Creative Fire is a transcendental skill that can be used for two purposes: maintenance and creation. In other words, it can either restore a damaged object or create a completely new object using fire.

When this skill is used for restoring objects that are broken, there is no time limit for the restored objects. However, when it is used purely for creation, there is a time limit for the created item, which will eventually disappear in a burst of flames or explosion.

This skill does not work on living beings. 


Agni performs this skill multiple times in the webtoon.

  • He repairs the food vendor's display case that Leez accidentally destroyed.[1]
  • He creates a flower of fire for young Brilith. When she sniffs it, it bursts into flames, leaving Agni howling with laughter.[2]
1-64 Creative-Fire Agni-Brilith


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