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The webtoon Kubera features an extensive cast of characters designed by Currygom. Many of the names are derived from Hindu mythology (e.g. "Kubera" and "Agni"), and some are names often seen in India (e.g. "Rao" and "Asha"). The story's plot does not follow any of the mythologies, however.

See also: Minor characters, Unnamed characters

The English names have been verified by Currygom, with the following exceptions: Hanuman, Tilda Melliot, Saha On, Akasha, Samphati, Urha Simon, Lilia Shu, Leda Halo, Natasha Ross, Erin Florussi, and Ping Haias.

"First Appears" is the episode where the character first appears in the present timeline or a flashback, but not as part of a reference (such as Brilith and Agni in Episode 5 or Kubera in Episode 10). The only exception to this is for characters who do not appear other than by reference, such as the suras and gods shown in Episode 99.

The following characters are listed in order of appearance.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Kubera Leez
Leez Haias
쿠베라 리즈
리즈 하이아스
pure-blood human Episode 1
Kubera Leez icon
Kubera Leez is the story's main protagonist. "Kubera" is her birth name, which is kept secret from anyone outside her village, and "Leez" is her public name. She begins the series as a sheltered and naive 16-year-old girl living in a small village with her mother. When the village is destroyed while she is out mushroom-gathering, she embarks on a mission of revenge against the sura who wiped out everyone she knew and loved.
Asha Rahiro 아샤 라히로 pure-blood human Episode 1
Asha Rahiro icon
Asha is a famous and powerful magician who rescues Leez and takes her under her care after the girl loses everything in the destruction of her village. In spite of protecting Leez from the suras intent on killing her, she sometimes treats the girl harshly. Like Leez, Asha also has an agenda of revenge.
Gandharva 간다르바 sura - nastika Episode 1
Gandharva icon
Gandharva is the king of the Gandharva clan of aquatic creatures. He is involved, against his will, in a mysterious scheme with Kubera and Sagara in exchange for information about his missing daughter. He is often portrayed as emotional and indecisive. His original sura form was the size of a planet.
Maruna 마루나 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 3
Maruna icon
Maruna is a sura of the Garuda clan of birds. He was the sura who destroyed Leez's village. He assists Gandharva in Sagara's scheme despite the fact that his clan is enemies with Sagara's clan. He is also looking for his missing brother and sister. His sura form resembles a giant red and white bird.
Brilith Ruin 브릴리스 루인 pure-blood human Episode 6
Brilith Ruin icon
Brilith Ruin is the Priest of Fire in the city of Atera, and a friend of Asha's. She protects the city from sura attacks with the assistance of the god she summoned from the god realm, Agni.
Idioty Smith
김 바보
god Episode 6
Agni icon
Agni is the God of Fire, who has a playful personality and never seems serious about anything. He resides in the Fire temple with Brilith, and maintains the barrier that protects the city of Atera from sura attacks. When hiding his real identity from others, he goes by the alias Kim Babo (Idiot Kim - Korean version)/Idioty Smith (LINE version).
god Episode 27
Kubera icon
Kubera is the God of Earth. He is in the human realm looking to atone for a serious wrong he committed in the past. He initially seeks out Leez in order to kill her, but changes his mind once he sees her potential. He hides his real name from Leez, who instead calls him Ajussi (Korean version)/Mister(TC version). He is always serious and has an expressionless face.
Sagara 사가라 sura - nastika Episode 38
1-069 Sagara icon
Sagara is the current king of the Ananta clan of snakes. She is brash, brutally honest, and highly ambitious. She is involved in a mysterious scheme with Kubera and leads several attacks against human cities. Her sura form has not been revealed yet.
Yuta 유타 sura - rakshasa - 2nd/3rd stage Episode 43
Yuta icon
Yuta begins the story in his 2nd stage. He is a unique sura since be belongs to both the Garuda (bird) and Taraka (chaos) clans. Asha and Leez first encounter him outside of the city of Mistyshore, and he joins them on their journey. As a rakshasa, he is unable to use human speech. He poses as a mute half to keep his sura identity secret from everyone except Asha. In his sura form, he has mis-matched wings representing each of his clans.
Ran Sairofe 란 사이로페 quarter (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 50
Ran Sairofe icon
Ran Sairofe is a magician from Mistyshore who uses magic by instinct instead of using calculations as magicians normally do. He helps Asha and her group with their passage through the water channel, and later becomes an advocate for Leez. He has a great fear of halfs because of a traumatic experience during the N0 Cataclysm.

