At the end of Season 2, Kubera went on another hiatus after Season 2 Epilogue (released on Naver on March 28, 2016). Currygom continued to periodically post on her blog. Below are the translations of her comments as well as scripts for the posted comic panels.

Translation credits: Tierra and Jay

(Any missing sections are still waiting for translation.)

[Notice] Several announcements related to Kubera ~~Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.04.11 Category: Information
  • First of all, many thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me when I announced that I would be taking a break. T_T I hadn't taken a break in so long, so I was unsure if I should make an official blog post, or just announce that I would take a break for a while without mentioning how long it would actually be. I worried about it, and decided that it would not be polite if it seemed like I would return any second now while making you wait for nearly a year. So I made an official announcement for a return in 2017. I was prepared for my star rating to take a huge drop once the news was out, but in the end the rating was higher than I expected so I felt so sorry... I want to repay all of you for your support and return quickly, but it's not a situation where I can... T_T

    I want to get Season 3 of Kubera started even more than you. First of all, I'm no longer getting paid... (Don't laugh. This is important. T_T T_T) I think about the money and getting back to work, but if I try to start Season 3 now I would ruin it, so I stopped. Season 3 has lots of action, but with my current skills there would be late deadlines and horrible art where you can't tell what's going on. It really is likely to happen...
  • Some of you want me to write another novel in the series during my break. Unfortunately, I have very little free time T_T so it would be difficult to do. There will be small posts about events that would happen in the time period between Season 2 and 3, about new characters appearing in Season 3, and changes you can expect. There will be some previews, and about one image per month in short posts.
  • (audio CD cover illustrations): (Updated May 9) These are available for purchase now! The Standard Edition is sold here:
  • I planned on working on the finite during this break, but the real plan is finishing up some of the printed volumes which were delayed while I was working on Season 2. As you know, I'm progressing too slowly so it's only up to Volume 6 so far... Yes, that's right... T_T T_T The most important thing to me is Kubera, so I am going to concentrate on Kubera-related things first.
  • As for the Hidden Currygoms, I'm making a separate post for questions about trying to find them.
    Regarding the questions I get often: I answered all of them in the main section of that post. So if you have any questions, read that post first! before asking me any questions you might still have!!! When I say that I'm not going to reply to some questions, I really won't and will skip over them. T_T Really.
  • The 7th Popularity Poll will soon be over. (The link is not included here because the poll is now closed.)
  • The Brilith outfit design even will be ending soon. (The linked blog post is no longer available.)

Kubera 7th Popularity Poll ResultsEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.04.14 Category: Information

This was how the poll was done~

  1. There was a preliminary poll of all the supporting characters who appeared from Episode 2-135 on, and the top 10 were decided from that.
  2. Those 10 supporting characters plus the 10 main characters were put up for vote in the Popularity Poll.

Voters selected "Like" for 12 characters (1 point), "Like more" for 5 characters (2 points), "Like very much" for 3 characters (3 points), and "Like the most" for a main character (5 points). The four different types of points were all added together.

#1: Yuta
Like: 2232 votes (#2): 2232 points
Like more: 1703 votes (#1) 3406 points
Like very much: 1406 votes (#1) 4218 points
Like the most: 871 votes (#2): 4355 points
Total: 14,211 points

(Refer to the original blog post for the breakdown of points for the rest of the top 20 votes.)

#2: Leez Haias (Kubera Leez) (Note: She received the most "Like the most" votes.)
#3: Gandharva
#4: Saha On
#5: Ran Sairofe
#6: God Kubera
#7: Agni
#8: Asha Rahiro
#9: Chandra
#10: Kasak Rajof
#11: Lutz Sairofe
#12: Sagara
#13: Maruna
#14: Shess
#15: Laila Hemawati
#16: Mirha Simon
#17: Brilith Ruin
#18: Rao Leez
#19: Airi Yui
#20: Rana Reimia

(From #21 on, these are not part of the Popularity Poll but are listed based on the supporting character poll.)

#21 Agwen Rajof 883 votes
#22 Visnu 730 votes
#23 Samphati 721 votes
#24 Hura 704 votes
#25 Tilda Melliot 557 votes
#26 Lorraine Rartia 437 votes
#27 Claude Yui 413 votes
#28 Jatayu 348 votes
#29 Riche Seiran 240 votes
#30 Urha Simon 185 votes

These are the results based on the characters who appeared from Episode 2-135 up to the present. Thank you for participating in the poll.

(See also: Character popularity polls)

Brilith outfit design contest has ended!Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.04.16 Category: Information

Only entries sent before April 16 at midnight will count. The event post itself has now been set to private. As with the Leez outfit design event, there will be some time before the winners are announced! (It takes a few days to choose the winners, and if you happen to win and I cannot contact you, then I have to wait a few more days for an additional winner...)

I will post the results once I have five winners!

Ah, I drew the 1st and 2nd prize dresses from the Leez outfit design event for the Season 2 Epilogue afterword, but where will I draw Brilith's outfit designs...? Some of you asked if we have to wait until Season 3 begins and if there'll be an official notice when I take a break, or a special episode, hehehe. Umm... Unless I break my arm or something during Season 3, I'm going to continue the main story without any breaks or special episodes. So perhaps Brilith will be wearing the 1st and 2nd prize dresses in the main story in Season 3.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event. If you are a winner, I will contact you through the guest board of the Naver blog. Thank you!

