Praul Ajes is the Principal of Atera Magic Academy and the father of twins Kanna and Leto Ajes.


Praul is a middle-aged man with shoulder-length straw-colored hair and blue eyes. He wears a white mage suit with a high collar, and a light gray cowl.


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When he was young, wild rumors of him being the son of the famous half-dragon Kroha (who would be 300 years old now if still alive) of planet Taitalika were all over the place, but he denies them now and apparently there is no way to prove them.[1]

Season 1Edit

Chapter 10: The Night it Rained FireEdit

1-72 Praul casting bhavati surya

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Season 2Edit

Chapter 13: LostEdit

Praul arrived late to an important meeting at the Temple of Fire in Atera, where he missed Agni's reveal. He already learned about Agni's summoning beforehand from Ruche Seiran, and wondered if he should study hereditary summoning talent.


  • Praul married late, has two children, and wants to quit his job as principal (the pay is very high) to enjoy the rest of his life, but is forced by his wife to stay in his job and is stuck at the Academy until the twins graduate.[1]
  • The kin degree between Praul and Jibril Ajes is 9, and between him and Brilith Ruin is 10. In fact, they are so distantly related that they are not even aware of each other as relatives, even though Jibril was personally acquainted with him (they were magic test partners). Other than on official occasions, he seems to have little contact with Brilith.[1]


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