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This is the list of available episode summaries of One Last God: Kubera. See also: Chapter Guide

(Korean) version: 쿠베라, Naver Manhwa

(English) version: Kubera, LINE Webtoons

The Episode summaries mainly use LINE Webtoon's translation (which unfortunately has problems with inconsistent terminology pre-Season 3).

The Episode articles can be read by new readers and contain spoiler tags (desktop version only) to hide subsequent plot elements. (The rest of the wiki contains many spoilers, however.)

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Ep.0: Prologue

Chapter 1: A Girl with a God's Name

Chapter 2: The Queen and the Bum

Chapter 3: The Sorrow of Loss

Chapter 4: AAA Magician

Chapter 5: The Golden Knight

Extra: The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 1

Chapter 6: The Past I Yearn For/Longing for Yesterday

Chapter 7: Half (半)

Extra: The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 2

Chapter 8: The Wavering King

Chapter 9: Rival

Chapter 10: The Night it Rained Fire

Extra: The Daily Life of Gu Bera No. 3

Chapter 11: The Power of the Name

Chapter 12: Lies for You

Extra: Season 1 Epilogue

Ep.2-0: Season 2 Prologue

Chapter 13: Lost

Chapter 14: Blood/Hide

Chapter 15: The Weapon of a God

Chapter 16: Caution

Chapter 17: Reflection

Chapter 18: The Test of the Sword

Chapter 19: Rift/Crack

Extra: Q&A Special No. 1

Chapter 20: Grudge/Enmity

Chapter 21: Frozen Tears

Chapter 22: The One Standing Before Me/The One to Stand Before Me

Chapter 23: The Good/The Line

Chapter 24: Taboo

Chapter 25: That Which Cannot be Grasped or Held/Out of Reach

Extra: Q&A Special No. 2

Chapter 26: Outsider

Chapter 27: Last Resort/Last Stand

Chapter 28: Emergency/Flight

Chapter 29: Isle of Myths/The Mythical Island

Chapter 30: Falling Petals

Chapter 31: Your Justice and Mine

Extra: Punishment

Chapter 32: Loser

Chapter 33: Asha

Chapter 34: What Remains/The Things that Remain

Extra: Season 2 Epilogue

Ep.3-0: Season 3 Prologue

Chapter 35: Return

Chapter 36: Another Beginning/Start, Again

Chapter 37: Threat

Chapter 38: Devastation

Chapter 39: The Value of a Life

Chapter 40: Twisted Bird

Chapter 41: Your Seven Years

Chapter 42: Crossroads

Chapter 43: The Point of Your Sword

Chapter 44: The Meaning of Revenge

Chapter 45: Crime and Punishment

Chapter 46: Soul