Warmth is a transcendental skill that recovers life. It looks similar to a normal healing transcendental skill, but it is somewhat unusual because the user must touch the wound, the target must be conscious enough to feel the warmth, and the target must also believe in the user. If the target does not know the user, or is suspicious of them, then instead of feeling warmth, the target feels intense heat and is burned, and cannot be recovered.

This transcendental is difficult to use, and if the damaged area of the target's body exceeds 50% then the body is unrecoverable, so this is not a good healing transcendental skill.

Since fire-attribute transcendentals are usually offensive, this is among the few skills that can show someone mercy.


Agni used this transcendental to help Brilith Ruin recover from her wounds, including the loss of an arm, due to decomposition from Sagara's transcendental skill, Fatal Touch.[1]


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