In the beginning there were three realms: the god realm, the sura realm, and the human realm. The gods and the suras were free to access each realm, and at that time humans could use magic by invoking a god's or a sura's power.

But following the events of the Cataclysm, Visnu separated the races into the three realms, making it nearly impossible for the gods and superior suras to set foot on the human realm without a summoner to call them. However, there have been several portals between realms opened since N0:

  • Kubera can forcefully create a gate between any of the realms with his immense strength, and has done this multiple times.
  • The Sword of Return has a hidden function which allows the wielder to open a portal, but it requires a large amount of vigor.
  • Taraka was somehow able to create a portal between the Carte water channel and the sura realm.
  • Kasak's Crescent Gate transcendental allows temporary passage through another dimension (possibly the sura realm or a specific part of it) containing Taraka clan suras.


The god realm is a desolate but habitable place. Not much is known about this realm's landscape and characteristics by humans, other than the fact that this realm is split into several dimensions. It also contains its own universe with outer space and numerous stars visible in the sky, like the human universe that it is separated from.[1] The access to each higher dimension is regulated by the Zen rank a god possesses; the higher their rank is, the more freely they can move between dimensions. The higher the Zen level of a dimension, the faster time flows.



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