(sticker - Thank You)

But is this a new sticker? This is shocking since this is a character who always appeared alongside a rabbit...

(sticker - Brown and Cony on laptop)

Come to think of it, I think the color is a bit different.....? <

(sticker - Brown and girl bear fighting)

Ah. It's a completelly different character. They must be brother and sister! (I realized it as soon as I saw them fighting.)

Kubera 6th Anniversary Event - Brilith outfit winners announcedEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.04.18 Category: Information

Unlike with Leez outfit design event, this event didn't take too long since the situation didn't arise where I couldn't contact a winner!! Everyone responded quickly so this official post took less time to happen.

"She wants to wear this outfit" category: no winner
"I want her to wear this outfit" category: Leon(be~)-nim
"Almost made it" category: Lemon(sn~)-nim, Lily of the Valley(in~)-nim, dk~nim (no nickname)

(4x dress teasers)

(The ones who participated in a private post didn't want to show their designs, so I'm only going to show a glimpse of their dresses. It doesn't matter if the winners want to personally disclose their dresses on their own!)

So four people won! Congratulations!

(sticker - Cony thumbs up)

The design that won the "I want her to wear this outfit" category will be shown on Brilith sometime during Season 3. (There won't be any special episodes in Season 3, so she'll be wearing it in the main story!)

All the winners have been notified, so I took down my earlier notice. I will be repeating some important info. There is no winner for the "She wants to wear this outfit" category.

Regarding that, some of you were disappointed and told me that I should've told you the criteria for selection for this contest.

If I did that, then were certainly would've been several winners! But if that happened, then this contest would simply become one where the artist who draws and designs well wins... It wouldn't matter if they were really interested in Kubera, or how much they like the character Brilith. If it was someone who makes dress designs for a living, they could just submit designs they've made already and win that way...! But shouldn't it really...not be like that? T_T For me, events like "Find the Hidden Currygoms" and surprise quizzes in the blog are to maintain interest in Kubera and encourage everyone to read it again and again... The same goes for the Brilith outfit design event.

The most important thing about this event is finding the right design for Brilith. That will require that you have a lot of interest in the story and Brilith, and I wanted someone like that to win. Draw Brilith in her 20s in an outfit under the category "She wants to wear this outfit" or "I want her to wear this outfit", using hints for the design presented from the story. All this was stated in the original event notice. As a result, most readers drew her outfits based on Agni's tastes in Episode 84 (short and in shades of red) for the "I want her to wear this outfit" category. On the contrary, few people drew designs according to Brilith's tastes for the "She wants to wear this outfit" category, and so this one was cancelled.

I didn't state the criteria for selection and only mentioned that they were presented in the story, and I wanted to choose one that wasn't about how well you draw, but how much you understand the character. I would like a little understanding. T_T Thank you...

Brief NewsEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.04.28 Category: Random Chat

What I'm doing these days is work that's related to the Kubera audio drama and editing Kubera Volume 7 (+ the second printed Goo Bera installment). The audio drama wasn't released according to the schedule I posted earlier (those who pre-ordered should've received a message a week ago...) The release is taking longer so it'll be of higher quality.

(What is the audio drama? Please read this. The pre-order period is over, though... blog post link)

Actually, it doesn't matter if it's part of the main story or just a side story. The information is obvious to me because I'm the author, but I just want to listen to the voices over and over... so that's what I'm doing hehehehehe (I'm laughing because I like it too much.)

I will give more details once the audio drama goes on sale. Thank you!


Blog link Date: 2016.05.01 Category: Random Chat

(Ran, after a 1-year time skip...)


Blog link Date: 2016.05.04 Category: Information

(This blog post about fan messages and an art book that Currygom received has been translated at the Kubera FanCafe here. The organizers went to LINE Webtoons' comments and Batoto's forum to ask the English-reading fans to contribute to the books as well.)

Kubera Audio Drama on sale! + picturesEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.05.09 Category: Information

The reason Rana was attracted to RanEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.05.23 Category: Random Chat
Ran: Rana, you still haven't told me. When we were kids, what attracted you to me...?
Rana: ...

Ran: Can't you tell me? It's been weighing on my mind to the point where I can't sleep.
Rana: ...

Ran: ...If I can't sleep, what am I supposed to do?
Rana: It was because of your voice!

Rana: 18 years ago, it was just the sound of your voice that made me stop in my tracks.

There are many cool people in this world, even those who swear.

So even when you called me a hag, my heart skipped a beat.

...I stopped myself when I tried to tell you this. I felt too embarrassed...

Anyway, it was a long time ago. All I'm saying is that it was my first impression of you, and now, it's no longer just your voice...

Ran (peeking under the covers): Pretty.


Wait, what? If calling you a hag made your heart skip a beat, then why do you freeze when I call you pretty?

A-ha! You must have a conscience. You know that you're not pretty...


