and Cloche protests, but Samphati tells them that Sagara is a nastika who still has many transcendental skills at her disposal that do not require the Earth attribute, and the rest of the Ananta suras would be too weak to fight. With Riagara and Cloche visibly upset, Samphati tells Maruna that it is time to go. Before they fly away, Maruna grabs Hura first. Cloche asks Riagara what they will do, since she does not believe the others are willing to give up their lives for Sagara like they are.

The two Garuda suras, with Hura in tow, land on a snowy cliff where Sagara awaits them. She asks about the kids' reaction and Maruna tells her they were crying over her. Sagara says it was for the best that she did not tell them herself. Hura remarks that she looks relaxed for someone about to take on a god in an area where the Earth attribute is nullified. Sagara replies that she regained quite a few useful transcendental skills that had been sealed by Taraka during the Taraka clan's attack on the Gandharva clan, so she can fight against a summoned god. Hura mentions that the only wildcards left who can influence the battle are the Taraka clan hybrid, the half dragon, and Gandharva. Sagara replies that while she faces Agni, it is their job to deal with the rest. Samphati tells Hura that they will not fight directly but will follow her direction. She will deal with everyone except Agni. She begins to transform.

Episode 2-151Edit

Season 2 Episode 151: Your Justice and Mine (17)

As Yuta sits on the edge of Aeroplateau and looks out into the distance, he recalls Agni instructing him to keep watch on that side while he and Kasak watch from the other side. Yuta wonders if this means that they trust him. Suddenly, he spots what appears to be Leez removing the Hide of Bondage and tottering on a high, snowy ledge a great distance away. Yuta panics, worried that she cannot regenerate with the bracelet if she dies. He swoops over to her and catches her as she falls. As Yuta tells her that she is making a drastic choice, "Leez" locks her fingers around his back and Yuta sees the world falling away.

Inside the turret, Leez makes a few practice swings with the Sword of Return. Ruche warns her not to overdo it, but Leez explains that this will make her reflexes faster, plus it is not enough to tire her out. Airi is impressed with her work ethic and laments that she was unable to take her in as a student in Atera. Ruche points out that many of her students had given up and run away, but Airi explains that they did not have the right attitude. She then mentions a kid who showed potential, who she tried to take to Kalibloom when Teo was missing, but in the end she did not. Ruche whispers that Asha wanted to keep that a secret from Leez, but Airi tells her that it does not matter now since Leez already learned about the red sky incidents. They then hear a noise outside and the sky flashes yellow. They realize that this is the work of a Garuda sura and note that the sky is not red like it was in previous incidents. Ruche puts on her Hunter's Eyes, but she is unable to see anything in sura form, so they deduce that it must be attacking in human form. Leez notices that the other turrets are firing at what looks like empty sky.

Kasak and Agni watch the auto-targeting turrets fire but cannot see the target, and they realize that the sura must be using Hiding. Kasak assumes that the transcendental will wear off once the sura uses another transcendental, but Agni explains that if the sura is a 5th-stage rakshasa with both Sky and Darkness attributes, then it can use the most powerful level of Hiding which does not wear off. Agni and Kasak come up with three methods of dealing with it: 1. Fight with someone who can cast hoti surya, which would be easier with a god but trickier with a human; 2. Track the auto-targeting turrets, but since the target moves so fast it will always be one step ahead of them; and 3. Have Yuta seal the transcendental skill. They finally notice that Yuta is nowhere to be seen.

Yuta wanders, confused, in a yellow haze on a barren landscape. He falls to his knees and is unable to remember what he was just doing. He hears a voice and looks up, only to find himself much younger, back in the sura realm, and facing a pink-haired girl. She says that it was hard giving Samphati the slip, and asks him if they are going to play. Seeing his stunned response, she asks if he forgot her name again. She tells him once more: Jatayu.

Episode 2-152Edit

Season 2 Episode 152: Your Justice and Mine (18)

Still inside an illusion of the past, Yuta rests his head on Jatayu's lap and tells her he had a long dream where many things happened, but he needed to run away from something scary that he is unable to remember. She asks if he is forgetting something on purpose. He is confused and asks "Jatayu" what she means by that. She then tells him stop calling her that name since she is not Jatayu. She accuses him of devouring both herself and her name, and suddenly appears with a bloody, gaping wound on her neck and head. Yuta is shocked, and jumps away. She accuses him of making himself forget this unpleasant memory and living a carefree life. Yuta, shaken up, falls to his knees and bows to her, repeating over and over that he is sorry and he was wrong. The girl leans over to touch his head, telling him to stop crying because he is making her look like the villain even though she was the one who suffered. She then grabs his hair and pulls up his face. She accuses him of pretending to be her friend when he only saw her as food. Yuta sputters that this is not true, that he did not want to, and that it was unintentional. She yells at him to shut up and stop making excuses. She does not want his apologies because then the past 300 years would be in vain. All she wants is an immensely satisfying ending to all those years, and for that, he must be the villain.