The following characters are listed in alphabetical order.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Jibril Ajes 지브릴 아제스 pure-blood human Episode 6
Jibril Ajes icon
Jibril Ajes was the Priest of Fire during her lifetime, and the mother of Brilith. She is deceased by the time the story takes place.
Enan 에난 pure-blood human Episode 30
Enan icon
Enan became the first Priest of Earth after God Kubera deemed him worthy of wearing a special bracelet called the Golden Knight. He is deceased by the time the story takes place.
Erin Florussi 에린 플로루시 pure-blood human Episode 2-129
Erin Florussi icon
Erin is a colleague to Natasha and a professor at Eloth university. They are often seen gossiping about those around them.
Anna Haias 안나 하이아스 pure-blood human Episode 1
Anna Haias icon
Anna is Kubera Leez's mother. She raised her daughter in a small, isolated village in the vicinity of Atera. She reportedly died when their village was destroyed.
Eline Haias 엘라인 하이아스 pure-blood human Episode 56
Eline Haias icon
Eline Haias was the Priest of Resurrection before the year N0, and is now the Dean of Mistyshore University. She is Huan Sairofe's wife and Lutz and Ran Sairofe's aunt.
Meiwen Hael pure-blood human Episode 60

Meiwan Hael was Kasak Rajof's wife. She is never named in the webtoon (only in The Finite), but in a conversation with Asha, Rana Reimia refers to her as Agwen's mother who was killed during the N0 Cataclysm.

Leda Halo 레더 헤일로 pure-blood human Episode 2-121
Leda icon
Leda is Mirha's personal assistant. She helps Leez learn bhavati kubera.
Rao Leez 라오 리즈 pure-blood human Episode 1
Rao Leez icon
Rao Leez is the father of Kubera Leez, and was a renown fighter. He disappeared in the year N5 during the evacuation of Planet Carte and is presumed dead.
Kaz Lehn 카즈 렌 pure-blood human Episode 1
Kaz Lehn icon
Kaz is Kubera Leez's childhood friend. He is inexplicably able to take the otherwise-deadly punches from Leez without lasting effect.
Haas Lehn 하스 렌 pure-blood human Episode 1
Haas Lehn icon
Haas is Kaz's brother and a childhood friend of Kubera Leez. He has always wanted to learn magic, and eventually became a student at the Atera Magic Academy.
Lorraine Rartia 로레인 라르티아 pure-blood human Episode 10
Lorraine Rartia icon
Lorraine is the 4th-ranked magician on Planet Willarv (as of the beginning of the story) and an AA magician who specializes in creation magic. She owns a shop in Atera and is friends with Brilith.
Rana Reimia 라나 레이미아 pure-blood human Episode 52
Rana Reimia icon
Rana is a magician and a professor at the Mistyshore University of Magic. She has been good friends with Ran since they were kids, and she tends to be serious in contrast to Ran's playfulness.
Roen Renode 로엔 레노드 pure-blood human Episode 1
Roen Renod icon
Roen Renode is a magician who guards Kubera Leez's village. She is a long-time friend of Kubera Leez's mother, Anna. She is currently presumed dead.
Natasha Ross 나타샤 로스 pure-blood human Episode 2-129
Natasha Ross icon
Natasha is a professor at Eloth university. She works with Erin Florussi. She gossips in her free time with Erin. She hates halfs since they killed her family during the Cataclysm. She is seen during Season 1 as a fire priest candidate, but she isn't formally introduced until Season 2.
Huan Sairofe 후안 사이로페 pure-blood human Episode 56
Huan Sairofe icon
Huan Sairofe is the Priest of Water in Mistyshore. Lutz and Ran Sairofe are his nephews. He is fond of Ran and has been supportive of him since his parents' deaths.
Peil Sairofe 페일 사이로페 pure-blood human Episode 1
Peil Sairofe icon
Peil Sairofe is a magician who guards Kubera Leez's village. He is Roen Renod's assistant. He is currently presumed dead.
Tan Sairofe 탄 사이로페 pure-blood human Episode 58
Tan Sairofe icon
Tan Sairofe is the father of Lutz and Ran Sairofe. He is critical of his younger son Ran and compares him to his older brother. He is deceased by the time the story takes place.
Ernst Seiran 에른스트 세이란 pure-blood human Episode 8
Ernst Seiran icon
Ernst Seiran works for Ruche Seiran as the General Manager of the Atera Magic Guild.
Lilia Shu 리리아 슈 pure-blood human Episode 2-126
Lilia Shu icon
Lilia is the president of the Aeroplateau Magic Guild and a Rank A magician. In magic school she was considered an honor student. She was a planet Carte native.
Siera Sies 시에라 시에스 pure-blood human Episode 2-16
Siera Sies icon
Siera Sies is the Priest of Earth in Kalibloom. He is diligent in his duties and gets irritated with his fellow priest Claude, whom he sees as a slacker. Siera is a cousin of Lorraine.
Urha Simon 우르하 시몬 pure-blood human Episode 2-126
Urha Simon icon
Urha is the priest of the Sky Temple and Mirha's father. He was a planet Carte native.
Airi Yui 아이리 유이 pure-blood human Episode 27
Airi Yui icon
Airi is a magician and a top-ranked fighter in the city of Atera. She is friends with Brilith and Lorraine, and often tussles with Ruche.
Claude Yui 클로드 유이 pure-blood human Episode 2-17
Claude Yui icon
Claude is the Priest of Death, and Airi's brother. He spends much of his time avoiding his duties as a priest, taking things easy in Kalibloom instead of attending to his duties at his temple in Rindhallow. He is secretive and rather sneaky in his actions. Asha and Leez despise him.