I recommend that you re-read Ep.2-149.


It's been a while since I made an official post on this, but for those who are unaware, I'll mention it again. The content of my blog posts cannot be copied and pasted anywhere else with the exception of those which I allow. Please view images such as these only on my blog, and don't put them anywhere else... Thank you!

(On the wiki, we have chosen to provide just transcripts of the comic panels for this article. You can follow the links to view the original images.)

Difficult Jobs in Kubera - The Priest of DarknessEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.06.26 Category: Random Chat
Claude: Laila is very busy, so aren't you distracting her too much?

Chandra: That's my line, lower life form.

Laila: I want both of you to f#@k off.

I originally wrote the title as Difficult Jobs in Kubera - Priests. I then realized that Claude is also a priest. (Even the artist forgets Claude's job since he's never doing it...) So I specified the Priest of Darkness. Hehehe

I'm working on the printed volumes, the story for Season 3 of Kubera, character designs, and background art. Originally I was going to show you a small image of Leez and Yuta from Season 3... but it looked too spoilerish, so I'm going to delay that. I used this image of Laila instead, which I had planned on uploading later.

I'll have an official post about Volume 7 soon. The Daily Life of Goo Bera section will have about 70 images and the main story will have over 100. Volume 7 will be exceptional.

Thank you for always cheering me on.

(sticker - I love you)


Blog link Date: 2016.07.15 Category: Random Chat
Airi: What? Siera-oppa? You're participating in the Fighter Championship?

Siera: There's a good reason for it...

Airi: Did you know that Laila-unni is participating this time?

Siera: ?!

Airi: Lutz-oppa will also be coming...

Siera's thoughts: Give up... Just give up now

He was so looking forward to participating, but it's all over~ T_T

What would be the outcome of this Fighter Championship?

Kim Gandal: Sheesh... This isn't good, Choi Maru. Go catch her!

Choi Maru: Let’s just eat lunch… I’m starving.

In addition, The Daily Life of Gu Bera will be included in Kubera Volume 7!

Kubera Volume 7 NewsEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.07.26 Category: Information
Kubera cover vol7

On the cover of Kubera Volume 7 is a solitary fiery Agni!

As I announced earlier, there will be 70 images for The Daily Life of Goo Bera (2nd part) and more than 100 extra images in the main story (I tried to count every one of them but kept miscounting, so I gave up... T_T) There's an additional setting section, but it's not very interesting. It's the background info on when Brahma made the barrier system...

(trading cards preview image)

Wouldn't it be sad if there were no new supplemental cards? These are only glimpses but you should be able to recognize everyone...but it's no fun if I show you everything, so it's just a small preview, hehe. Like always, there will be two random cards included in the first edition prints.

Kubera Volume 7 will be published sometime in mid-August. I will make another official announcement once the exact publication date is set. Thank you!

(sticker - Moon - thumbs up)

Kubera Volume 7 is Out!!Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.08.10 Category: Information

(Volume 7 copies plus fanned-out trading cards)

Kubera Volume 7! I just received them and read through it quickly and now I'm posting about it. I really like the cover I drew. Hehe. I deliberately placed the cards on the left so they're hard to see. It's no fun if you see everything here...

(sticker - Moon grin)

Notice the two cards with a lot of red in the image? As many of you guessed, there are two Agni cards: the Sword of Hellfire version and the Fire Assimilation version.

(image text: Sneak peek of Kubera 7 cards)

As usual, there are two random cards included with each first-run printed volume. Of course, you can still get the flop card, and for the first time it has a character drawn on it. The flop card always has a currygom, so which character was drawn with the currygom?

(image text: Extra scenes in Kubera 7)

In Volume 7 there were more than 100 images added to the main story... There are a few snippets here. There was nothing added to the story itself, but some scenes were needed to allow the story to flow naturally, or to connect pages where there was too much dialogue/too few scenes. So the images were added for reasons such as those.

(Goo Bera: ?????
The Daily Life of Goo Bera in Kubera Vol. 7)

The Daily Life of Goo Bera contains around 70 images and appears at the end of the book. Following the last page of Goo Bera is more background information about events before and after the barrier stone was created. I thought about adding information on the water channels, but decided that it would be better to include it in Volume 8.

(online Korean book pre-ordering information skipped)

The estimated delivery date is slightly different for each bookstore, but for the most part it will be on August 19~20. The brick-and-mortar stores will have it later than that? Thank you for pre-purchasing the book before you actually get it... I'm sorry I'm the only one who got my copy so quickly. Hehehehe T_T T_T

Her survivalEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.09.18  01:15 Category: Random Chat
Leez: ?!
     What? They don't sell anything here?

Please note that you don't have to worry too much about the possible question of basic survival. It was already answered in Season 1. Leez slept very well in a place that looked a lot like the sura realm... (For those of you who can't remember, please read the story again!)[1]

The problem is... other than than basic survival. Yeah...

If Asha were a manEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.10.07  10:40 Category: Random Chat

I suddenly had this thought.

In the beginning, there were many who bemoaned the fact that Asha was a woman, and demanded that I change her into a man.

