Kinnara is a nastika and the first king of the Kinnara clan. Her current whereabouts is unknown.


Not much is known about her. She is described as having silver hair and a beautiful face. She also has slender arms and legs.

Her only appearance in the webtoon so far was in the Nastikas v. Astikas scene, where she holds Vritra's hand as he faces Varuna.[1]


Kinnara appears in the finite, helping Vritra deliver a speech, since he gets easily lost and distracted. They were lovers, so she spent most of her time with him rather than with her clan. She consoled and supported Vritra for the difficult decision he had been forced to make. While discussing the penalty, the dragon expressed his worries over what would happen to their relationship when he loses his feelings.

As expected, their relationship ends when Vritra loses his feelings. He leaves on his own, leaving Kinnara deeply hurt. She pays a visit to Yaksha, where she tells him in tears about what had happened to the Vritra clan and to her relationship with Vritra. Yaksha makes her remember that as the King of her clan, she cannot afford to let her feelings get the best of her. He advises her to get back to her clan and prepare for an attack, since her clan no longer has any allies. Yaksha promised he'd try to prevent his own clan from attacking her clan, and she thanks him before leaving.  

Her current status is unknown.


  • Her relationship with Vritra was the base for the alliance of their clans.
  • She is infamous for her cooking.
  • Currygom confirmed she is still alive in the current story.
  • In Hindu mythology, a kinnara is a creature that is half human and half horse.


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