The following characters are listed in alphabetical order.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Praul Ajes 프라울 아제스 quarter Episode 72
Praul Ajes icon
Praul Ajes is the Principal of Atera Magic Academy, and a magician skilled in Light spells. He is one of many magicians who defend the city against sura attacks.
Zard Blain 자드 블레인 quarter Episode 2-38
Zard Blain icon
Zard Blain is a fighter/magician and a lecturer at the Kalibloom Martial Arts University.
Eiraheeari Catroshife
에이라희아리 카트로쉬페
quarter Episode 27
Ari icon
Eiraheeari Catroshife is a youngster who works at Lorraine's store in Atera. He has a tendency to cry when he is in distress. Since his given name is rather long and cumbersome, he goes by the nickname Ari.
Ping Haias 핑 하이아스 quarter Episode 2-146
Ping icon
Ping Haias is a former classmate of Ran. He graduated before Ran and teases him about his feelings for Rana.
Laila Hemawati 라일라 헤마와티 quarter Episode 21
Laila Hemawati icon
Laila Hemawati is the Priest of Darkness in Rindhallow and an AA magician, ranked third overall. She normally wears a large green mask with a stern expression over her head. She takes her duties seriously, unlike her fellow Rindhallow priest Claude.
Nard Lehn 나드 렌 quarter (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 60
Nard Lehn icon
Nard Lehn was a blind magician from Planet Taitalika. He was Lutz and Ran Sairofe's grandfather. He is not mentioned by name in the webtoon, and is deceased by the time the current story takes place. Nard also appears in the side novel The Finite.
Saha On 사하 온 quarter Episode 2-93
Saha On icon
Saha On is the #1 ranking AA magician and the Priest of Light in Eloth. He is considered a man of great feminine beauty. He has a strong sense of justice, which pits him against several other high-ranking magicians with more ambiguous moral codes.
Rad Orin 라드 오린 quarter (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 30
Rad Orin icon
Rad Orin is a Quarter from Atera who, along with his mother, Eria Sein, stole a box that contained the Golden Knight.
Agwen Rajof 아그웬 라조프 quarter (Vritra clan heritage) Episode 54
Agwen Rajof icon
Agwen Rajof is a triple-Fire magician, a professor at Eloth's University of Magic, and an occasional backup for Brilith, the Fire Priest in Atera. She has a strained relationship with her father, the famous half-dragon Kasak Rajof.
Ian Rajof 이안 라조프 quarter (Vritra clan heritage) Episode 74
Ian Rajof icon
Ian Rajof is Kasak Rajof's mother. She is never named in the main story (only in The Finite where she is a main character), but Riagara refers to her as Taksaka's human wife in a conversation with Maruna.
Teo Rakan 테오 라칸 quarter Episode 2-1
Teo Rakan icon
Teo Rakan is a talented fighter and the Priest of Chaos in Kalibloom. She has a friendly personality and her actions show fairness and integrity. She becomes mixed up in Gandharva's plot to take down the city's defenses.
Lutz Sairofe 루츠 사이로페 quarter (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 2-72
Lutz Sairofe icon
Lutz Sairofe is a magician and the Priest of Creation in Eloth. Ran Sairofe is his younger brother. Lutz generally appears friendly and helpful, but Ran warns that he is not all that he seems.
Riche Seiran 리체 세이란 quarter Episode 2-1
Riche Seiran icon
Riche Seiran is the President of the Creation Brand 'Brimo' in Kalibloom, and the richest person on Willarv. She has a greedy personality, and is willing to do anything to get what she wants. Ruche Seiran is her twin sister.
Ruche Seiran 루체 세이란 quarter Episode 8
Ruche Seiran icon
Ruche Seiran is the Atera Magic Guild Branch President. She is obsessed with Asha, and has a selfish yet cheerful personality. She is the younger twin sister of Riche Seiran.
Mirha Simon 미르히 시몬 quarter Episode 2-121
Mirha Simon icon
Mirha Simon is the Priest of Wind in Aeroplateau. She was originally from planet Carte and knew Asha there.

