The episode begins as a flashback to a time in the third dimension (human realm) on a distant planet. Gandharva, in his sura form, is surrounding the planet, about to destroy it. Several of the planet's gods are fighting back, but even Paradisial Flare does not leave a scratch on him. The gods begin to give up, mourning the fact that they cannot save the humans who trusted them, and wondering if the higher gods even care about their plight. Suddenly, there is a flare, and Agni appears, using his powers to weaken Gandharva. The planet's gods are happy that Agni has managed to subdue him. One of them notes that Agni, with his power, could even have the ability to establish peace in the universe. Agni thinks that it is a little too early for that assumption. Just then, Gandharva revives and the gods are in a panic, as even paradise cannot kill him. Agni states that it can't be helped, and asks the planet's gods to accompany him to the god realm for now. To his surprise, the gods refuse, stating that this was their planet. If the planet was destroyed, they too would go out of existence. Staying in the gods' realm would only prolong their lives temporarily. Agni is aghast, replying that it would be better than dying on the planet, but the planet's gods refuse, saying they would prefer to die on their planet, as they failed to fulfill their godly responsibility of protecting the planet and its inhabitants. They express their gratitude to Agni for coming over to help them when he could've easily overlooked the destruction of a small planet- right as the entire planet is destroyed.

The scene changes to somewhere in the seventh dimension, the Underworld, some time after Agni has revived from the planet's destruction. Yama asks if Agni died in a fight, then realizes that he must have been on the planet that was just destroyed. Yama notes that the planet's destruction is a shame, as there was a pretty smart goddess on that planet. Agni bitterly states that Yama has changed, to which Yama responds that he should try being in Yama's position, with so many deaths happening every day. he states that the gods cannot last unless they learn to let go. Agni says he knows this, and is simply sad that the one person he thought would understand his feelings does not.

The scene switches again to the sixth dimension, the god realm. Agni approaches Brahma, while she is blowing bubblegum and fishing for something unknown. Brahma wryly states that the other gods usually have more respect for her, before Agni asks if the primeval gods truly have Gandharva's back, as Agni used Paradisial Flare on him, and he almost died, yet revived for some reason. Brahma reveals that Gandharva cannot be killed with it since he has someone else to pay the price for his sins instead. Agni, shocked, asks if this means that he should kill the bearer of his sins, to which Brahma says that would mean purging all of Gandharva's sins. Transcedentals do not work on him, so Brahma says the only way to defeat him is by pure force, to which Agni lashes out that it is impossible. He continues to say that he doesn't understand why the primeval gods made the universe this way, and that, in the end, it was all Brahma's fault. Brahma then asks what is wrong with the universe. Agni, dumbfounded by this question, describes how she has created humans- beings who love, reason, communicate, and can even bind to each other in matrimony- and then created Gandharva, someone who mercilessly slaughtered these people. Brahma then asks if the other gods feel this way. If they did not, then it was his problem that could easily be rectified by using the enlightened system, and leaving all of the meaningless worldly passions behind, just like the other gods. Agni interrupts Brahma and asks since when was the system created for the pursuit of pleasure, since it was at first created to remind enlightened beings of virtue and compassion. He once again blames Brahma for ruining the universe, corrupting the system to obscure the faults of the universe. Tired of his complaints, Brahma fabricates a weapon for Agni to use in order to kill Gandharva, stating that if he wants to kill him, he must figure out how to use it himself, and brave the many years of suffering it will take.

