Varuna is the God of Water, and is a Fifth Zen god. She has yet to make an appearance in the current storyline of the webtoon, although she appeared in Currygom's side novel, the finite.


2-159 varuna portrait

In the finite, she is described as woman with long, flowing blue hair tied up in a ponytail, and an alluring face. In the webtoon, she is generally shown in silhouette or in shadow. In her only non-obscured appearance, she wears a tiered dress with puffy sleeves. She has claws on her right hand.

Varuna is an example of a gender-changing god.[1]


Nothing is known about her personality at this time, other than she is one of the suras' greatest foes.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Varuna's powers are available to humans as hoti varuna (control/summon water) and bhavati varuna[2] (freezing) spells.


  • In Hindu mythology, Varuna is the god of water and the oceans.



Varuna was summoned in the year D914, and allowed Taksaka to enter Mistyshore at Visnu's request.[3]

During Manasvin's visit with Gandharva sometime after the year N0, he refers to Varuna as the greatest sura killer, and that it is very unlikely that she will ever create an ocean in the sura realm for the Gandharva clan.[4]


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