The following characters are listed in alphabetical order.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Parr Hael 파르 하엘 half (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 2-38
Parr Hael icon
Parr Hael is a fighter in Kalibloom and friends with Teo Rakan, who is also her sponsor. She has cat-like ears and a tail.
Hana Lehn 하나 렌 half (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 58
Hana Lehn icon
Hana's mother was a high-ranked nastika and her father was a quarter. Lutz and Ran Sairofe are her sons. She had a white furry tail and white fur on her forearms. She is deceased by the time the story takes place.
Leny 레니 half (Kinnara clan heritage) Episode 68
Leny icon
Leny is a young half who traveled from the sura realm to the human realm with Shess, who watches over her. She has hooves instead of feet.
Tilda Melliot 틸다 멜리엇 half Episode 2-93
Tilda Melliot icon
Tilda Melliot is the General Manager of the Eloth Magicians' Guild and personal bodyguard to the Guild Branch President, Saha On. As a half, she cannot use magic, yet she is very knowledgeable on the subject. She has hooves instead of feet.
Kasak Rajof 카사크 라조프 half (Vritra clan heritage) Episode 54
Kasak Rajof icon
Kasak Rajof is the only living Half-dragon on Planet Willarv. In spite of his emotionless demeanor, he is one of humanity's greatest allies. Agwen Rajof is his daughter. He has both a human and sura (dragon) form and can use sura speech, unlike most Halfs. Kasak also appears in the side novel The Finite.
Elwin Rakan 엘윈 라칸 half (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 2-1
Elwin Rakan icon
Elwin Rakan is a young half and Teo Rakan's adopted daughter. She is training to become a fighter, and has the rare ability among halfs to understand sura speech. She has a pair of magenta eyes with vertical pupils, and what appears to be bunny ears.
Eria Sein 에리아 세인 half (Yaksha clan heritage) Episode 30
Eria Sein icon
Eria Sein is a half from Atera who, along with her son Rad Orin, stole a box that contained the Golden Knight.
Clari Utas 클라리 우타스 half (Gandharva clan heritage) Episode 2-38
Clari Utas icon
Clari Utas is a fighter in Kalibloom. Zard Blain is her sponsor. She appears to have fins for her outer ears.