As the massive transcendental attack blasts around the protected cities, crowds marvel at the light show, feeling complacent under the barriers. An announcement tells the crowd to find shelter in the nearest magic academy or temple, but many people are too fascinated by the view to listen. Natasha, observing the scene, says that these people need some actual suffering, like in Atera and Kalibloom, as a wake-up call. Erin tells her to keep it down or her comments will end up in the papers again. Lilia also seems frustrated with the crowd's lack of cooperation.

Asha is wearing her Hunter's Eyes as she watches the spectacle outside. Lorraine tells her to keep a low profile and to blend in with the other magicians. She also suggests that if Asha is heroic during the attack then she will be forgiven by the public, and saving high-ranking magicians would put votes in her favor at her next trial. Asha thanks her, then tells her that she should reconcile with Saha, or at least pretend to. Lorraine is convinced that Asha is a good person who is simply misunderstood. Asha tells her to stay safe until they meet again.

At Sky Tower, Saha quickly wipes away his tears as a trio of magicians report on their search of the sky using hoti surya. They were unable to find anything in sura form, but one caught a glimpse of only a wing tip of something moving very fast. Saha reports that the sura using the transcendental is too high above the cities to see, and the turrets are attacking a different sura from the Garuda clan, likely the one who caused the red sky incidents, who is fast enough to avoid the attacks. When one magician marvels that a sura using Hiding could be so fast, Saha tells her no, another sura is riding it and is probably the one cloaking them, and both are drawing the turrets away from the sura above. One of the magicians suggests informing Agni, but Saha says that if Agni goes that far up, it would weaken the barrier. And the problem of sending Mr. Kasak is that the sura using Hiding would use its transcendentals against him. After a brief pause, Saha tells the magicians to inform Laila to use her last resort, and tell her that he is sorry he could not be of more help.

Kasak realizes that Yuta is no longer in the city and wonders if something happened to him. Agni tells him to stay in the city and hold off fighting until Yuta begins to block transcendentals. He then summons the Sword of Hellfire and tells Kasak that he is going to go find Yuta.

Episode 2-153Edit

Season 2 Episode 153: Your Justice and Mine (19)

Laila shows Claude some sleeping pills, and explains that they will put him to sleep instantly, but they have one side effect—hair loss. She then tells him that at least for his own sake and the sake of his sister, he should not run off. When he points out that he has no choice in the matter, she says that she wishes that his actions would come from his heart, if only a bit. When she leaves the room, he says to himself that he has been helping willingly all this time, and he will continue to do so, even though she will never really know.

Asha sneaks around a temple avoiding other people, when she is confronted by a woman who has been possessed by Claude. He warns her that hiding with hoti chandra is useless against certain Death magicians who possess a sixth sense, and explains that this is the reason his card readings are so accurate. Asha sees that he is using bhavati yama again, and mocks him for hiding out while using the bodies of others to shield himself. Claude says it does not matter as he will do anything to keep her from passing through. Asha says that he is hardly an opponent to her, but he points out that these magicians are expendable and he will take over as many as he needs to until she is caught and killed, so she will never get the opportunity to reach Laila. Claude then mentions that only one more Kubera needs to die for everything to end, and points out that there is another Kubera in the city as well (apparently referring to Leez). He does not want Laila to be the one who is sacrificed, and if Asha leaves, he will not interfere with her. Asha tells him that she will change her target, then begins to walk away. This surprises Claude, but he nonetheless wishes her luck. He then compares her ruthlessness to that of the suras and says that he understands. Asha momentarily turns back to him and remarks that he says he understands her, yet does not see her as a human being. Claude replies that both of them are too far gone to be treated as human beings, then cheers her on.

Laila finds Claude already asleep, slaps him, and complains that there are no suras yet that are suitable for him to use bhavati yama on. Saha's messengers suddenly arrive.

Agni notices that one of the mountains is unaffected by the transcendental attack, and finds Sagara there, holding a black feather and resting her feet on Yuta. Sagara says that she will not hand him over since she needs a little more time to finish her "masterpiece". Using the Sword of Hellfire, Agni turns dark and fires up an explosive transcendental.

The flames temporarily distract Maruna; Hura, riding on his back, complains that they almost just got hit by a turret. Maruna notes that Agni found Sagara. Hura does not seem to care which of the two wins or dies, and points out that they are both Maruna's enemies in the end. Maruna replies that for now, the victor must be Sagara.