Of course I never would have, but what if I really did it?

If I had changed Asha's gender to male, would the story have progressed the same?

Male Asha could become more popular than she is now.

They would be a major couple where he would treat the heroine like a fool, ignore her, worry whether or not he should kill her or choke her, slap her face, slice her body with Marut magic, endlessly verbally abuse her, and for the final kick, tell her "I killed your father" or something just as horrible, make everyone who ships them as a major couple descend into collective chaos and confusion, and finally, dislike the fact that the main female character is a gold spoon (wealthy/advantaged) by birth and so wants to make her into a dirt spoon (poor/disadvantaged), so he kills the person who would become his future father-in-law, and this terrible past will be revealed...!!!!

(sticker - worried Moon) ??????????

What's this... Am I wrong to think that this would become an even more dangerous story than the present one...?

Kubera Volume 8 news + webtoon shop merchandise newsEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.10.13  14:21 Category: Information

(image - small clip of Taraka)

I'm editing Kubera Vol. 8 and adding the final touches. (The image above will be included.) I'm drawing the backgrounds for Season 3 at the same time, which is delaying the printed book... T_T T_T
The last pages will have 4-panel comics, and in the supplement will be background info on the water channels as well as two other settings.

If I'm to mention one thing about Season 3 of Kubera, it's that the drawing style will change a lot. At the moment, my style is unsuited for Season 3... You'll find out why when you see the first episode of Season 3...(!)

Lastly, I'm introducing some merchandise from the webtoon store. They're not entirely new, however...

Do you recall when I originally announced the iPhone cases? Many of you asked if there are non-iPhone cases, and... they're out now. They came out.

webtoon store link

You can check out the link above. But the pictures were drawn for iPhones, so it might look a little strange on phones without the Apple logo (especially Leez, drawn to look like she's holding the apple...)

I was planning on drawing lots of new artwork for new items for the webtoon store during this hiatus, but now I have so much work to do, I can't work on merchandise anymore. Ugh T_T

The King of reading Kubera from the beginning! event, Nov. 6~8Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.11.04  21:14 Category: Random Chat
Blog quiz

This is a guerilla event. If you regularly visit my blog, you would've already seen parts 1~5 of this event. For the first four, I ran the events and announced when they would be updated. But this time, I'm running it unannounced. All the questions are derived from the entire Kubera webtoon series. Also, you cannot find any information that could come up from searching the internet. As the title says, "The King of reading Kubera from the beginning!" is a good event for those who've read a lot of Kubera and know where something would be in which episode.

The first question will be added to the replies of this blog post soon after (the question will appear as a reply!) In order to participate in this event, you need to reply to the reply containing the question I submitted. When you make the reply, you must set it to private, so only I can read it. If you make it public, I'll delete it without notification whether or not it's correct! So make sure it's private!

Oh, the prizes will be mentioned when I post the questions! Whoever gives the correct answer can also answer the other questions. I'll give away a prize if you're the first to get it right.

(The following questions were in the comment section of the blog and translated here.)

Question 1: Prize is Kubera Volume 7 (includes two character trading cards).

Find the character who has all three features listed below.
  1. This person has a high academic record on Planet Willarv.
  2. This person wears glasses.
  3. This person is fat (i.e. obviously different from the build of other normal-looking characters)

Question 2: Prize is Kubera character cards (2 of your choice or 5 randomly selected from Volumes 4-7).

The following is dialogue from the webtoon, and the middle part is missing. Please write all the words that belong in (1), (2), and (3). The answers must be accurate.

(Note: Because of word order differences in Korean and English, (2) and (3) are at the end instead of in the middle.)

...changed her mind... (1) as useful.
...lent you... That's (2)...

She's good at everything. ...Except for (3).

Question 3: Prize is 2 random flop cards from the printed volumes.

Please list A-F in numerical order, from the largest to the smallest amount. (All prices have been published in the story.)
  • Saha On's height is A cm.
  • Sagara and Manasvin have been a couple for at least B years.
  • If you pay for 4 servings at Mistyshore's famous meat buffet, it will cost C silver coins.
  • For an order of 5 mushroom skewers + 50 fried curry fish fillets + 4 servings of curry stir-fried noodles + 9 kinds of curry, if 5 people divide the cost equally, each one will need to pay D Ravs.
  • The second price that Riche Seiran offered to sell the Neutral Bow for was E gold coins.
  • If 4 people travel to the Temple of Chaos using a bhavati kubera magician and make three round trips, they'll need a total of F gold coins.

Question #1 (prizes are Kubera printed Volume 7 + two trading cards from Vol.7 of your choice): The winner is Einheria. Congratulations!
Question #2 (prizes are two cards from printed Vol.4~7 or five random cards) The winner is Binaerim. Congratulations!
Question #3 (prizes are two flop cards): The winner is Soomin. Congratulations!

Hmm... I was originally going to make it four questions, but... I realized I didn't have enough prizes to give out. T_T I have to set aside prizes for the "Find the hidden Currygoms" event, and Kubera Vol. 8 still isn't out... Sadly, I need to end this guerilla event here! Thank you for participating!

