Surya is the God of Light, and a Fifth Zen god. He is also the patron of the 6th month.


Surya has light pink hair, part of which is held in a high ponytail. He has lightly tanned skin. He wears silver armor, a white cape, and black gloves with what appears to be silver rings on each of his fingers. In the Nastika v. Astika scene, he wields a sword while facing Asura (light v. dark).[1]


Nothing is known about Surya's personality at this time. He seems to be a kind god, as he was friends with God Kubera and was worried about him.[2] He was also shown smiling at Saha On when giving him an oracle.[3]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Surya's powers are available to humans in the form of hoti surya (quick scan of the terrain around you) and bhavati surya (light attack with paralysis).


  • In Hindu mythology, Surya is the god of the sun.


Season 1Edit

Chapter 12: Lies for YouEdit

1-99 Surya
Surya appears with six other 5th-zen gods in the Nastikas v. Astikas scene. He holds a sword pointed in the direction of the nastikas.

Season 2Edit

Chapter 30: Falling PetalsEdit

2-144 surya portrait
(6) During Asha's trial, Saha On reveals that he received an oracle from Surya during the Cataclysm in N0. He allegedly told Saha that his friend Kubera was in danger of disappearing and that he was worried about him.

Season 3Edit

Chapter 40: Twisted BirdEdit

(9) Surya appears in a flashback from the time of the early universe, during a discussion with several other gods over the fate of Agni's fiancée.


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