Sagara is surprised at seeing Agni's transcendental for the first time, but notes that he is not using his full power. She observes that he cannot bring himself to blast away both her and Yuta because the Taraka clan had sided with the gods when Ananta died, and so Agni must protect this prince in order to continue to use them.

Episode 2-154Edit

Season 2 Episode 154: Your Justice and Mine (20)

Agni, still using stormy transcendetal, is suspicious as to why Sagara has not changed to her male form to fight, and deduces that her transcendental on Yuta would be undone if she did. She tells him that he is not wrong, but it is not the only reason. She says she is confident enough to fight him in her current form for now, but she will only do so indirectly so that she can keep her hold on Yuta and complete her masterpiece. She then uses a transcendental skill to materialize a dead nastika, Urvasi, to hold off the god for a while. Agni is shocked because this means that Urvasi has died, and wonders what could have happened to the rest of the Gandharva clan.

At Sky Tower, Brilith approaches the doors in her chamber because she hears voices outside. When she tries to open them, she finds that she is locked inside. She begins to worry about what is going on outside, but then tries her best to convince herself that everything is fine.

After using up his remaining vigor to cast a final spell, ...ti surya, Saha is exhausted. There is a ring at the door, and he hears Lorraine through the intercom.

In Eloth, Tilda tells Lutz to stop worrying, but Lutz reveals that Saha left a Kubera here for him to protect, because in case Aeroplateau and Rindhallow are destroyed, at least one Kubera could survive. Tilda asks who it could be, and Lutz replies that he knows the truth and that it is her. Tilda denies it, saying she has always been Tilda, and explains that the reason she has her position is because of her excellent memory. Lutz realizes that he misinterpreted Saha's message,[8] but after Tilda explains the Human Search System results by both Saha and Ran that she witnessed, Lutz deduces that the Eloth Kubera is none other than Saha himself. Lutz is shocked to realize that all three Kuberas are together under attack by the suras.

Lorraine says that she needs to talk. Saha asks if she is alone, and when she replies yes, he opens the door. He looks in horror as Asha appears behind Lorraine. He grabs Lorraine and pushes her to the side as Asha delivers a killing blow to Saha.

Episode 2-155Edit

Season 2 Episode 155: Your Justice and Mine (21)

Lorraine recalls her first meeting with Asha. The professor is amazed at this new girl's fast and accurate math calculations, and offers to be her benefactor in providing funding and connections to help her go even further toward her goals. Asha says that her dream is to become a very strong magician. Lorraine decides that a student like her would be very rewarding to teach, and shakes her new student's hand.

In the present, Asha attempts to hit her with a hoti marut spell, but Lorraine successfully shields herself with hoti brahma. Lorraine is very confused about what Asha is doing now and what she did to Saha, and tells herself to stay calm so that she can calculate. Asha recalls Lorraine explaining the two ways to get around a hoti brahma wall: cut away space itself using bhavati marut even though its speed is slow, or cast bhavati indra, which targets all living beings with blood within range of the spell, and kills any pure-blood human without Indra magic resistance. Back in the present, Asha chooses the latter and shocks Lorraine before she can complete a spell.

Asha notices strands of electricity flowing towards a door off to the side. She remembers Lorraine explaining that unexpected directions in the flow indicate that something else, possibly a hidden enemy, was also struck by the spell. Asha walks to the door, opens it, and finds Brilith, who was obviously hit. She asks Asha why she would do something like this, but Asha simply closes the door on her as she protests.

In a flashback, Brilith and Asha are having a picnic. Brilith tells Asha how amazing she is, but is unable to understand how her friend obtained her abilities; in spite of Brilith's own hard work, she hardly even compares. Asha tells her that she has only walked the path of light, so she would be unable to understand all the work Asha had to do.

The resulting distress causes Brilith's vigor to plummet, and the Death barrier shuts down.

Temple magicians wake up Claude and inform him that the barrier maintained by Agni has deactivated, and suggest that he should prepare to use bhavati yama in case of an invasion. Claude says not to worry about it since the suras no longer have any reason to attack the city, and asks where Laila is. They tell him that she left the Darkness barrier to the priest candidates so she can attempt to use summoning magic. This alarms Claude.

Laila sits alone on her bed, with her mask off, and utters the summoning spell for Chandra.

Episode 2-156Edit

Season 2 Episode 156: Your Justice and Mine (22)

Claude teleports into the Temple of Darkness and rushes to Laila to warn her that there is no need for summoning magic, since the suras will retreat soon. He finds that he is too late and Chandra has already been summoned. Chandra asks him what exactly he means, and says that if he is siding with the suras, he will make a fine mincemeat out of him.

