1-01 village

Leez's village, pre-destruction[1]

Maruna tries to eradicate Leez


Leez's village is where Kubera Leez lived until it was destroyed by the sura Maruna.


The village, situated in a forested valley, is in the vicinity of the city of Atera. It is famous for its mushrooms, and people from the city often go there to pick them.[3]

Kubera LeezEdit

Leez lived here for the first 16 years of her life under her real name, Kubera, with her mother and the other villagers. Unlike her friends, she was not allowed to leave the village and attend school.[4]

Known villagersEdit

Village mysteryEdit

The entire village is vaporized by Maruna's attack, leaving no apparent survivors.[2] However, when Lorraine Rartia later investigates the ruins of the village, she uses a magic item that calculates how many people died at a specific location. She expects a result close to the total number of villagers, 112, and is confused by the final reading: 0.[5] She later discloses these results to Asha Rahiro.[6]

This has led to various fan-speculated theories:

  • Asha somehow forewarned/rescued/hid the other villagers. This scenario is considered unlikely, however.
  • The villagers (other than the Lehn brothers) were not real or were illusions, and therefore would not show up as dead on Lorraine's device.


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