A meeting is held at the Fighters' Guild to help Teo learn of the events that happened during the gap in her memory. Parr is called upon to prove that the man who stayed with Teo was associated with the invading suras. She explains how he tried to convince Teo to leave the barrier,[1] then how she saw him later on, perfectly fine, after Teo disappeared. Another person later joined up with him.[2]

Elwin then explains how Yuta tried to help her when she was kidnapped by a superior sura.[3] This superior sura then inquired about the very same one-eyed man.[4] Zard then concludes that Teo was tricked by a person in cahoots with the suras.

Leez bought a new shirt for Yuta without buttons, since he was always leaving his previous shirt open in the front. Yuta writes that clothing made him uncomfortable and he prefers to have none, which leads to a misunderstanding between the two. When Ran asks Asha about her clothes, she explains that her suit was specially customized for her and has exceptional defensive capabilities. She added that her cloak is for storage as she pulls out the Vajra she used to save Riche from an attacking Sura.[5] Ran wonders why Riche was among the group of people who are opposed to them if Asha saved her life, to which she responds that it was probably because of the hoti visnu.[6]

Riche's assistant brings her the records of Asha's trial for the 29 homicides that were ruled to be an accident, adding that they were hard to obtain, as someone seems to have gotten to them first. It took him 100,000 gold to piece everything together. He then questions her purpose for digging up this info which could prove dangerous for her. Riche speculates that the outcome of the trial would have been different if people knew Asha could cast hoti visnu.

Spoilers and TriviaEdit

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  • Leez first noticed that Asha uses her cloak for storage in Season 1.[7]
  • 100,000 gold = 4.4 million USD (varies with the USD/won exchange rate).
  • The one who got to Asha's evidence first might be Claude. This would explain:
    • why he knows so much about Asha and her plans despite never meeting her
    • why he's confident he can escape criminal prosecution,[8]
    • and why Asha was so agitated when she learned that Leez had met Claude.[9]
    • Further supporting this: when Riche sends evidence against Asha to Saha On, she tells him not to disclose the information to Claude Yui.[10]
  • There is some foreshadowing to Riche's involvement: she has been building an enmity with Asha throughout the season, and she is aware of Asha's murder record.[11]


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