Sagara taunts Agni, who is encased in a wall of ice. She says that something must have happened to his summoner and, judging by the light pillar that appeared, one of the Kuberas must have died. She says that she will still continue the attack, since the suras have a deep grudge against Rindhallow. She turns to Yuta and tells him that his first duty will be annihilating the humans after the barriers are broken. She thinks that with Agni out of commission, the barriers should be weak, and wonders why Samphati stopped attacking.

Ran and Rana arrive at the scene of Saha's murder. Rana quickly uses hoti asvins on him and Lorraine, who managed to survive because of her clothes has resistance against magic attacks. Ran says that he will freeze Saha so Asha can resurrect him, but Lorraine says it would be useless since he signed the DNR list long ago. They find a letter in Saha's pocket in which he describes his actions and plans in case he is no longer able to help. He explains that he used hoti surya bhavati surya to paralyze the sura attacking the barriers, and that Chandra and Mr. Kasak should execute a joint attack to kill it in one hit. He apologizes to Lorraine for not being able to keep his promise.

Rana asks Lorraine if she saw who attacked them, but Lorraine breaks down in tears. She remembers Saha telling her that even if her relatives pressure her to get married, she should live freely. His feelings will not change, and he will wait for her decision, no matter how long it takes.

Episode 2-157Edit

Season 2 Episode 157: Your Justice and Mine (23)

Hura notices that Samphati is no longer attacking and sees the pillar of light in the distance; he deduces that a human with the name Kubera must have died. Maruna is surprised because the cities' barriers are still intact. He wonders how the Kubera died, then realizes that it may be the doing of "that magician". Hura asks him if they have a human collaborator, but Maruna tells him that it happens to be someone following the same course, and who may turn out to be a troublesome enemy for them. He regrets not killing it back on Carte and wonders how much power the magician has stolen from the Kubera this time.

Asha, wearing her Hunter's Eyes, uses hoti surya hoti indra to strike the flying pair, and hits Hura. As he regenerates, he gushes about how it was an amazing and powerful shot, even though they were hidden and moving at high speed, and that his resurrection ability prevented him from dying. Maruna notices that the Hiding has worn off, and since Samphati is no longer attacking, he decides to retreat. Kasak watches as they fly away.

In the Temple of Darkness, Chandra questions Claude, who invites the god to use insight if he has any doubts about him telling the truth. Chandra says that he only sees a thick fog in his thoughts, and notes that if Claude knows about insight, a god must have spoken to him directly about it, because otherwise humans are unaware of that ability. He demands to know which god, but Claude claims that he cannot reveal who gave him an oracle. Chandra gets angry at this and wraps Claude in spiked vines, saying that pain is the most effective punishment for offending a god. Laila asks Chandra to stop, since they have bigger things to worry about. She asks him to carry out the operation she informed him about earlier. Chandra mentions that she has grown a lot in all this time, and hopes that she will eventually drop the formalities. She instead tells him that she will die soon anyway, just like her mentor. Chandra responds that it was an accident that happened long ago, so she should just get over it. As he flirtatiously reminds her of the promise that he made to her, she tells him to go fulfill his promise, then. He laughs, tells Claude that he should be grateful to Laila, and leaves. Claude thanks Laila for sending the god away, and she promptly kicks him in the face, knocking out a few teeth before beating him some more.

In Turret #1, Ruche and Airi observe that the Darkness barrier has strengthened, which must mean that Laila's summoning was successful, despite her hate for Chandra. Ruche presumes that the presence of two strong gods scared the suras away, and then notices the pillar of light in the distance. Leez suddenly looks ill and staggers, so Airi asks if she is hurt. She begins to answer, but sees Airi staring at something behind her. Leez wonders if it is a sura and turns around. She sees a figure hovering outside and immediately recognizes Asha in her disguise. Asha casts bhavati marut, which slices through the turret.

Episode 2-158Edit

Season 2 Episode 158: Your Justice and Mine (24)

On Carte in the year N5, Asha asks Rao if he will really sponsor her once they get to Willarv. She is taken aback when he shows her a picture of his wife and baby daughter that just arrived. He explains that because of problems with the transport system since the Cataclysm, it took five years for the image to be transmitted. As Rao continues to gush about his daughter, Asha instantly feels hatred towards her.

In the present, the destroyed turret rests where it crashed into Rindhallow. Airi comes to her senses, complaining that her head hurts. She recalls seeing Asha and worries that she is unable to use Kubera magic to fight here. Ruche tells her that Asha is already gone. The crowd thanks her for saving them from being crushed to death. Airi asks where Asha and Leez went, but Ruche tells her she has no idea. She explains that she was preoccupied with saving people from being crushed and only barely managed to save Airi with hoti asvins, since her head was half gone due to Asha's bhavati marut. Airi tells Ruche that she must immediately inform Saha that Asha has escaped, and that she will stay here, treat people, and look for Leez. Ruche teleports away with hoti vayu.