The following characters are listed by clan, then by rank.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Ananta clan
Ananta 아난타 sura - nastika Episode 51
Ananta icon
Ananta was the first king of the Ananta clan. He was strongest sura of any clan, yet he was unambitious and preferred to avoid conflict. The gods still managed to find a way to kill him, which resulted in unforeseen consequences.
Manasvin 마나스빈 sura - nastika Episode 20
Manasvin icon
Manasvin was the clan's second king. He was the third-ranked clan member who only took the throne after Ananta's death because of Vasuki's refusal. He typically wore a mask with one open eye. He is deceased by the time the story takes place.
sura - nastika Episode 51
Vasuki icon
Vasuki is the second-ranked clan member behind Ananta in his male form, but has taken her weaker female form to allow Sagara to stay in power. She remains in the sura realm to keep order among her clan-mates, because they refuse to accept Sagara as their king. Her nickname is Huia.
Riagara 리아가라 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 39
Riagara icon
Riagara is one of Sagara's bodyguards in the human realm. She is very loyal to Sagara, keeps her calm when tensions rise, and is good at analyzing situations. She is a strong and skilled fighter who does not depend on her transcendental skills.
Pingara 핀가라 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 39
Pingara icon
Pingara is one of Sagara's bodyguards. He/she is usually quiet yet serious. His/her special skills are escaping and hiding, but he/she is also a strong fighter.
Cloche 클로체 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 67
Cloche icon
Cloche is part of Sagara's core group along with her older brother Clophe. She is opinionated, somewhat emotional, and loyal to Sagara. She is not a very skilled fighter and relies on her transcendental skills in combat. Her sura form resembles a golden snake with feathery appendages.
Clophe 클로페 sura - rakshasa - 3rd stage Episode 67
Clophe icon
Clophe is part of Sagara's core group. He is Cloche's older brother, but is often mistaken as the younger sibling because he has not advanced to 4th stage yet. He speaks to no one other than his sister, and is often brooding. His fighting skills are on par with Riagara's, but his transcendental skills are relatively weak.
Asura clan
Asura 아수라 sura - nastika Episode 38
Asura icon
Asura is king of the Asura clan of insects. He is currently the second-strongest sura after Vritra. He declined to participate in Sagara's plan when she and Manasvin approached him about it.
Hura 후라 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 67
Hura icon
Hura is the only support Asura offers to Sagara for her scheme in the human realm. It is a worker insect sura with no gender. It is a jokester, but it is also impatient and does not follow directions well.
Gandharva clan
Makara 마카라 sura - nastika Episode 38
Makara icon
Makara is the 2nd-ranked clan member. He cares for the well-being of his clan, but since he is not very charismatic, even he admits he would not be a great leader if something should happen to the king, Gandharva.
Urvasi 우르바시 sura - nastika Episode 38
Urvasi icon
Urvasi has a hot temper, but he is very protective of his friends. He has only been shown as a male in the webtoon, but has a reputation of being a great beauty in his female form. Urvasi also appears in the side novel The Finite.
Menaka 메나카 sura - nastika Episode 36
Menaka icon
Menaka was the wife of Gandharva, and mother of Shakuntala. She was a pacifist who encouraged her husband to avoid getting involved in the conflicts between the other clans. She is deceased by the time the current story takes place.
Shakuntala 샤쿤탈라 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 14
Shakuntala icon
Shakuntala is the only child of the king and Menaka. In her earlier stages, she had a cheerful disposition and was fond of making flower necklaces. In the sura realm she cares for her clan's children and others who are sickened by the toxic environment, but hides the fact that she is suffering as well. She is currently missing and presumed dead.
Garuda clan
Garuda 가루다 sura - nastika Episode 36
Garuda icon
Garuda is king of the Garuda clan. In the past, he separated his three children and sent them to live with his trusted friends because they were in danger. He is currently in a coma for unknown reasons, and his son Maruna is acting king.
Vinata 비나타 sura - nastika Episode 36
Vinata icon
Vinata was the wife of Garuda, and mother of Maruna and Kalavinka. She is deceased by the time the story takes place. Vinata also appears in the side novel The Finite.
Akasha 아카샤 sura - nastika Episode 2-102
Akasha icon
After the death of Vinata in the year N0, Akasha became the 2nd-ranked sura in the Garuda clan. She directed the training of Maruna to develop into his 4th stage.
Samphati 삼파티 sura - rakshasa - 5th stage Episode 2-103
Samphati icon
Samphati was responsible for violently training Maruna as part of Akasha's effort to force him into developing into his 4th stage.
Kalavinka 칼라빈카 sura - rakshasa - 3rd stage (Last known) Episode 74
Kalavinka icon
Kalavinka is Maruna and Yuta's younger sister. She is currently in hiding somewhere in the human realm. When she and her brothers were separated, she was sent to be raised by Visnu on the planet Willarv.
Jatayu (original) 자타유 sura - rakshasa Episode 2-151
Jatayu icon
Jatayu was Samphati's younger sister. She was eaten by Yuta, who then stole her name. Her death triggered Samphati's unprecedented development to 5th stage.
Kinnara clan
Kinnara 킨나라 sura - nastika Episode 99
Kinnara icon
Kinnara is the king of the Kinnara clan. In the distant past she was Vritra's lover until the deal with the primeval gods which suppressed the emotions of all dragons. Her clan's alliance with the dragons also ended as a result, and they have remained neutral ever since. Kinnara also appears in The Finite.
Airavata 아이라바타 sura - nastika Episode 38
Airavata is the 2nd-ranked clan member. She is Shess's mother. She has not appeared in the main story, but was mentioned by name several times in both the main story and The Finite.
Shess 셰스 sura - rakshasa - 4th stage Episode 67
Shess icon
Shess is Airavata's son and the oldest living rakshasa. He is currently in the human realm, overseeing Leny's welfare. He refuses to take sides in Sagara's scheme. His sura form resembles a pink horse with many horns.
Vritra clan
Vritra 브리트라 sura - nastika Episode 99
Vritra is the king of the clan of dragons. He was more powerful in his female form, but has remained male since the deal with the primeval gods in the distant past. Even in his male form, he became the strongest being in the universe after Ananta's death. His sura form is a black and red dragon.
Taksaka 타크사카 sura - nastika Episode 51
Taksaka icon
Taksaka is the 2nd-ranked clan member. He is the father of Kasak Rajof and the husband of Ian Rajof (now deceased). He currently resides with Vasuki. He trained Riagara when she was at an earlier developmental stage and living with them. He also appears in The Finite where he is a main character along with Ian Rajof.
Yaksha clan
Yaksha 야크샤 sura - nastika Episode 99
Yaksha icon
Yaksha was the first king of the Yaksha clan. He is deceased by the time the story takes place. Yaksha also appears in The Finite.
Shuri 슈리 sura - nastika Episode 36
Shuri icon
Shuri was the clan's second king. She became Yuta's foster mother and taught him the Way of a King. She disappeared in the year N0 and her current whereabouts are unknown.
Hanuman 하누만 sura - nastika Episode 53
Hanuman icon
Hanuman is the clan's third and current king. During the time period in which The Finite takes place, she was estranged from her clan and fell in love with Nard Lehn, a blind magician.
Taraka clan
Taraka 타라카 sura - nastika Episode 91
Taraka icon
Taraka is the figurehead of the Taraka clan; she currently serves as king in Yuta's place. She is a unique sura since she was created by the primeval god Kali to replace her as Yuta's mother, has the ability of insight similar to the gods, and resurrects upon death but loses all her memories other than her maternal instincts for her "son."

