Roen Renod is a pure-blood human and a magician who guards Kubera Leez's village. She is presumed dead, along with most of the rest of the villagers.


Roen appears as a woman in her middle years who has a slightly tanned skin tone. She has short red hair, red eyebrows and red eyes. She is wearing brown shoes, reddish-brown trousers and a brown sweater.


Not much is known about Roen. She appears to have a normal personality and is seen giving advice when needed. She also seems to be reminiscent of old times, and a close person to Rao.


Season 1Edit

1: The Girl with a God's NameEdit

1-01 Peil and Roen

(1) As Roen guards the village along with with Peil Sairofe, they are visited by Kubera Leez, who thanks her for helping her mom buy the dress for her birthday. Roen compliments Kubera on her looks, and warns her not to wander into the woods as she searches for mushrooms. She later expresses confidence in Kubera, as the daughter of Rao Leez.

(3) Roen appears as part of Kubera's happy memories of her destroyed village. Roen appears to be playing with falling snow with a much-younger Kubera.

(5) Roen later appears in Kubera's dream, where she chuckles about Kubera daydreaming, reminding her of Rao and picking out a new name. Once the name is picked, she congratulates Kubera on her birthday along with Anna and Peil, and is seen leaving as the dream ends.

7: Half (半)Edit

1-49 Roen and mom

(7) Leez remembers a time when she was small and Roen bragged to her about what a strong fighter Anna used to be, and that even her Half friends couldn't measure up to her.