Rana snaps Ran out of the stupor he fell into due to Saha's sudden death. She recalls finding Ran covered in blood and crying during the Cataclysm. She puts her arms around him and tells him to put the bad thoughts out of his head, and to concentrate only on good things. He is amazed at how collected she is, and she tells him that magicians must maintain their mental state and vigor during a crisis. But this does not apply to him, someone who has no need to calculate...

Ruche arrives, and makes an uproar when she sees that Saha is dead. Bystanders explain that Ran and Rana found him, and that Lorraine was found collapsed next to him. She demands to know where Lorraine is. When told that she is taking a rest, Ruche is incredulous that they let the number one suspect go. She says that, of course, nobody would suspect the person engaged to Saha, but then this was the person who ran away from marriage and defended Asha in her murder trial. She concludes that Lorraine was the one who used the Human Search System on Asha's behalf, helped her escape, and killed her greatest threat. This is the first that Ran has heard that Asha has escaped. Ruche says that she came here to report that Asha destroyed Turret #1 and disappeared.[25] She then asks where Lorraine is, then directs the others to check the room where she is with hoti surya just to be safe. When they discover that Lorraine is no longer in the room, they rush in to find an outside wall missing, and Lorraine's glasses sitting atop a note on the table.

Kasak, who had just seen Maruna fly off,[25] deduces that he was simply drawing the fire of the turrets to distract them from the 5th-stage rakshasa attacking the cities. He also wonders why the attack stopped, since Yuta was not responsible for it. Chandra suddenly appears in front of him and tells him he is impressed that he is not rushing out without thinking. The god then asks if he has been living in regret for what he did during the Cataclysm.

Episode 2-159Edit

Season 2 Episode 159: Your Justice and Mine (25)

Sagara, seeing that Maruna and Samphati are no longer attacking, decides to leave the cities alone. Agni, body still frozen in ice, tells Sagara that he knows what she is doing, and she should stop. He adds that when a nastika dies, it is the end for them. Sagara argues that there is, in fact, a special afterlife for nastikas, isolated from other beings, and that annihilation is a lie perpetuated by the gods. Agni is surprised by her words, and asks her who told her this. Sagara states that it was a secret known only to the 5th-zen gods, and he should guess which one of them betrayed the others and told her. She then claims that the gods conspired to keep this a secret in order to prevent attempts at reviving dead nastikas. Agni tells her she is wrong, because the place nastikas go after death is not actually an "afterlife"—it is a dimension where the soul is ripped out, leaving only the name. Even if she manages to revive him, she will only be bringing back his "power" with no mind of its own; unleashing that kind of unstoppable force will only bring about the destruction of the universe. Sagara calls him a liar and says that even if it is true, he will surely regain his memories and return as the devoted leader he was in life. Agni calls this wishful thinking, enraging Sagara. She yells at him to shut up and Urvasi impales him with his ice sword.

Chandra appears and uses a transcendental skill to break Agni free and dissolve Urvasi. He turns around and sees Yuta in sura form, with Sagara perched in his mouth. She taunts Chandra, telling him that gods of darkness are nothing without their transcendentals, and Yuta cancels them. As she tells them that they must part for now, Kasak appears and grabs Yuta's arm, telling him to wake up. Yuta teleports behind the half dragon and smashes him with his tail. The teleportation causes Sagara to momentarily feel sick, and she wonders what transcendental Yuta used to move like that. She realizes that it is getting too dangerous for her since she was only supposed to deal with Agni, so she tells Yuta to leave, and they fly off.

Kasak unearths himself from the rubble. Chandra, holding up Agni, orders him not to follow Sagara and Yuta. He says that they must first take Agni back to the city. It seems that Sagara has yet to notice what happened to the 5th-stage rakshasa, so they should take care of it before she does.

Episode 2-160Edit

Season 2 Episode 160: Your Justice and Mine (26)

In a snowy valley where Maruna and Hura have met up with Riagara and Cloche, Maruna tries to figure out the reason for Samphati's absence while Riagara and Cloche demand to know what happened to Sagara and why they failed to return with her. Hura suggests that Samphati may still be on the lookout above, plus Gandharva has yet to appear. Maruna, visibly annoyed, gives Cloche an unnerving look before finally responding that their king will returned unharmed. He reveals that Sagara is using his little brother as a shield, then turns and walks away. He then suggests that they avoid attacking without recognizing who they are fighting first, since it would not have any affect anyway. Hura thinks to himself that Maruna was simply keeping his cool when he said that "Sagara must win,"[26] and realizes that he must be holding back his fury over the abuse of his brother.