The following characters are listed by level, then in alphabetical order.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Brahma 브라흐마 primeval god Episode 65
Brahma icon
Brahma's jurisdiction is Creation. She is completely neutral when it comes to the conflicts between suras and humans. She is the only primeval god still active in the story's universe.
Kali 칼리 primeval god Episode 42
Kali icon
Kali's jurisdiction is Entropy, and her first source attribute is Chaos. She is the mother of Yuta; she disappeared sometime after her son's birth, and her attribute became Nil as a result.
Shiva 시바 primeval god Episode 42
Shiva icon
Shiva's jurisdiction is Destruction. He disappeared after the N0 Cataclysm along with Visnu.
Visnu 비슈누 primeval god Episode 36
Visnu icon
Visnu's jurisdiction is Resurrection. He often likes speaking in riddles while revealing the content of his insights, as noted by Kasak, as he is the only god with the ability to foresee every choice and their consequences. He is responsible for dividing the races into three realms, and disappeared after the N0 Cataclysm along with Shiva
Chandra 찬드라 natural god Episode 2-156
2-156 chandra icon
Chandra is the God of Darkness.
Indra 인드라 natural god Episode 99
Indra icon
Indra is the God of the Sky. He also appears in The Finite.
Surya 수르야 natural god Episode 99
Surya icon
Surya is the God of Light.
Varuna 바루나 natural god Episode 38
Varuna icon
Varuna is the God of Water. Manasvin has described her as the greatest sura killer. She also appears in The Finite.
Vayu 바유 natural god Episode 99
Vayu icon
Vayu is the God of Wind. He was summoned during the rescue of the survivors of Planet Carte (including Asha) in the year N5.
Yama 야마 created god Episode 80
Yama icon
Yama is the God of Death and the only created god who is 5th-zen level (all others are 4th-zen or below). He also appears in The Finite.
Asvins 아슈윈스 created god Episode 2-8
Asvins icon
Asvins has not appeared in the story, but there is a statue of her and Marut in Riche Seiran's collection. She fills the vacancy left by Visnu's disappearance.
Marut 마루트 created god Episode 2-8
Marut icon
Marut has not appeared in the story, but there is a statue of her and Asvins in Riche Seiran's collection. She fills the vacancy left by Shiva's disappearance.

The following characters appear in Currygom's side novel The Finite but not in the webtoon.

English Name Korean Name Race First Appears
Ravana 라바나 sura - nastika
Ravana is the second strongest sura of the Asura clan. He has an arrogant personality, yet in her female form she the most beautiful in her clan. His sura form resembles a swarm of bees.
Utpala 우트팔라 sura - nastika
Utpala icon
Utpala is a sura of the Vritra clan.

★ has not appeared in the story, but has been mentioned by name and/or has an object made in his/her likeness
☆ has neither appeared in the story nor has been mentioned by name, but was referred to by another character