Vinata was a sura of the Garuda clan. She was the wife of Garuda and the mother of Maruna and Kalavinka. She died for yet unknown reasons before the story takes place.


In her human form she appears with tanned, reddish skin. She has blonde-red (top-down) hair of medium length. Her wings are very beautiful and resemble a red flower pin. Vinata wears dark brown trousers and a dark brown sleeved top that covers her chest but does not extend to her muscular abdomen. The top also covers her neck and partially her fingers.


Not much is know about her personality, but Ravana described her as being "all work and no play." She was sensitive about what happened between her husband and Kali, showing she was proud.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nothing is known about Vinata's skills at this time.


  • According to Taraka, Vinata only cared for her own children.



1-81 Vinata (detail)

Vinata advising Maruna to close his eyes in front of gods[1]

She had two children with Garuda: Maruna and Kalavinka. Vinata once explained to a young Maruna how the insight of the gods works. Since he was a rakshasa, she advised him to close his eyes to avoid having his thoughts read.[1]

By D865, around the time The Finite takes place, most of the other nastika of Vinata's clan had died and she became the 2nd-ranked in the Garuda clan despite a large gap in power between her and Garuda. She appears in a meeting hosted by Ravana, who mocks and taunts her about being a "jilted woman." He explains rumors have already spread that her husband had taken Yuta to the Garuda clan and barely paid attention to her children. Moreover, he insults Vinata, implying that her husband no longer loved her. She gets angry and before leaving, chastises Ravana for his lowly behavior.

Later, she is seen sitting in Garuda's lap as he explains how his children are to be sent and raised by his best friends. Maruna goes to Carte with Gandharva, Yuta to Isholy with Shuri, and Kalavinka to Willarv with Visnu.[2]

She died in the year N0 and her husband fell into a coma. Akasha describes Vinata's death as complete obliteration.[3] Maruna was given authority to lead his clan in place of his father and began the search for his siblings.


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