At Aeroplateau's Sky Tower, Chandra overlooks Saha's body, noting that since he is now dead, their situation has become dire. Behind him, someone seems amazed that Laila's summoning succeeded, and someone else wonders if he will hold them responsible for this. Chandra turns around and notices Ran, the only person standing without a bowed head. Rana blurts out that he is Ran Sairofe, a recent AA. She then frantically tries to force his head down. Ran realizes that he should bow, but does not feel comfortable doing so and thinks it should be okay to raise his head. Chandra remarks that his AA rank is unexpected. He asks if that kind of power is accepted in magic exams, then adds that he will not question it since Ran is siding with the inferior life forms, which is enough, and tells him he has no need to bow. Chandra then turns the subject to Agni, and tells them that he is healing slowly because his priest, still unconscious, is too weak-minded and not up to snuff as a magician. Ran thinks to himself that this god is an arrogant jerk, and that he himself would make a better god. Chandra gives him an odd look before telling him that when he dies, this god will personally pick him up. As Ran stands there in confusion, Ruche (with her head still bowed) approaches Chandra, asking if they should look for Saha's murderer, and telling him that she calmly saved a lot of people when Turret #1 was destroyed. Chandra pauses before asking if she is looking for recognition, then tells her that she did a good job but failed to protect the most important thing. He thinks to himself that Laila is the last one left. He feels disappointed that everything is happening "in the way that guy intended," so maybe it was foolish to attempt to alter fate.

At the pillar of light, Leez asks Asha what she is saying now. Asha calls her stupid for making her repeat herself, and says that Saha was one of those named Kubera so she killed him. Because of that, the suras retreated. She then reveals that she had known he was a Kubera for a long time, but he was too risky to attack earlier because of his position. But now things are coming to an end, and an opportunity finally presented itself. Leez asks why she is telling her all this now, and if her goal is to make her accept his murder. Asha replies that she does not care if she accepts it, but Leez is responsible for it. When Leez responds with "What?" Asha tells her that she was the easiest Kubera to kill, but she opted to kill Saha instead, so she is only alive due to Asha's consideration and Saha's sacrifice. When Leez asks her what she is saying, Asha yells that Saha is dead because of her. She then tells her she should thank her for letting her live, and she should take responsibility for the death of the planet's leader. This enrages Leez, who punches Asha hard enough to send her sliding away. Leez sighs before saying that really, she cannot take any more of her bullsh*t.

Episode 2-161Edit

Season 2 Episode 161: Your Justice and Mine (27)

Leez questions why she is at fault for Asha's murders, especially since she is prepared to die trying to protect Rindhallow. She insists that Asha is the one who needs to take responsibility. Asha remarks that Leez has changed, but Leez retorts that Asha is the one who changed. Asha counters that she was always like this, and lists all the ways she mistreated the stupidly compliant Leez since they met. She then points out that Leez recently took the blame for the destruction of her village,[4] yet now she refuses to take the blame for Saha's death or acknowledge that her mindset is now different. Asha insists that the reason is because Leez is simply unwilling to admit how naive she was in the past. She then guesses that Mirha, who she says is unable to keep her mouth shut, is the reason for the change. Leez discloses that it was her personal assistant, not her.[10] Leez adds that she wanted to ask her if the info in the documents were true, but was forbidden from seeing her. Asha admits that she read the documents as well, and everything is true except for thing: that she spared Leez because of her fighting skills. Asha explains that she could have killed Leez and gained her power, which would have been more convenient than dragging her around. No...the only thing of value that Leez possessed was Rao's surname.

Somewhere in a limbo-like wasteland, Brilith looks confused as Agni remarks that she is back here again. She says Agni's name, and he asks her if she remembers anything else, even just one thing. Brilith seems unable to, and Agni admits that she should have departed the last time, but he forced her back because of her one regret.[17] He is prepared to walk her to the entrance and takes her hand, but she suddenly stops, her eyes filled with tears.

Back in Rindhallow, Agni (with an unconscious Brilith in his lap) tells Chandra that she can hold on a little longer, but his vigor rate will not increase since she is unable to handle waking up yet. Chandra suggests that he let her go so that someone else can summon him who can endure his power, but he refuses. Agni then urges them to leave immediately before the other suras can wake the 5th-stage rakshasa from its paralysis. Kasak voices his concern about them leaving the cities vulnerable, but Chandra tells him that all three of them must take this opportunity together, especially since Agni is in a weakened state.

Maruna sees three streaks heading straight up, and realizes that Agni, a second god, and the half-dragon are going to attack Samphati. He concludes that she did not cease her attack herself and is likely paralyzed. He is not sure that he can get there ahead of the gods to awaken her. However, he realizes that the cities' defenses weaken the further they get, so he decides to force them to return by attacking the cities. He unleashes a transcendental attack on Aeroplateau's barrier, drawing Kasak's attention.