The scene switches a third time to somewhere in the first dimension, hell. Agni is keeping the weapon Brahma gave him sealed here, and has dubbed it 'The Sword of Hellfire,' able to come at his beck and call. The power in the sword, Yama, who is frequenting hell at the moment with Indra observes, is one that is unheard of; if the wielder is hit by a fire attribute transcendental and survives, they learn the transcendental. Indra is shocked as he realizes that this means that the wielder of the sword could even learn the unique fire transcendentals of powerful nastikas, as long as they survive. Though it is difficult and nearly impossible to survive, a few millennia of trying could lead to someone being lucky enough to survive. Indra admits that he finds it strange that Brahma, a goddess known for her neutrality, has given Agni the sword- something that Yama agrees with. Yama reveals that he had asked her beforehand as to why she gave him the sword, only for her to put down the work she was doing to help him and disappear, so he wasn't going to ask her anymore. Indra promptly decides to ask Brahma for a weapon as well, leaving Yama to do his work without help.

Five hundred million years later, a blazing Agni wakes up the colossal Vritra from his nap, demanding a fight. As it turns out, this isn't the first fight they've had- Agni has been attacking Vritra to get his transcendentals, spending tens of thousands of years finding his hiding spots to do so. Vritra is annoyed, but Agni continues to egg him on, calling him inept and saying that Taksaka could surpass him, as he has more variety in his attacks. Finally past his limit, Vritra uses his most powerful transcendental, 'Fathomless Fire,' which he can defeat any nastika with. Agni survives the attack, since, according to Vritra, he is a god who can enter all existing dimensions. Vritra then asks him to leave him alone to sleep as the transcendental takes effect, sending Agni to the 0th dimension, which is nothingness. This is where souls are torn apart, and the unenlightened are annihilated. Agni has at last discovered the power that will defeat Gandharva.

The scene does its final change to the third dimension, the human realm, once more. Agni has finished practicing fathomless fire, and is searching for Gandharva among all of the planets with lots of water, but he has yet to find him. Instead, he is greeted by Menaka, who is surprised to see Agni, the god of fire, on a watery planet. Agni is at once concerned for Menaka's safety, fearing that another hostile nastika may attack her. he then asks her where Gandharva is. Menaka at once realizes that Agni has found out a way to kill him. Agni says that he has, and Gandharva's slaughters would finally end and put Menaka at peace. Menaka seems unsure, stating that she is still one of the Gandharva clan. Agni, nonplussed, asks if Menaka was really going to cover up for him now, as she knew that his sins must disappear from the universe. Menaka then reveals that those are her sins to bear. As Agni stares in disbelief, Menaka asks if Brahma truly did not tell him who had chosen to bear the burden of Gandharva's sins.

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I want to reduce the number of flashbacks, but there's nothing I can take out. T_T


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<image: sad god> A highly-advanced planet can unexpectedly disappear.
Gods with jurisdictions below solar system-level are mostly first- and second-Zen gods. Even though they are gods, they can't be called immortals. In order for them to live longer, rather than caring for and developing humans in their jurisdictions, they're better off leaving them on their own. Whenever a planet becomes advanced and powerful, it is easily noticed by suras like Gandharva.

<image: Agni and Brahma> a god fisherman
The thing she is fishing for is not fish.

<image: Indra sees Agni's shiny new sword> Give me a weapon, too! (throws a tantrum)
At the time, there were no chains around the sword yet.

<image: Vritra crushes Agni> LET! ME! SLEEP!
Vritra is incredibly strong, but he has rarely caused any harm to humans. Sleep comes first, before anything else...


  • There is a flashback scene in Season 1 that shows Agni fishing next to Vayu in the god realm.[1] Could he have been fishing for the same thing as Brahma?
  • As mentioned in the afterword, Agni's sword did not originally have a chain wrapped around it. At this point in the story, we do not know why it has chains now.

When Agni gained Extermination, and the limitations of Vritra's Fathomless FireEdit

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I didn't include the part where Agni gains Extermination, obviously. If you read only the webtoon, you wouldn't be curious at all about it (Extermination is never even mentioned in the webtoon). If you read the settings on the blog, however, you already know about it. In order to finish the flashbacks quickly, I'm trying to compress the story, but if I add how he gained Extermination, it'll only make the story longer...

(There is more; the rest is TBA.)


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