There are priests who go around wearing animal suits. Fashion starts with defying the stereotype.

Huan Sairofe is a pure-blood and the Priest of Water in Mistyshore. His wife is Eline Haias. He is Lutz and Ran's uncle.


Huan appears as an older man with slightly tanned skin tone. He has curly brown hair and a brown mustache. He carries a light blue staff with a blue stone inside a wheel-like circle on the top. He has a penchant for wearing a variety of animal suits, such as a pink bunny,[2] a gray lizard-like monster,[2] a fish,[3] and an angry pink bear.[4]

Currygom always depicts his face with his eyes shaded.


Not much is known about Huan, but he does not seem to mind wearing awkward-looking clothing.

He is fond of his nephew Ran and often takes his side during discussions with other people, including his wife.



In the year D999, when Ran was first enrolled in Mistyshore's Public Academy of Magic, Huan persuaded the school personnel to allow his nephew to keep his hair long if he kept it in a braid. He wore a full pink bunny suit with the price tag still dangling from the hood. When Ran spotted Rana Reimia among the students, Huan noticed he was smitten, but warned him they cannot become more than friends since she was a pure-blood human, not a quarter like him.[2]

Season 1Edit

Chapter 8: The Wavering KingEdit

(6) When Ran receives his most recent failing grade in Topology, he imagines his uncle, wearing a pink bunny hat, good-naturedly crushing his report card.

Chapter 9: RivalEdit

(2) When Huan (in a gray-blue monster suit) learns that Ran will be going on a graduation quest, he said it was about time since his nephew was no good at academics. He also learns that Rana and his wife Eline have some sort of deal regarding Ran's graduation.

Season 3Edit

Chapter 35: ReturnEdit

(2) Eline tells Rana that the only solution to her childcare crisis is to persuade Ran to return to the priest position so that her husband Huan, now wearing a full beard, can retire and become the babysitter.

(3) At the Temple of Water, three priest candidates fuss over Huan in a pink bear suit, who appears to have passed out because of the impact of a tidal wave on the barrier, which was quickly repaired.


  • Both Huan and his nephew Ran have triple Varuna (water) attributes.


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