Episode 2-162Edit

Season 2 Episode 162: Your Justice and Mine (28)

As Agni, Chandra, and Kasak fly straight up into the sky, Maruna's transcendental slams into the city barriers, causing Kasak to look back. Chandra tell him to keep going because the attack is only meant to be a distraction, since there is no way the four barriers can be broken so easily, and that the one in the sky needs to be dealt with quickly.

At Aeroplateau's Temple of Wind, Mirha struggles to keep her barrier up while others quietly discuss the fact that none of the priests have been informed yet of Saha's death.

At Aeroplateau's Temple of Sky, Urha gives the order to have everyone with triple-Sky attributes to be on standby so as to avoid having all barriers broken at the same time.

At Rindhallow's Temple of Darkness, when someone checks on Laila's well-being, she replies that they all need to trust that Chandra will resolve the issue and return quickly.

At Rindhallow's Temple of Death, Claude watches the attack from a window as someone behind him tells him that he should at least pretend to worry about the barrier. Claude thinks to himself that there should be priest candidates on standby who will take responsibility if the barrier breaks.

At Aeroplateau's Sky Tower, Ruche, who has taken over the turret from Ran, is alarmed that none of the turrets are firing at whatever is attacking the barriers. Rana deduces that the attacker must be in human form, since the turrets will only fire at suras in sura form. She then asks Ran if he still has his Hunter's Eyes, and points out that his field of view should be clear since the mountains in the direction of the attack have already been flattened. Ran spots the attacker with his glasses, but notes that the turrets cannot fire at it because of its human form. Rana opens Ran's satchel and takes out the Neutral Bow in compact form. She tells him that she heard about how powerful it is and that it destroyed one of Kalibloom's pillars that supported the temples.[27] The power of the bow plus the range extension of Sky Tower should make it a formidable weapon. Ran explains that his brother could use it, but he has been unable to so far. Rana asks why he would carry around something that is useless to him, and Ran tries to explain that he can in fact use it, but... The barriers are hit again, Ruche becomes more frustrated, and Rana decides that she will use the bow. Ran protests that if her attempt fails, she will still lose all her vigor, but she says it would be better than not trying at all, plus she can recover vigor quickly. When she asks Ran where the string is, he takes the bow from her and tells her to save her vigor. He informs her that he can use the bow, but not in his current state. Rana realizes what he means and tells him to wait...

A young Ran and his mother sit among some rocks on a shoreline somewhere. She tells him that the fact that she lost that power when he was born was no coincidence after all. Even though his father wanted him to become a magician, this was his true talent. She tells him that his grandfather would always tell her to stay away from nastikas and never borrow their power. She then tells him that she hopes that he never shows that appearance again, because not only will he lose his lifespan, but he may face a greater punishment later. Ran points out that his mom used this power many times, but she says it was just a few times as a kid for the sake of her father. Ran says that he will then use this power for Rana, causing his mother to wonder why he does not take after the good things about her...

Ran's appearance has changed, with long, loose hair, thicker white eyelashes, and faint stripes on the sides of his face and his neck. At first some people nearby gossip about Ran letting his hair out, but then Ruche asks if nobody else sees what she is seeing. Rana, with a worried expression, says Ran's name. Ran draws the bowstring with his teeth, thinking to himself that he needs to focus and do this quickly so that he does not lose too much of his lifespan. He fires.

Maruna notices the attack and dodges it, watching it disappear in the distance. He wonders what the humans are trying to do with such a weak attack, and thinks that they should at least be precise. A whirlwind suddenly forms in the path of the "arrow." Gandharva (still in his newer form)[28] appears, yells at Maruna, and dives towards him as the whirlwind envelops them.

Episode 2-163Edit

Season 2 Episode 163: Your Justice and Mine (29)

Hura notices that an attack was launched from the cities. He wonders if Maruna is okay and if they should go help him. Cloche says to ignore him since they are involved in something more important, and Riagara adds that since their goal has been achieved, it would benefit them if he got himself killed; their clans will go back to being enemies, anyway. Pingara remarks that the preparations are complete, but he hopes there will be no regrets. An armored figure sits across a chasm from them.

As Leez wears the Hunter's Eyes, Asha explains that the armored figure sitting alone among the suras is their leader as well as the one responsible for the destruction of Leez's village. She then tells Leez that killing him will put an end to the suras' plans, and that this is her responsibility to carry even though it is extremely dangerous. But if she fails to kill him with the Sword of Return, then it will all be over. Leez tells her that she could have done this without hurting Saha, but Asha says she needed the additional power. Leez asks why that was the only way, and why not cooperate with Saha? Asha replies that if she spared Saha then the final victory would not be hers. Her goal is more than just revenge, so she must survive until the very end. She will kill anyone to achieve her goal—except Rao's family. Leez suddenly realizes that every tiny bit of kindness that Asha ever showed her was in fact directed to Rao. If she were not his daughter, she would have been slaughtered like everyone else.

