Marut is a 4th-zen god of Destruction. She became the patron of the 11th month upon the disappearance of Shiva in the year N0.


Marut's style during the early universe included dark, medium-length hair worn in a pair of low pigtails and a dress with flowing sleeves and open shoulders.

She wears a different style of clothes in her representation as a statue, wearing what appears to be a one-piece outfit with tights, flared sleeves that extend almost to the ground in back, and a hood.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Marut's powers are available to humans as hoti marut, which slashes a single target, and bhavati marut, which cuts everything in the space determined by the user, alive or inanimate, ignoring all defenses. hoti marut is easier to use than bhavati marut, thus it is quite popular as a self-defense spell. Both, however, are highly destructive, and can lead to quick death, leading to their use against humans being not permitted in general; exceptions may arise during battle.


Asha using hoti marut to punish Leez


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Season 2Edit

Chapter 14: BloodEdit

(3) (4) (5) A statue of Marut and Asvins, made of ruby and bloodstone, appears in the scenes where Asha Rahiro retrieves Yuta from Riche Seiran's mansion basement.

Season 3Edit

Chapter 40: Twisted BirdEdit

(9) Marut appears in a flashback from the time of the early universe, during a discussion with several other gods over the fate of Agni's fiancée.