(sticker - Moon making a heart)

That's rightEdit

Blog link Date: 2016.11.05  22:34 Category: Random Chat

(image - Kasak and Yuta):

You encountered a wild Kasak.
  1. Engage
  2. Run
(From the supplement of Kubera Vol. 8) (Note: It's a Pokémon reference. ~Tierra)

I thought that some of you would feel bad about missing the guerilla event if it stays as the top (newest) entry of this blog, so I'll push it down by adding this post. I'm also promoting the printed book, Volume 8.

(sticker - grinning Moon)

(Update) There were commenters who compared him to Maruna, so I'm adding him, too. This is also from Vol.8. Hehe

(image - Gandharva held up by the collar by Maruna)
There is some dialogue here, but I left it out. Check it out in the printed book!

Kubera Volume 8 News~!Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.11.28  21:14 Category: Information
Kubera cover vol8

On the cover this time are Yuta and Leez. Haha... It's pink pink...

(image - Sneak peek of Kubera Vol. 8 cards)

As always, there are 8 character cards and 1 flop card.

Of course, there are more images added to the main story, and as Extras there are 12 episodes of 4-panel mini comics. In addition, there is more background info on the water channels, Part 2 of the background info on the gods (Part 1 was in Vol. 4), and additional transcendental skills.

Oh, and...

I will tell you more details when Kubera Vol. 8 comes out~!

As for Kubera Season 3... I can't tell you the exact date yet. T_T
I mentioned at the end of the last webtoon episode that it would be Early 2017, and I said Spring on my blog... I think it will be sometime in between. I'll tell you more about Season 3 soon. Thank you for your patience.

(sticker - smiling shiny Moon)

Kubera Season 3 News - Part 1Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.12.12  13:22 Category: Information

(sticker - smiling shiny Moon)

Thank you for your patience. Here I am with some news about Kubera Season 3.

First of all, some of you are concerned because I said that there will be changes in my art style in Season 3. I'm providing a sample here to show you that I didn't make any drastic changes. What will change a lot is the layout the images, and not so much the artwork itself.

(image - new Leez)

Some of you were confused about Leez's outfit in Season 2. The appearance of her outfit in insights of the future and how it looks in the latter part of Season 2 are quite different. So, some of you asked me if her outfit design has changed... Hahaha

Of course, the design hasn't changed. I figured that the adult outfit would be too much for Leez to wear considering that she is relatively young (17). So I dressed her for the latter part of Season 2 in a way that was slightly different than the earlier version. In Season 3, Leez will appear almost like she does in the insights. But...


Some of you found Leez's adult outfit embarrassing, even though it was only briefly shown in insights... I figured that if the brief appearances bother you, it would be even worse when she wears it long-term. It would be sad to be unable to continue reading the webtoon because of the main character's outfit... T_T
So for this reason, Leez's outfit in Season 3... is going to be slightly different from before... and she will be covered up a bit more. ^_^

(image - background scene/house blackline)

I'll give you another preview, since my background scenes in Season 2 received more criticism than the action scenes. I never have enough time to draw the backgrounds. (A complicated one takes an entire day to draw T_T) I used the same background scenes again and again, like how one would make soup stock from bones, but there were no new background scenes in the second half of the season, and even I can't accept this situation, hahaha. So I'm drawing a lot of background scenes as I prepare for Season 3......

Whose house is that? Please check it out in Kubera Season 3!

[Notice] Kubera Volume 8 is out~!Edit

Blog link Date: 2016.12.21  13:53 Category: Information

(image - trading cards and Vol. 8 cover)

Kubera Volume 8 is out~!

Just for me... (sorry)

(sticker - grinning Moon)

Anyway, here is the book, which I received first since I'm the author. Those of you who wish to buy it will have to wait a few more days.

Volume 8 will also have additional images added to the main story, Extras, etc.~!

(image - sneak peek of extra scenes from Kubera Vol. 8)

And there are many more besides these!

(image - sleeping Kasak, same image from That's It three blog entries back)

There are also 4-panel mini comics included with the Extras... (12 of them in all)

(image - sneak peek of Kubera 8 trading cards)

Character cards are also available, which are only included in first edition books. When this image was first shown (two blog posts ago), some of you didn't seem to be able to identify the 7th character (2nd from the bottom). The 7th is Kali. It's a very dark card, so you really need to look closely to see what it looks like...

Like always, there are 8 character cards and one flop card, and 2 random cards will be included per book. The flop card this time is Whitegom (white bear), so the signature is a little different from the other flop cards (of Currygom). Don't think it's strange because it's different!

You can pre-order the book from online bookstores, and delivery will begin next Monday.
(Please go to the blog post for the live links. -HSC)

Aladin (Free shipping)

yes24 (Free shipping for a minimum 10000 won purchase)

Kyobo Books (Free shipping for a minimum 20000 won purchase)

Young Poong Books (Free shipping for a minimum 10000 won purchase)

Interpark (Free shipping for a minimum 10000 won purchase)

11st Books (Free shipping for a minimum 10000 won purchase)

Bandi/Luni's (Free shipping for a minimum 10000 won purchase)

Comic CT (Shipping fee is 2500 won)

I linked to the websites where you can currently purchase the book. I will add more when other bookshop websites start selling it!

