Jibril Ajes is a pure-blood human magician, the Priest of Fire during her lifetime, and the mother of Brilith Ruin. She is deceased by the time the main story takes place, and all her appearances occur in flashbacks.


Jibril has red, long hair like Brilith (whose color has a touch more purple in it), but Jibril's hair has a more vibrant blood-like hue. She ties her long hair into a single ponytail, which is her signature look.[1] She is typically shown wearing long black gloves, with two golden bands around her arm, a black dress, and a long dark coat with thick grayish fur around the top part. She also wears long dark-purple stockings, and a lighter purple cloth, that is fastened around her waist by a wide purple sash.


Not much is known about her, but she is claimed to have been a person who was kind to others, and always kept a smiling face. She is claimed to not have cared very much about her daughter, however. Her detachment from her daughter and others is at least partly due to her proficiency in silent magic.


  • She appears to be a role-model for her daughter Brilith, who seems to follow her in almost all of her actions, and often remembers her.
  • When naming some of the greatest magicians in history, most magicians would consider her to be among the top 5 in strength.[1]
  • She shares her surname with Praul Ajes; they are distantly related, but were not aware of that fact although they took the magic exam together.[2]
  • Jibril is the Arabic form of the name Gabriel.



3-007 young Jibril

Jibril mastered silent magic at a young age, and Laila Hemawati recalls asking her to teach her how to use it.[3]

Brilith fondly remembers her mother as the first person to summon a god after the N0 Cataclysm.[4] She was a priest of Atera, and was greatly respected. According to Brilith, Jibril suffered great pains that resembled her own, which were caused by keeping a god actively summoned. She had a god-level item called the Staff of Agni in her possession, which she has used to defeat a large number of suras. She had a divine affinity of over 10,000 and was capable of catching rakshasas on her own.[5] She passed away in the year N5,[6] and the cause of her early death seems to be related to the summoning of Agni, and keeping his summoned state, as well as the use of unhealthy levels of Agni's power that slowly drained away her life. During her funeral, her body was burned on a pile of wood.


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