This is a timeline of events in the Kubera webtoon and the side novel the finite. This is somewhat based on Mizura's timeline chart, with more recent events added.

Dates are given as year, year/month, or year/month/day.

Time Events
billions of years ago The universe is created by the primeval gods. Vishnu creates the gods and the nastikas. The oldest rakshasas are born.
D0 (1000 years before N0) humans renounce the suras, and worship only the gods
>D0 suras destroy human-inhabited planets in retaliation · Vishnu puts in planetary protections
D500 Ananta is betrayed by God Kubera · The Ananta clan battles against the gods to save Ananta · Gandharva (under Menaka's influence) refuses to give aid · the Asura clan fights with the Garuda and Yaksha clans · the Kinnara clan deals with internal strife over the power of names
~D500 Ananta dies · Vasuki becomes female and moves into Taksaka's nest with Riagara · Manasvin becomes king of the Ananta clan
D675 Menaka passes away
<D700 Yuta is born · Kali disappears
~D700 Jatayu dies · Samphati develops to 5th stage
?? the Garuda siblings are separated
~D843 Nard Lehn is born on planet Taitalika
D845.05 Ian Rajof (dragon quarter, descendant of Utpala) is born on planet Willarv
D865 Ian's village is destroyed by Vritra impersonating Taksaka
<D873.06 Vishnu arrives on Willarv with Kalavinka
D873.06 Ian meets Taksaka · Nard and Hanuman arrive on Willarv
between D873~D880 Nard and Hanuman's child, Hana Lehn, is born
D880 Ian and Taksaka conceive a child · Vishnu reveals that pregnancy with a half-dragon will cause Ian to lose 80 years of her life
D884 Ian and Taksaka's child is born
D885.07 Taksaka finally names the baby Kasak Rajof
D894.01 baby Kasak is beaten by Taksaka after accidentally hurting Ian · Ian makes Taksaka promise to avoid fighting and to not hurt Kasak
between D894~D914 Nard and Hanuman separate
D914.10 The Priest of Water summons Varuna · Ian and Taksaka take Kasak to Mistyshore to get him a half registration · Varuna, in disguise, allows all three to enter the city
D951.10 Kasak participates in the Fighter Championship in Kalibloom, where he meets Meiwen Hael
D953.07 Kasak and Meiwen's child, Agwen Rajof, is born
D954 Ian dies at age 110
D972.04 Hana and Tan Sairofe's first child, Lutz Sairofe, is born
D980.08 Hana and Tan's second child, Ran Sairofe, is born
D995 Fighter Championship is held in Kalibloom · Rao Leez wins the Championship · Airi Yui dies[1]
D996.11 Asha Rahiro is born on planet Carte
~D1000 Rao Leez decides to name his child-to-be Kubera
D1000 (N0) Rao leaves for planet Carte · Cataclysm · emotional resonance occurs on a massive scale · realms become separated  · Shiva, Vishnu, and Shuri disappear · Garuda collapses · Yuta and Kalavinka remain in the human realm · Sword of Return returns to the Temple of Chaos upon Teira Bell's death · Claude Yui receives an oracle from Brahma · Airi Yui is revived[2] · Asha's father and Mirha Simon's mother die on Carte
N0.10 Kubera Leez is born
N1 Akasha warns Maruna that he must develop to 4th stage in 4 years · Samphati begins "training" Maruna
N0 ~ N5 the Gandharva clan is attacked by the Taraka clan · Manasvin disappears and Sagara succeeds him
N5 Gandharva and Maruna wreak havock on Carte · Asha's mother dies · Asha meets Vishnu  · Trisilla Ajes summons Vayu  · Rao Leez disappears · transport ship from Carte arrives in Willarv · Neutral Bow appears in Willarv · Brilith Ruin summons Agni (1st time)
N5 ~ N11 Asha murders 28 humans and 32 halfs[3]
N11.12 Asha and Brilith take their magic exam
N12 Asha goes to trial after her 29th murder, gets involuntary manslaughter and a fine · Asha disappears
N15.10.34 Kubera Leez's village is destroyed · Kubera Leez meets Asha · Kubera Leez changes her name to Leez Haias · Maruna attacks Atera · Agni returns to the god realm  · All events from Episode 1 thru Episode 20 occur on this day and the morning of the next day.
N15.11.21 Asha wakes up
N15.11.22(?) Leez meets God Kubera
N15.11.23(?) Sagara arrives in Willarv
N15.11.?? Leez and Asha meet Yuta
N15.12.01(?) Asha's group arrives in Mistyshore and meet Ran Sairofe
N15.12.02 Mr. Kasak and Agwen arrive in Mistyshore · Sagara attacks Atera · Mr. Kasak and Agwen arrive in Atera · Brilith summons Agni (2nd time)
N15.12.03 Asha's group enters the water channel
N15.12.?? Asha's group arrives in Kalibloom
N16.01.01 Sagara attacks Leez during the Test of the Sword · God Kubera gives Leez the Sword of Return
N16.01 Sagara kills Teo Rakan · Gandharva attacks Kalibloom · Yuta develops to 3rd stage · Asha resurrects Teo
N16.01.36 thru
Yuta learns of Taraka's death · Kalibloom sends aid to Rindhallow · Yuta partially eats Leez · Yuta leaves Kalibloom
N16.02 Kasak arrives in Rindhallow · Leez and Asha arrive in Aeroplateau · Ran arrives in Eloth and receives his AA magician rank · Lutz arrives in Eloth · Asha's 2nd trial begins and quickly ends, and she is sent to prison · Saha On moves Aeroplateau over to Rindhallow · Yuta gives Leez the Hide of Bondage · Lorraine Rartia breaks Asha out of prison · Samphati begins her attack on the cities · Saha paralyzes Samphati · Asha murders Saha[4] · Laila Hemawati summons Chandra[5] · Ran uses his transcendental skill[6] · Kasak and Samphati disappear into the Crescent Gate[7] · Asha attempts to kill Lorraine[8] · Asha casts hoti vishnu; she, God Kubera, Sagara, and most of her army disappear[9]
N16.? The world returns to normal[10] · Leez and Yuta leave for the sura realm[11] · Gandharva and Maruna go into hiding[12]
N18 Airi Yui becomes the Atera branch president of the Magicians Guild[13]
N19 Fighter Championship is held in Kalibloom.
N20 Leez and Vayu fight together against Tarakas in the sura realm.[14]
N23.05 increased sura activity · Ran becomes the Priest of Water · Taraka clan suras attack Kalibloom · People begin to remember Asha again · Brilith regains the memories of her previous lives and destroys most of the Tarakas · Sagara returns · Leez and Kasak return after being missing for seven years


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