Thanks in advance to everyone who will pre-order the book, and I will return with news of Kubera Season 3 in my next post~!

(sticker - smiling shiny Moon)

Kubera Season 3 News - Part 2Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.01.06  19:18 Category: Information

(thumbnail - Yuta bound)

First of all, the thumbnail may be a bit surprising, but it's Yuta. In the Kubera Season 3 News - 1 blog post, I received some feedback that claims that I hate women(?!) because I showed a female character's breasts as the thumbnail...
I only used that image because the blog post was about changing Leez's outfit (specifically the breasts part), but some of you saw it as me hating women, so to be fair I showed a male character's chest as the thumbnail this time.

If you really think about it, my webtoon has plenty of males showing off their bodies... There are guys who wear tight shirts and show off all their muscles, and there are guys who don't wear shirts at all. And when Sagara used King of Toxic Mist... (don't say a word)
Anyway, a lot of men often show off their bodies, but nobody has complained or said that I hate men... So why is there a double standard...?

I can't really understand it, but now that the thumbnail is done, I'll talk more about Leez's outfit.

(image - Leez's mega-cleavage)[2]

This was future Leez's outfit from mid-Season 2. Her breasts are quite exposed and the image barely passed the (Naver) censors. Whether or not it's sexy, it's a little too much for the eyes. I didn't think about it so much at the time, but looking at it again now, I don't think I really want to see so much.

(image - Leez's toned-down cleavage)

So this is Leez's outfit in Season 3. Can you see what was changed?

Actually, the reason why I'm telling you this in advance is because when I'm working on Season 3, some of you might ask me something like "Why do her clothes look different from what we saw in the future?" or "Why do her breasts look smaller now than in the future scenes from Season 2?" The design itself is not all that different, but the art has changed slightly. Please don't worry about it too much. Hehe

In addition, a lot of you showed interest in the background scene from last time, so I'll show you two more background scenes that I'm currently drawing. This time, it's not just one building but many of them.

(image - city scene outline)

The houses that appear to float in the air are on a hill. I haven't drawn the hill yet... Hehe.

(image - city scene outline 2)

When you see it at this small of a scale, it doesn't show up very well, does it? There are many buildings at the bottom of the hill... The catch is that I haven't drawn them all yet.

Not just these, but a lot of background scenes have already been drawn! They will return with upgrades for sure. In Kubera Season 3, I promise that you'll be able to feel the world and the city and the streets.

Finally, I'll tell you the most important part—when I will start Season 3. I said that it would be early 2017, but some of you were waiting for it on January 1... Actually, it won't be January. It won't be...February, but I think it may start around March. I'm sorry, but please wait a little longer. I'll return the favor with better artwork. Thank you!

Oh yeah, some of you asked me if Leez's hair turned blue, but it hasn't. It only appears that way because of the light effects in the background of the image. Leez's hair color is still the same!

(Addendum) Some of you are saying that women's and men's chests are not the same, and the men should show their groins. (It wasn't a private/hidden comment but a public one, but I deleted it since it might've caused a fight in the comments, so please understand.) I thought that a female wearing a bikini would be similar to a male who's topless, so why are you talking about groins when the issue is with the upper body? If I drew the groin of a female character and hear an argument like this, I would understand, but I don't know why this is even being discussed when it's only been about breasts. I think this is unfair on many levels and I don't understand...T_T Anyway, if a groin is even partially exposed, I would get arrested. It's a crime. T_T I couldn't draw it even if I wanted. So please accept only naked upper body parts. Thank you.

Breasts~Breasts~Breasts~ ~ ~Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.01.08  05:34 Category: Random Chat

The reason for the title is because I keep hearing about breasts/chests and it's filling up my head. hehehe

I didn't know the day would come when I would have to explain things like this, so I'll explain it to you as I would tell you a random story.

Why did I make a main character with great curves, why are there are many scenes where she is nude, is it because I want things to be sexy, am I drawing the men to fulfill my own fantasies...? You could question all those things. If I give a brief answer, "It's simply my taste!", and leave it at that, it may result in a misunderstanding for some of you, so I'll try to give you a longer explanation...

If you've already seen the background settings in Volume 1, you'd know that Leez was set up to have a really great curvy body from the start, and it has always been the case for her. The reason why that background setting is so important—

During my middle school and high school days, I read comics in which the woman was the main character (not a female main character who is the male main character's girlfriend), and it was common for those female main characters to be flat-chested, have a complex about it, and feel jealous of other female characters who were more well-endowed. I didn't care for that. Female characters with small breast complexes weren't to my taste.

So I decided that whenever the time came for me to draw a comic with a female main character, I would make her the opposite of that. She'll have large breasts, she won't have a complex about their size, she won't feel superior because of them, she'll usually keep them sensibly covered up, but she won't be shy and try to hide them so she can show them off as much as she wants, though she feels they can be uncomfortable when she exercises—a main character like that.

So I didn't set her up to be sexy.

And she's not really sexy at all. (This is the most important part.)