Leez takes off the Hunter's Eyes and asks Asha if she ever had any regrets for walking this path. Asha replies no, because all the killing means that she will be the one to stay until the end. This is what justice is for her, but it is not for Leez. Asha then reminds Leez that since she said she would sacrifice herself for the greater good, then she should focus on killing that guy instead of asking unnecessary questions. Leez again thinks about her disillusionment about Asha and laughs to herself before asking what she is supposed to do now. Asha points out a passage behind the sitting guy and suggests that she go through there. Leez predicts that the suras will swarm her once she attacks, but she must survive in order to see her friends again.

Inside the passage, Sagara tells Yuta to stand guard and eat anyone who tries to come through. She then walks into the light.

Once the whirlwind dissipates, Gandharva chastises Maruna for standing around when there are two summoned gods nearby. When Maruna finally recognizes the nastika, he asks him about his younger appearance, but Gandharva tells him that if he wants to live he needs to stay away from both the gods and the Ananta clan suras and escape to Kalibloom. Maruna protests that he needs to find his siblings so that they can return to the sura realm, but Gandharva tells him not to trust "him" to allow him to go back, and that he should have realized the lies since nobody else came here to help him because they want him to die. Maruna then kneels and begs him to help him save Samphati. Gandharva tells him that he has no reason to, but Maruna explains that there are only two 5th-stage rakshasas left in his clan, and her loss would be critical. Gandharva relents, but says that since he cannot go up into space, they will have to combine their firepower to attack the cities, since this would be her only hope.

Episode 2-164Edit

Season 2 Episode 164: Your Justice and Mine (30)

Inside Sky Tower, Ran is back to normal, exhausted, as Rana checks on his well-being. Ruche thinks for a moment, then loudly praises Ran before questioning why he only started using his skill now. Rana replies that it uses up his lifespan, but Ruche retorts that it should not matter when there are more people he can save. Both Ran and Rana are irritated with her, but let it go. A new attack suddenly hits the barriers.

Outside the cites, Gandharva cautions Maruna to hold back his strength so that at least one barrier remains intact, and reminds him that this is the condition for his help.

Up in space, Agni pauses when he sees the attack. Chandra tries to convince him that it is simply a ploy to distract them and buy time, and that he and Kasak alone cannot guarantee a kill, but Agni decides not to take any chances and returns to the cities.

The cracked barrier is suddenly reinforced with flames. Agni materializes in Sky Tower's flame chamber to check on Brilith, who is still unconscious. He gently strokes her hair.

Agni steps out of the room, to the surprise of the crowd outside. He tells Ran to avoid overexerting himself and save his lifespan since the barriers cannot be broken now. Agni glances out the window and sees that Gandharva is involved in the current attacks, and feels disappointed because he was the only god who saw the nastika's potential.

As Chandra sits upon the half dragon's head, he tells him that he has spotted the hidden sura using his sixth sense. Since it is still using Hiding, the god instructs Kasak to aim his attack in the direction of the amplifier he just placed. (bhavati chandra only amplifies magic power; Chandra's amplifier also works on transcendental skills.) Kasak asks Chandra that since he is a god of darkness, is he able to use Hiding as well? When Chandra replies that Visnu sealed it, Kasak seems surprised that Vishnu-nim would do such a thing. Chandra scoffs at Kasak's use of the honorific, remarking that only a few know Visnu's true face, and tells him that he will explain later. Chandra brings up the possibility that the sura will go on a rampage (with eyes closed to avoid insight) when the first attack injures it, so Kasak must attack and dodge at the same time. The half dragon replies that it is easier said than done, which prompts the god to ask if he getting scared all of a sudden. Kasak declares that the only thing he fears is his own father.[29][30] Chandra understands. He states that the amplifier is in place, and begins a countdown to their first attack.

Still hidden from the gathered suras, Asha tells Leez that she has to continue alone from this point, and that they are far enough away from Aeroplateau that Kubera magic works and her bracelet's Regeneration will activate if necessary. Asha says she will use magic to watch from here, and that Leez must behead the man without hesitation with the Sword of Return when the opportunity arises. In spite of Leez's being kept alive for being Rao-nim daughter, Asha tells her that if she hinders her in anyway, she will kill her and do this herself. As Leez walks towards the pillar of light, Asha concludes that the terrible path she walked on was all for this moment; once she received the future-seeing god's support, everything became predetermined. Asha smiles as she thinks to herself, "It is my victory, Kubera".


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