Shiva is one of the four primeval gods, and his jurisdiction is Destruction. He disappeared after the Cataclysm along with Visnu.[1] He was the former patron of the 11th month, but that honor has gone to Marut since the year N0.


Shiva is quite tall in comparison to the other three primeval gods. His eyes are never shown. He has long, black hair, and is usually shown wearing a scarf and pants with various other clothing and a cape, or shirtless. He apparently sprouts black wings when he is in combat, such as with Kali[2] or Visnu.[1]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Practically nothing is known about Shiva's powers, other than that the Sword of Return could not kill him,[2] and that some sort of altercation happened between him and Visnu in the year N0 that caused both to disappear from the universe.[1]


  • Currygom mentioned in the
    1-99 primeval gods
    Author's comment at the end of Episode 3-58 that in Shiva's appearance in Episode 99, he was sitting on a rock, since otherwise he would not have fit in the scene with the other primeval gods.[3][4]


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In the earliest years of the universe, Kali interferes with the optimal future that Visnu had set up that involved Menaka. Shiva becomes irritated with the nastika when he, Visnu, and Brahma learn of Kali's doings. He tells her that her future has disappeared, similar to that of humans with a limited lifespan, and complains that Kali can do as she wants because their creations are so stupid. He then turns to leave, denouncing the current universe as a failure already.[3]

1-42 Shiva and Kali

Kali created the Sword of Return for the purpose of killing Shiva, but it proved ineffective and so she discarded it.[2]

1-38 Shiva and Visnu

Shiva and Visnu both went missing in the year N0,[1] and Kali disappeared many years earlier. There had been no explanation in the story as to what happened to the three of them in Seasons 1 and 2, where Brahma was apparently the only primeval god remaining relatively active in the universe. In Season 3, however, it is revealed that Kali is still active, but severely weakened.[5]


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