The images that were drawn to be sexy and the images that didn't try to be sexy give a completely different impression even when they show the same amount of her body. There may be those who might have a hard time understanding that, but it is reflected in the image... I've mentioned this before, but Leez's motto is "a character who is not sexy even though she exposes much of her body". She should not be seen as a sexy character by the general public. It was not my intention to draw her that way at all.

...I hope you understand my reasons now. Please don't think of this simply as my response to those who've questioned me about it. I hope that other readers will find this interesting as well. Much of my focus is on writing the background settings on the blog, so it's been a while since I've written something random like this... This kind of random talk won't be much of a problem, right?

Anyway, all this talk about breasts is over! The topic is now closed. Stop it!~ hehe

Currygom's Blog Thank You Event - Part 2Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.01.09  01:48 Category: Information

(translation in progress)

Kubera Season 3 News - Part 3Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.01.19  23:24 Category: Information

(translation in progress)

The Daily Life of Gu Bera (End)Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.01.26  13:25 Category: Information

~~Don't copy and paste this~~
~~Don't copy and paste this~~

It's the Daily Life of Gu Bera New Year Special.
If you purchased the Kubera print volumes, you must've already seen this,
I don't usually release images and supplemental cartoons that only appear in the books separately.
(Those who bought the books might find this unfair.)
However, the early parts of The Daily Life of Gu Bera were already published in Season 1 of the Kubera webtoon, so I'm releasing this because I have the responsibility of showing it to you through the end!
So, please don't copy and paste it anywhere, and only read it here.
Thank you.

The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 4 comic

The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 5 comic


In fact, my original concept of Gu Bera had more stories and character appearances, but I tried to make the story short so that you wouldn't lose your focus on the main story, so many stories were left out. You can read more about this in Q9 in the hiatus episode Extra: Q&A Special No. 1.
Thus, The Daily Life of Gu Bera was dreamt by Leez as she was sleeping (so it was not real),
and it ends with her forgetting most of the details about the dream.
This is the end of The Daily Life of Gu Bera!
From now on, please refer to the Kubera story only as the main story in the original webtoon.
Thank you. Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

(Note: The Chinese New Year 2017 was on January 28, 2017. Also, Currygom was referring to the comic panels in her warning to not copy and paste.)

Kubera spoilers in "Best" comments on NaverEdit

Blog link Date: 2017.02.18  16:31 Category: Information

(translation in progress)

Kubera Season 3 News - Part 4Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.02.20  22:43 Category: Information

The start of Season 3 won't be early March, but around mid-March (I haven't decided yet). It could be the end of March... I want to get started quickly even more than you do (realistically, it's about income... T_T). I know that I'll have a really hard time working on the story if I don't get well-prepared. I desperately realized this during Season 2... T_T I apologize to the readers who are still waiting. I was going to post this when I had a definite date, but I don't think it's going to be soon, so I'm simply posting a few scenes...


Some of you are under the misunderstanding that I must have a better-paying job to not be working on this story now, so I have a few things to say... I am commonly referred to as an unemployed bum right now. Realistically, I need to start the series back up right away so that I can have an income. I want to start right now, but everything is not prepared yet. But some of you interpreted this in a different way... T_T I'm not taking a break because I'm doing other work that pays better than writing webtoons. I am giving up my income so that I can prepare the series. The books? The money I earn after I publish a book is less than my monthly income from working on this webtoon on Naver. T_T When you consider the financial aspect, I make more money working on the story on Naver without taking any breaks or publishing books... Even with all this preparation, it doesn't mean that the number of hits for Season 3 will jump, and there is no great reward waiting for me for skipping a year's worth of income, but I'm doing this because I've given up on making money... As my readers, I understand if you're disappointed because I'm taking too long to prepare myself for Season 3, and I'm really sorry. T_T But please don't get the impression that I have some other sources of income, or that I get paid a lot even when I don't work on the story, or think that I'm very satisfied with my situation which is why I'm not working on the series on Naver... Thank you. I left the hidden replies to my comments, but I deleted the public ones in order to prevent any controversy. Please understand. (If your comment is likely going to be controversial, please make it a hidden reply.)

[Black-and-white scene]

Some of you were curious about the color scheme of this background, but I didn't think it would be too exciting to show the whole thing... so I changed it to black and white before uploading it. It's Mistyshore.

[smiling Leny]

Based on the hair color, some of you might think this is Airi, but she's Leny.

[Leez's eyes]

Leez. What happened to her in the meantime...?

The time between Seasons 2 and 3 will not be revealed in chronological order. The events that happened during that time will be seen in flashbacks during Season 3...

The next "Season 3 News" post will definitely have the start date for Season 3. Thank you for waiting... T_T...

2017 Asking for Soda, Episode 30: Moms and Diets - CurrygomEdit

Blog link Date: 2017.03.01  00:19 Category: Information

I participated in Episode 30 of Asking for Soda. I drew it a while ago, but for these short stories, your work doesn't appear right away after you draw it...

2017 Asking for Soda, Episode 30: Moms and Diets

I try out many new things whenever I work on a short story... I tried to make everything cute and drew SD (super deformed) characters.

[Scene 1 - Mom: If you cover your face, Baymax is born!]
(Baymax is a character from Big Hero 6.)

I like Baymax. He's cute, cool, and manages everything by himself.

[Scene 2 - desserts]

A rare scene in this short story, where there is no light or shadow shown at all in the art.

[Scene 3 - the God of Bread]

Here, summoning the God of Bread doesn't shorten your lifespan, so you don't need to worry about the lifespan of the main character... hehe

(Note from Birdie: The title and description of the webtoon refers to sweet potatoes and soda. Sweet potatoes represent angry moments, since eating them gives you gas pains. Soda represents paying back, because drinking soda is refreshing. So the relay webtoon's concept would be angry/frustrating moments that were given justice. But most of them fail.

Summary of Currygom's episode: The daughter gets angry with mom, who teases her for being chubby. The daughter summons the God of Bread, who makes her gain an extreme amount of weight. This causes the mom to get worried, and they both go on a diet.)

Computer went bye-byeEdit

Blog link Date: 2017.03.13  13:30 Category: Information

The gist, according to Birdie:

Computer broken. Ordered a new one. No set date for the release of Season 3.

Kubera Season 3 News - Part 5Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.03.16  12:22 Category: Information

Birdie's brief translation:

Currygom is releasing Season 3 in April even though she wanted to release it in March (not her decision, Naver already had a lot of new March releases). The release date is most likely the first week of April. The weekly release day will be on Thursday.

Ran dozing while carrying his and Rana's baby is a 'spoiler'. (See N17 above.) That baby won't be a baby anymore in Season 3 because of the time skip.

Kubera Season 3 will begin the first week of April. There will be no Fast Pass.Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.03.25  10:30 Category: Information

As I had already announced, Season 3 of Kubera will begin as a Thursday webtoon on April 6. Unlike how I originally planned, however, there won't be Fast Pass episodes available in advance...

Of course, if I consider the increase in income, I definitely should do it, but the problem with spoilers, the battles in the comment sections, and many other side effects make it all not as simple as I first thought.

I considered the way this webtoon has comments full of speculation about what's coming next, reader opinions, and various other factors. Not everyone's opinions are the same, so I think that some of you will be disappointed by my decision... T_T I hope you realize that I didn't simply follow the opinion of those who don't like Fast Pass.

More than anything, I didn't want to increase my stress levels over things that have nothing to do with the artwork itself. Having paid episodes available in advance doesn't help the quality of my work, and it's only for the profit of the artist... If I become stressed out because of spoiler controversies and other factors unrelated to my artwork, it really interferes with my work, and if I think about becoming angry seeing those things and writing official notices and wasting a lot of time, and my work loses quality because of it...

I'm okay with giving up that extra income!

<sticker: James cheering&rt;

...That's the conclusion I reached (simple)

So there will be no Fast Pass, and I apologize to everyone who already bought cookies (the form of payment to open paid content on Naver) ... T_T Please use the cookies on other great works...!

Kubera Season 3 SpoilersEdit

Blog link Date: 2017.04.01  16:10 Category: Information

I was asked whether or not I'm going to do something for April Fool's Day, so I'll write this one thing.

Of the ten "facts" below, 3 are true and the rest are false.

1. The person who will appear the most in Kubera Season 3 is Leez.

2. Asha will not appear in Season 3.

3. In Season 3, Siera is married to Airi.

4. Ran and Rana will have 3 children.
Show/Hide Spoiler
False. They have 4 children.[3]

5. In Season 3, Maruna's love line will be revealed. It's Elwin.

6. In Season 3, Claude wears a wig because he's bald.

7. Kubera Season 3 will have 150 episodes.

8. Kubera will end with Season 3 and Leez will not be paired up with anyone.

9. No. Kubera will have 4 seasons.

10. Numbers 8 and 9 are stupid. Kubera will actually have 10 seasons.

Kubera Season 3 is a Thursday webtoon!Edit

Blog link Date: 2017.04.03  16:56 Category: Information

The thumbnail has changed a little, but Kubera Season 3 is a Thursday webtoon. I told you this before, but I think some people might get confused and think it comes out tomorrow... (Tuesday, the old release day)

Some of you asked me if there will be a prologue. When you look at the Season 2 Epilogue, it states that the "Find the Currygoms" contest will run until the day the Season 3 Prologue is released. So obviously there'll be a prologue, right?

It will be similar to the Season 2 Prologue, but the Season 3 Prologue is going to be amazing (more so than Season 2's...) I will never reveal which character says which words.

<grinning Moon>

Try to guess as you read the webtoon!

Oh yeah, and some of you wanted me to reveal the correct answers for the April Fool's Day post. If I do that, I would be giving you a huge spoiler... T_T You should read Kubera Season 3 to find out which are true and which are lies. Something that obviously appears true could be false, and vice versa. Trying to find the answers could be something fun to do as you read Season 3~!


  1. KuberaSeason 1 Episode 97: Lies for You (9)
  2. KuberaSeason 2 Episode 96: That Which Cannot be Grasped or Held (1)
  3. KuberaSeason 3 Episode 4: Return (4)
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